What if they don’t get you?

My husband is a realist and traditionalist.

He believes in working honestly then receive your salary at the end of the month. Salary can go to the bank or put into low or medium-risk investments.
A steady and safe way to increase your savings.
He wants to build a a family home, buy a family car and retire comfortably when it’s time to retire.

He thinks sensibly and logically.

And then he married me.

If you have been reading my blog for a few years now, you know that I am far from trying to fit-in.
I’m a rebel with a cause.
I’m a dreamer, risk-taker, live-your-life to the fullest kind of gal.

As they said, I have my finger in too many pies. 

My first business is selling wonderful pendants which are all hand-made and designed by me. Each medallion is hand-painted by a European artist and the technique use will ensure that all pieces will last centuries. A true heirloom.

But I didn’t go all-out on promoting this business because of legalities issue. I’m selling my stuff online and my customers are not from UAE, is it still required for me to get a business license in Dubai since I’m based here? It’s a bit murky so I have slowed down on this.

As you can imagine, I still have several beautiful pieces safely placed inside our safe. And from to time, Gibson will ask what’s my plan on those jewelleries. And my standard answer – it’s for me and my daughter to keep if ever. If I finally decided that I won’t sell them anymore then you will see me and Biel wearing them on grand occasions.

If you want to own your own piece, you can still nab it on my Etsy store. There’s currently 10% discount.

After Allyson & Cole Jewel, I started blogging. And I have actually bought 6 domains in 3 years. filipinaexpat.com, youdeserveit.me, firstmillionclub.com, thewealthypinay.com, allysoncolejewel.com and one for SLIAN NAILS which I haven’t published yet.

And when I bought my latest domain, Gibson’s reaction was “AGAIN??!!?!”

And I don’t blame him. I mean, here I am having an idea one after the other and trying to do so many things.
All these while working full-time as an employee.
I only have 3-4 hrs a day to do all the things I intend to accomplish.

I think most serial entrepreneurs has the same dilemma as me.
There are so many business ideas floating in our mind and they want to action them immediately.
Strike while the iron is hot.

Of course, I don’t have this attitude before.
Although I’m overflowing with positivity, I didn’t see myself as a business woman when I was younger.
Just like Gibson, I just want to have a nice house, nice car, and contented, healthy and happy life.

But then I changed.
It’s like something awakens deep inside of me.
I just don’t want to live and die.
I want to make a mark.

I want to be wealthy.
I want to inspire.
I want to build my own charity.
I want every Filipina I know to dream bigger and aim higher.

And I’m not ashamed of declaring it now.

But you know whats delaying me for focusing on everything I want?
No, it’s not my husband.
It’s my job.

I worked for 9 hrs a day. Plus 3-4 hrs of commuting.
That’s 12 hrs taken out of me.
Now, I need 8 hrs of sleep to function and that’s non-negotiable for me.
So that leaves me 4 hrs left to take a bath, dress up, dress down, eat dinner, have breakfast, do my blog, marketing for SLIAN and do whatever I need to do to achieve my goal of being FREE.

Plus of course I procrastinate too (Facebook, watching Showtime, binge watching food videos on Youtube)

But I’m afraid to resign. Because leaving my job means losing half of our household income.
Can we afford it?
I know this is a money block I need to overcome.
But the threat is real.

Although my husband can easily support us but it’s still a big lost on our income.
If I can’t find ways to replace my salary, then we have no choice but to downgrade our lifestyle.
The children needs to go to a different school, our travels will be to a minimum, our staycations will be less.
And worst, we might even need to move back to Philippines while husband stays working here.

Which is a no-no.

My goal is to maintain our lifestyle.
Have an option to live anywhere we want. Just because we like that place and not because we have no other choice.
I still want to have my own money to spend and give and not ask from my husband.
I still want to be able to give to my mom and siblings whenever they need some financial help.

But to reach all my goals, I know I have to try a lot of things.
And inevitably make mistakes. It doesn’t have to a be a major mistake, but still a mistake.
We learn from them. And I always see them as a learning curve.

To be honest, I am impatient.
I want results right away.
And I’m starting to get impatient with some people too.

Those people who always dream but never goes into action.
Those people who you try to mentor but paralyzed by their fear.
Those people who you want to help but don’t want to help themselves.

And unfortunately some of these people are close to me.

I have to realized that entrepreneurs are a different kind of species.
And not everyone is built to be an entrepreneur.
Which is fine.
I am trying to tell myself that it should be fine.

Instead of getting upset that these people who are very dear to me don’t share the same dream as I have, that they don’t see the vision I am seeing, who don’t actually understand what needs to be done, I decided that I will just continue holding on to that dream for me and them.

I will be the carrier of our dream.
Maybe it’s not their fault that they cannot envision it.
They’re different. I’m different.


So what’s the bottom line of this post?

Only one thing.

Just do it.

Even though you’re scared. Even if it’s risky. Even if no one believes.
Just do it.

And when you start getting upset that there’s no one there to support you.
Those people who doubts you.
Just continue.

Your loved-ones just want an outcome.
But maybe they’re not willing and ready to take all the risks and tasks to achieve that outcome.

But YOU know and you are ready to do everything to make it happen.

Cheers to the great future!



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