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Kimchee by Shogun

Kimchee by Shogun
It’s been a while since I posted something about food. Well, not that we don’t go out (we actually eat out often nowadays) but I don’t feel like sharing them unless it’s really something that standout for me.

We found ourselves in Satwa for 2 consecutive weekends – isn’t it obvious that we miss our old neighbourhood? I am surprised that a lot has change in that area since I last visited. There’s now Jollibee, Andoks chicken and a building called Manila! Where am I hiding?

Anyways, we tried Jollibee the weekend before and last Friday, it was this Korean/Japanese restaurant called Kimchee by Shogun.

I’m really craving for Korean food last week and the only Korean restaurant that we go to – that’s HYU – moved to Jumeirah Lakes Towers. I’m not in the mood to drive as the distance from my place to JLT is like going to work already. No chance. (more…)

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Bentoya Dubai

Bentoya Dubai

Bentoya has been in Dubai for at least a decade now so you must have visited this place before but for those who haven’t this is for you.
I’ve dined several times in their Jebel Ali branch (inside JAFZA) when I was still working there and have been recently visiting their Garhoud branch nowadays.

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Doc Gelo’s 10th year blogging anniversary

I was invited by Doc Gelo on his 10th blogging anniversary dinner sponsored by Lemongrass. If you don’t know Doctor Angelo Santos, do yourself a favor and follow his adventures on Instagram here.
The first media event I attended was the launch of his travel book – People. Places. Memories. (which is still available at Amazon) and the Filipino bloggers I met were all very warm and fun.

Doc Gelo’s intimate dinner consists of small group of Filipino bloggers and Instagrammers who have thousands of followers each. I don’t know why I was invited to that bunch of talented people considering I only have less than 300 friends on my Filipina Expat IG account.
For sure Doc Gelo sees something in me. Choz. (more…)

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Noodle Bowl Dubai

For our April couple’s date, we decided to have a massage at Dreamworks Spa in Jumeirah 1 and dine somewhere near.

Noodle Bowl is an Asian restaurant located in 2nd December street (previously Al Diyafa) and has been there for a 10 years, TEN YEARS!
Strange that we never tried this place when we were stay in Satwa for half a decade.

To be honest, I don’t even know their cuisine.
I thought it’s Chinese or Indonesian.
But a quick Google search shows that they’re specializing in Malaysian dishes.

We’re lucky to find parking space just in front of the restaurant.
And since it’s only 11am, we were the only customers inside.
Noodle Bowl Dubai (more…)

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Toshi Grand Millennium

We had our March date night in Toshi at Grand Millennium Hotel. I was given a voucher for an event that I organized there and why not use it for our date.

Toshi has different theme every night and since we went on a Friday, we had the 7 Asian flavours night and we got to experience dishes from China, Singapore, Myanmar, Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam and Thailand.
Toshi in Grand Millennium Dubai (more…)

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Flavours Restaurant – Hawthorn Suites

I’ve written this post in January and never got the chance to publish, wtf!
I thought of re-writing it but it would take me another 3 months to push that publish button so let me just post this once and for all. 🙂 Please forgive the Happy New Year greeting…

* * * * * *

Happy New Year!!!

I have several plans this year and one of them is becoming a better blogger. Better in the sense that I will write often and consistently. Last year’s plan was to post one article per week but I am being realistic this year and will do twice a month. If I write more than that then I’ll pat myself at the back for a job well done.

I will again share my experiences on some of the restaurants that I tried. If you noticed, I stopped doing dining reviews sometime last year because most of the places I visited were my frequent go-to restaurants. I felt that you’ve been there before so what’s the use of sharing.

But a friend told me that she appreciates reading my dining experiences since she gets to know new restaurants. And I’m like, these restaurants have been here forever but it’s still new to her. It made me realized that we can always learn something different from each other.

Going back to the topic, my dear friends and I always meet before Christmas for much needed catch-up. This year, I was given the task to find a restaurant venue because they probably know that I love searching for places that serve good food with matching great price. Good thing that I read Cuddle and Crumb‘s experience and I thought it’s worth a try. (more…)

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No eating out this week

I was craving for noodle soup yesterday and thought why not try some Thai noodle soup.

So I went to Little Bangkok, took a quiet nice table, the sweet lady gave me the menu and after a few minutes I showed her what I want.
I didn’t dare say the name of the dish as it’s as complicated as Brangelina’s divorce.

No eating out this week

It’s my first time to try this dish and I have no idea how it tastes.
No eating out this week

And now I know – I won’t order it again.

That’s a big deal for me considering I love soup. Ask everyone dear to me and they can attest that as long as it’s liquid, edible and warm then I can have a casserole of them (I have to insert the word edible because the liquid and warm description might be mistaken for something else, you dirty mind! Or is it me who is malicious?).

Don’t get me wrong, the toppings are all very good – the beef is oh-so-tender, the kangkong and beansprouts are crispy, the beef balls taste good but the soup base, arrgh! The chicken soup based might be a better choice.

Anyways, that was yesterday. Today, my tummy wants carbs again and although I want to resist, my fat devil inside me won.
I went to Miyabi, Sushi and Bento  and this time I want some stir-fry noodles.

You can’t get wrong with Seafood Yaki Udon, right?
No eating out this week
It’s almost 2:30 in the afternoon and I am so hungry. Food arrived after almost 20 minutes which is fine.
No eating out this week

My initial thought after my first bite? It’s salty.
But it’s ok, I would rather have salty food than sweet or bland.
Second forkful? It’s tangy.
It’s still ok, I’m so hungry.

But after the 4th bite, I know I don’t like it.

I’m not the type who complains in the restaurant. I won’t call a manager if there’s a hair or small plastic in my food. Sure I will lose my appetite but I won’t call the Dubai Municipality and insist that the restaurant be closed (believe me, some customers threaten to do that).

Having family and friends working in food service industry, I have seen how difficult there job is and I won’t make a big drama of something unless maybe I get hospitalized because of food poisoning.

Ok, going back to my udon, I ended up just eating the seafood and vegetables and left the noodles on my plate.
I can have the food replaced but that would take again some time and I only have 1 hour lunch break.

Hay! Maybe the food good is not in my favor this week. Gibson will go on some kind of minor knee operation this weekend which will keep him home-bound for at least 2 weeks and that means no eating-out for us. It’s a sign that I should use my cooking skills to test.

Do you usually complain if you don’t like your food?


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Yalumba – Le Meridien Dubai

Happy New Year!!!

Before the year ended, I told hubby that we should go out at least once a month and do a proper ‘date’. You know – just us.
Other couple might be doing it regularly and this date thing is usual for them but not us.

We always go out as family. There might be few occasions that Gibson and I will eat together but it was usually after some parent-teacher meeting, or we did some errand and just decided to eat afterwards. Nothing planned. We ate not to date but to fill our hunger.

This year will be different.
We will eat to fill our hearts.

Choz. (more…)

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Simplified Yema Cake

I’m not the type who complicates life. If there’s a simplified version of things then I’ll sure do it.
There’s a term called “labor of love” where you put your heart, time and energy in doing something that you can really call the “fruits of your labor” but some overdo things that it’s borderline slavery.

And if there’s one mantra I try to live by is that to “work smart”


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Brunswick Sports Club

I called Gibson one fine day and asked if he wanted to meet for lunch. He doesn’t require much prodding and finally agreed to meet in Mall of the Emirates.
I’m thinking of Din Tai Fung but he said to try something new and that’s when I thought of Brunswick Sports Club.

This place is popular for their burgers and booze. I’m not fond of burgers and I don’t think having alcohol during office lunch break is a good idea but trying a new restaurant is always interesting so off we went.

Brunswick is located in Sheraton, there’s entrance through MOE.
Brunswick Sports Club (more…)

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