Today we will talk about Gratitude

This post is part of The Wealthy Pinay series wherein I will talk about goal-setting, normalizing wealth and using positivity to achieve all our goals.

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Gratitude is being thankful for everything that we are receiving. Some people might say “Of course, I’m always thankful. I always thank God for all the blessings. I’m grateful that I woke up this morning.”

But for me personally, once you start complaining even for the smallest issue, if you start crying and even get depress for tiniest of problem, then I don’t think you are practicing gratitude.

For me gratitude is the inner peace telling you that everything will turn out well. You thank God and truly thankful for each and everything that is given to you.

Having gratitude means not being bothered by small issues. Instead of thinking of things that bother you, you focus instead on all good things that comes your way – that’s gratitude.

If you really practice being thankful for all the things you have, it will be life changing.

Blessings will come tenfold. The Universe will notice that whenever it give you something, even the smallest things, you are thankful. The Universe will then give you more.

The fact you woke up in the morning is something you should be thankful for. The moment that your feet touched the ground is the best opportunity to really appreciate the morning and the day ahead.

Instead of focusing on the long drive, or traffic and then being late, or your annoying boss or officemate, remove that negative thought and instead be thankful having that job and a chance to earn so you can pay off your bills, or put your income into your savings or investments.

Focus on the positive things.

Because if you consistently focus on all the positive things in your life, then you’ll have more of it.

Thats the law of attraction, you attract more of the things you keep of thinking.

Let me share some Gratitude exercises you can practice everyday.

Exercise 1: Gratitude list

My kids and I are doing it every night. Start with remembering all the good things that happened that day. Try to come up with 20 things to be thankful for.

I’ll be honest, at first you might get stuck with the 7th or 10th blessing. But go through your day and remember all the things that makes you smile.

  • You were able to watch your fave tv show
  • You have spoken to your mom
  • There was free donut in the office
  • You almost reach your sales target today
  • The sun is shining
  • There’s rain

Soon, you’ll be listing down more than 20. Count not only the big things (you woke up, you reach the office safely, you’re healthy) but also the little blessings (your children only bickered once throughout the day, there were no complaints in the store today, etc).

Exercise 2: Write down all the money that comes in

Tracking down your expenses, as they say, is a great personal finance practice.

But you know what’s more effective than that? Listing down all the money that comes your way!

The same way you track up to the last centavo that you spend, you also need to acknowledge all the money that comes in.

  • You receive a refund today
  • Somebody treat you for lunch
  • Your friend finally paid what she owes you
  • You receive a bonus
  • You won 20 pesos in Bingo
  • Your salary finally comes in

Write down all the amount in your gratitude notebook and track down these money.


By doing these 2 exercises, the Universe will appreciate that you are recognizing whatever it gives you. You focus more on the good side of life rather than those annoying things that come your way.

Believe me when I say that once you start practicing these exercises you’ll be pleasantly surprised on how much abundance you will receive each day.

Remember: A day above ground is always a good day. 

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