Saturday’s 10 Happy Things

Saturday’s 10 Happy Things

I always preach gratitude. To be thankful every day. For grand and simple things. For work, life, safety, food and family. For the sun, rain, penny in your pocket, and for a good hair day. Even when things are not going as planned, still be grateful.

So I thought of blogging 10 good things that made me happy this week. Just like most people, going back to office from a weekend is quite tough (on this part of the world, week starts on a Sunday) so what better way to perk us up than to remember the good things that happened this week.

1. Food trip at Global village. Boom Burger, shrimp dynamite, shrimp fingers, Indonesian noodle soup, kwek-kwek, goto, turon saging, waffles, shawarma. Lots of eating to compensate for lots of walking.

2. Din Tai Fung. Read my review here
Din Tai Fung

3. Quick catch-up with my friend at Little More.

                                               Pancake for lunch? Why not!
10 Happy things
4. My sister’s birthday. She had several celebrations. Lucky her! 👭 😘

Big family celebration at Max’s Al Ghurair.10 Happy things

5. I was able to finish a lot of pending tasks today at work. My stress reduced to 30%.

6. Eating adobong talaba (Oyster) tonight. I asked my mom to bring some from the Philippines and I thought it didn’t make the cut of things she brought (she was seriously over baggage) and was pleasantly surprised when it was the dish served for dinner. Happy tummy!

7.  Three little angel key chains I purchased from the Africa pavillion in Global Village for 10 dhs. I rarely ask for discounts not because I don’t need but because I’m not good at it. It was supposed to be 5 dhs each but I asked if I can have 3 pieces for 10 dhs and the seller agreed. What an achievement.

It’s supposed to be 3 but I can’t find the other piece.10 Happy things

8. These gold Christmas tree trinkets from Day to Day. Brightens our family tree! it doesn’t have to be expensive, yah know!
10 Happy things
9. Pretty gigantic Christmas balls in Mall of the Emirates. And finding out that whatever construction they’re doing is finally over.

Can have I one please?
10 Happy things

10. I’ve renewed my listings on Etsy and since it’s the season to be jolly, I’m offering 10% off on all bespoke enamel pendant. This offer is only until 31st December 2015. Go and check it out.
10 Happy things

Saturday’s 10 Happy Things

Think of the things that made you happy this week. Be grateful. If you’re a fellow blogger, share them with us by leaving a link to your entry! 

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