Law of Attraction – Everything is possible if you believe

This post is part of The Wealthy Pinay series wherein I will talk about goal-setting, normalizing wealth and using positivity to achieve all our goals.

Today we will talk about Law of Attraction.

Sounds voodoo or magical, right? I first came across the term Law of Attraction in 2015, only few years ago. While browsing the internet, while jumping from one blog to another, a writer mentioned the book The Secret so I bought it.

And WOW, the possibility of what our mind can achieve is an eye opener.

That’s the reason why I started my first blog talking  about positivity and Law Attraction.

At that time, in my mind,  “Why are people not using this knowledge? Why are they not harnessing the power of their own mind to achieve everything they want in life?”

Although I’ve only came across the term Law of attraction recently, I realized that I have been practicing it all along.
I am truly, deeply a very positive person. People around me like my husband or my mom would always say I aim so high. And they are not saying it in a negative way.

Yes I am dreamer

I’m so positive in life that I don’t think of the word impossible. Everything in life is possible if you really like it.

The thing is not all of us would would have the same goals in life which is a good thing. Can you imagine if all of us wants to be a CEO? Then there would be no workers. And what if all of us wants to be a President, we might end up killing each other.

But everything you would want for yourself, for your improvement, for your family, for your community is possible if you can imagine it.

Basically, law of attraction states that whatever thing you constantly think will happen.

May it be a positive thought or negative one, it will be come a reality. Whatever you’re feeding into your brain, and you actually believe it’s true, then it will happen. That’s the law of the Universe.

Disclaimer: I would always talk about the Universe  and as if the Universe has given us all these things. Ok to clarify, God created the Universe so whatever Universe gives us is actually coming from God.  Our parents (or our mom) gave birth to us but we actually came from God.

I know you understand what I mean. So whatever reference I will make with the Universe doesn’t imply that I now turn into pagan. This is the last time I will explain this.

When I first learned the term law of attraction, as I said, I was actually practicing it already all my life. Whatever you have in your life right now is because you thought of it. As an OFW, the fact that we are in our host country is because we let it happen.We believe that it’s possible for us to go overseas and so it happened.

All materials things that we have and the relationships we are right now are our own choice. Unless you are at gunpoint, you always have a choice. We can let go of any abusive relationship or any relationship we’re not happy anymore. Although you can also shift that negative relationship into something positive but it should start from you. You should actually believe it’s possible.

It was 2015…

It was almost my birthday and I was writing down my wish list. I said I wanted a new stationary notebook, dinner in Burj Khalifa, 300-thread count Egyptian bed sheet and then I also wrote down that I wanted some Kidzania tickets. Just because Cole had never been there and he wanted to visit this play area.

The following day, I was listening to this radio station. I’ve been listening to Virgin radio for ages and also tried to join some of their contests but I have never won. The following day after I wrote that wish list, they’re having another contest with Kidzania tickets as prize. It didn’t sink to me at first that this is actually one of the things on my list. My initial thought is that the prize is something that is relevant to me. So I sent the answer and in less than a minute, my phone rang. And it was the radio station telling me that I won 3 kidzania tickets.


Wow! I just stated what I want and then it happened. You know why I think it actually materialized? Out of all the things on my wish list, I believe that the Kidzania tickets is something that will definitely happen. If Gibson won’t give it to me as a birthday gift, I will definitely buy it anyways for my son. Because if it’s for your children, you don’t think about the cost as long as it makes them happy.

So the Universe probably said “Oh, out of all your list, Kidzania ticket is one thing that you truly deeply want and believe is possible for you, so here it is!”


I’m quite good in manifesting. The law of attraction is a way related to manifestation.

As I said, whatever you constantly keep on thinking will actually happen.
The good thing is, it would never immediately happen.

And why is it a good thing?

Can you imagine if your negative thoughts happen immediately? It’s disastrous!

In the same way that not everything you want now will instantaneously materialize. You really have to have the desire to own it. That whatever circumstances you are in, this is really what you want.

One more thing, the universe doesn’t choose.

It’s not like the Universe will say, “Lyn Joy, I’ll give you everything you want because you’re a good person”
Or tell Mario “I won’t give it to you because you’re mean”

Nor it will matter if your thin or heavy, young or old, bright or stupid.

Universe will treat us equally. Just by existing. Just by being alive, Universe can give it to you. You deserve it.

The only thing is we have to be precise on what we want. Believe it is possible for us and hold on to that thought.


When my mom was here in Dubai last year, she read The Secret book and expressed how good it is. She then told me her desire to have our home reconstructed. Take note, reconstructed and not really just a simple renovation. And she even wanted it around January this year. When she said that, I was just like – “Ohhh-Kkkk, where the heck are we going to get the money for that?”

I didn’t discourage my mom that time because that’s her dream but I also don’t see it as possible. I mean, for sure it will cost a lot and where will we get the funds for that.

But my mom has been very vocal of saying that she will have the house reconstructed. She will mention it to everyone and even worry that there’s no one to oversee the project when she goes to Australia that year to visit my sisters.
Whenever I talk to her, I will just keep quiet because I don’t want to tell her the truth that it’s not possible to even renovate the house next year nor the year after. We don’t have budget for it.

Then, July last year, we went home for holidays. We stayed in my mom’s house for a week. It was high-tide season and then I saw that water creeps in to our house every afternoon. My mom would always pay someone to take the water out every single day. And when she can’t find anyone, either my sisters will do it or she will remove the water herself. Actually, that’s the only activity me and Gibson were doing when we were in our place that full week.

It was heart-breaking to see my mom going through this. She needs a safe home.

I then told my siblings that I will pledge X amount of money for the construction of our home. My sisters gave their pledges too! Before we knew it, we have enough money to start the home project.

It happened. My mom’s dream to have her new home has finally happened.

I’ll be honest with you. I never thought that my mom’s dream was possible. I mean, where will we get the money, right?

Even after I gave my pledge, I was doubtful where will I get the funds. But it materialized. Note that I didn’t take a loan for it.
I was able to find ways on how to take it from our monthly budget.

Yesterday, while to talking to mom, she said she never doubted that my siblings and I will make it in life. She and my dad really believed that all their children will be successful. Of course, they just didn’t wish and prayed for it. They work so hard to give us good education, raised us well and given us so many advices in life that made it possible for my siblings and I to achieve whatever we have right now. My parents followed up their positive thoughts with inspired actions.

If you talk to my mom now, she is the greatest advocate of using the power of mind. It’s a proof that what your mind can perceive, you can achieve. Think about it.

What your mind can perceive, You can achieve

On my next video, I will share about manifesting, money blocks and goal-setting. Until next time. Bye!

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