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W Dubai Al Habtoor City

I would like to say that the reason I booked our hotel stay is to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary.
But the truth is I reserved a room way before we went to Philippines/Hong Kong because I know that I will need another holiday to recover from my holidays.

As it turned out August 4 happens to be our church wedding anniversary.
And I now have a very valid reason for a staycation. Yes!

(Before I get condemned: we were married twice (civil and church) and years apart. Remembering dates is one of my weakness. I can’t even remember my brother’s birthday who was born 30+ years ago! Sorry Gibson and RG. It’s not you, it’s me)

I used my Airmiles points to book a room in Westin Al Habtoor but when we checked-in, the reception told us that due to on-going construction in the hotel, we were moved at W Dubai Al Habtoor City. As we’ve stayed in Westin before, I don’t mind trying W Hotel.
I read that W is generally marketed to younger crowd. It has that futuristic, modern, hip vibe.
Very us. Choz.
W Dubai Al Habtoor City (more…)

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Hong Kong Trip – July 2017

You might know that there’s 20 of us who went to Hong Kong last 12th July.

And let me tell you that it ain’t easy. I planned the itinerary myself because I reckon booking through a travel agent will be more expensive. Besides, I don’t plan to visit all the top tourist spots in Hong Kong anyways.
I’m more interested in food rather than culture.

Here’s what I have drafted and shared with my siblings: (more…)

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Al Hamra Residence & Village – Ras Al Khaimah

In a month’s time, the family will go for our annual trip to the Philippines yet it’s not soon enough and I just want to take a break.
I sent some hotel deals to Gibson but he didn’t reply.
When Cole asked if we can stay in any hotel this Ramadan I knew I have to remind the hubby.

It’s always a good idea to avail various hotels’ summer promotions throughout UAE because rates are really low.
And I know I can easily convince Gibson if it won’t leave a dent on his pocket.
But I have to find a place that will be acceptable to kids, specially to Cole.
That boy has some standards yah know.

I found Al Hamra Residence & Village thru
Prior to this, I haven’t heard of this property.
The reviews are generally positive and the fact that it’s only AED 249 per night with breakfast (yes, AED 249 with breakfast) then it’s a place worth to try.
If it turns out to be bad, I won’t feel cheated considering that we only pay for a dinner’s worth.


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Cole’s 10th Birthday Celebration at Aquaventure Waterpark

This post is 5 months late but as they said better late than never!

Cole's 10th Birthday Celebration in Atlantis The Palm

My kids are not excited having their own birthday parties.
They prefer simple lunch or dinner and then receive birthday gifts.
That’s it.
Big factor on this attitude is having a mom who doesn’t like to plan party celebrations.
How ironic that my job requires me to organize meetings, dinner and events on regular basis. (more…)

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Westin Dubai Al Habtoor City

I have so many things on my draft folder and let me try to finish and post them one at a time. Today, let me share with you our experience at Westin Dubai Al Habtoor City.

Our family loves staying in hotels and before the year ended last year, we decided to have another hotel staycation.

With several SPG points to use, I started searching for hotels that we can stay in. We just wanted a Dubai-based property that we’ve never been before and Westin Dubai Al Habtoor fits the criteria. Quick Google search shows that it’s a brand new hotel just opened in September 2016. It’s part of a multi-use development in Al Habtoor City and one of the 3 hotels in the complex. The other two is the luxurious St. Regis, and urban and hip W Hotel.

As usual, I tried to check reviews and photos before our visit but since it’s the hotel is quite new I haven’t really found anything on the net. So let me make my own review.

Online reservation was smooth. Check-in was supposed to be swift but Gibson didn’t have his Emirates ID that time as his visa was under renewal. He searched through his mails to find a copy of his passport. So our check-in took longer than expected.
Good thing that check-in counters were not busy considering it’s UAE National Day. (more…)

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Biel’s 5th birthday

I’m not very fond of arranging parties. I prefer sit-down dinners and just chat with handful of guests.
So I never really had big birthday celebrations for my kids (bad mum!)

But of course I want to make sure they will feel special on their day.
We usually dine on their fave restaurant, we prepare party bags for their class, and they can choose their own gift.

For Biel’s 5th birthday, we started the celebration 1 day before her birthday.
We picked her up from school and went straight to Dubai Festival City.
Had lunch at Cheesecake Factory (no photos).
Followed by the much-anticipated trip at Build-A-Bear. (more…)

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A trip to the hospital

This is a kind of trip that I don’t want to do at all.

I don’t like hospitals and I’m not fond of doctors. Don’t get me wrong, I admire what they do. But seeing them means something is wrong that can’t be cured by Dr. Google.

Anyways, Gibson has this thing in his left knee which he got during some basketball injury when he was a teen. It’s called meniscus tear or something. I told him it sounds like tea (you know, hibiscus?). He has been complaining about it for years and I keep on telling him it could just be arthritis or gout. We always have it checked and x-rayed and doctors haven’t seen anything. (more…)

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One fine Friday 2

It’s another Friday in Dubai, another weekend and a good opportunity to finally enjoy the weather. Tita Tess is flying back to the Philippines that night after almost 6 months of being a tourist. What better way to celebrate but to spend her last day in a place she’s never visited before – the Souq Madinat Jumeirah! (more…)

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How’s life?

How’s life my friends? I hope your having a fab weekend.

I usually go through my phone’s photos during weekend to delete 3/4th of nonsense shots I took that week. You know, that 14 food shots of one dish or the 28 selfies wearing the new lipstick.

To be frank with you, I’m very conscious of what I’m posting on social media specially the frequency. I can survive not posting anything for 1 full month but if you have a blog and want to be somehow recognize then I have no choice but be visible.
But still I don’t want to bombard my followers of what I ate or what I’m doing every minute of the day. That’s why Snapchat is not for me.

Although taking those pictures are good reminders of how your week went. You can look at them and somehow remember how you felt that day. So now instead of deleting them I thought why not just post some of the pictures here. Those who want to see them can see them and at the same time my social media followers won’t think I’m a narcissist. (more…)

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Love affair with books

I LOVE READING. Caps lock for intensity…


I have a longtime love affair with books.

My earliest memories of childhood always includes reading and books. I’m not choosy. Week old newspapers, bulky encyclopedias, nursery books (even during my teen years) and everything in between. As long as its printed, I’m happy.

Back then, I don’t have money to buy as much book as I want so I will re-read everything until I almost memorized them.
I read when I’m bored, I read when I’m happy, I read until wee hours of the night. (more…)

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