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Chase your Dreams

Can I ask you something?
What are things you want to do and what prevents you from doing it?

This post is part of The Wealthy Pinay series wherein I will talk about goal-setting, normalizing wealth and using positivity to achieve all our goals.

If you prefer to read, continue below. 

Do you want to set up a business? Do you want to travel? Do you want to change job? Do you want to help more people? Do you aspire to be with someone?

My question is – what’s your reason of not pursuing them? (more…)

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Kimchee by Shogun

Kimchee by Shogun
It’s been a while since I posted something about food. Well, not that we don’t go out (we actually eat out often nowadays) but I don’t feel like sharing them unless it’s really something that standout for me.

We found ourselves in Satwa for 2 consecutive weekends – isn’t it obvious that we miss our old neighbourhood? I am surprised that a lot has change in that area since I last visited. There’s now Jollibee, Andoks chicken and a building called Manila! Where am I hiding?

Anyways, we tried Jollibee the weekend before and last Friday, it was this Korean/Japanese restaurant called Kimchee by Shogun.

I’m really craving for Korean food last week and the only Korean restaurant that we go to – that’s HYU – moved to Jumeirah Lakes Towers. I’m not in the mood to drive as the distance from my place to JLT is like going to work already. No chance. (more…)

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Today we will talk about Gratitude

This post is part of The Wealthy Pinay series wherein I will talk about goal-setting, normalizing wealth and using positivity to achieve all our goals.

If you prefer to read, continue below. I have transcribed and English-translated the video.

Gratitude is being thankful for everything that we are receiving. Some people might say “Of course, I’m always thankful. I always thank God for all the blessings. I’m grateful that I woke up this morning.”

But for me personally, once you start complaining even for the smallest issue, if you start crying and even get depress for tiniest of problem, then I don’t think you are practicing gratitude. (more…)

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Goal Setting (and the effective way to do it!)

This post is part of The Wealthy Pinay series wherein I will talk about goal-setting, normalizing wealth and using positivity to achieve all our goals.

If you prefer to read, continue below. I have transcribed and English-translated the video.

I don’t believe in just writing your goal on a piece of paper and then hope for the best. I don’t think it work that way.

For me, I would set a very clear goal every start of the year or everytime I have a project to do and try to visualize what I really want to achieve.

It’s not only writing ‘I want to be rich this year’ because that is so vague. My rich might not be your rich. You can’t just say ‘Lose weight’ because again that’s not very clear. You might lose 100 grams but will you be happy with that? (more…)

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Law of Attraction – Everything is possible if you believe

This post is part of The Wealthy Pinay series wherein I will talk about goal-setting, normalizing wealth and using positivity to achieve all our goals.

Today we will talk about Law of Attraction.

Sounds voodoo or magical, right? I first came across the term Law of Attraction in 2015, only few years ago. While browsing the internet, while jumping from one blog to another, a writer mentioned the book The Secret so I bought it.

And WOW, the possibility of what our mind can achieve is an eye opener.

That’s the reason why I started my first blog talking  about positivity and Law Attraction.

At that time, in my mind,  “Why are people not using this knowledge? Why are they not harnessing the power of their own mind to achieve everything they want in life?”

Although I’ve only came across the term Law of attraction recently, I realized that I have been practicing it all along.
I am truly, deeply a very positive person. People around me like my husband or my mom would always say I aim so high. And they are not saying it in a negative way. (more…)

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Money Mindset

This post is part of The Wealthy Pinay series wherein I’ll talk about goal-setting, normalizing wealth and using positivity to achieve all our goals.

You can watch the video or read the transcribed and English-translated version of it.

Money is the root of all evil.

Do you believe on that? We have heard these lines since we were young:

“Money doesn’t grow on trees”

“It doesn’t matter if we are poor as long as we’re not sick”

“Study hard so you can find better job”

And then have you realized during birthday celebrations, as a kid we were told “Ok, make a wish but don’t say it out aloud otherwise it won’t happen” (more…)

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W Dubai Al Habtoor City

I would like to say that the reason I booked our hotel stay is to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary.
But the truth is I reserved a room way before we went to Philippines/Hong Kong because I know that I will need another holiday to recover from my holidays.

As it turned out August 4 happens to be our church wedding anniversary.
And I now have a very valid reason for a staycation. Yes!

(Before I get condemned: we were married twice (civil and church) and years apart. Remembering dates is one of my weakness. I can’t even remember my brother’s birthday who was born 30+ years ago! Sorry Gibson and RG. It’s not you, it’s me)

I used my Airmiles points to book a room in Westin Al Habtoor but when we checked-in, the reception told us that due to on-going construction in the hotel, we were moved at W Dubai Al Habtoor City. As we’ve stayed in Westin before, I don’t mind trying W Hotel.
I read that W is generally marketed to younger crowd. It has that futuristic, modern, hip vibe.
Very us. Choz.
W Dubai Al Habtoor City (more…)

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Hong Kong Trip – July 2017

You might know that there’s 20 of us who went to Hong Kong last 12th July.

And let me tell you that it ain’t easy. I planned the itinerary myself because I reckon booking through a travel agent will be more expensive. Besides, I don’t plan to visit all the top tourist spots in Hong Kong anyways.
I’m more interested in food rather than culture.

Here’s what I have drafted and shared with my siblings: (more…)

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TOTGA – The One That Got Away

A letter from Aga Muchlach to Lea Salonga has resurfaced in the internet last month and it was so “kilig”. 

It’s definitely a love letter that is so sweet yet bittersweet at the same time. Aga penned this letter four years ago when he was asked to write something for Lea’s book titled  “Playlist — A Celebration of 35 Years.”

The first line struck me – “Lea is the one that got away. And she never knew.”
So bittersweet.

And it made me thinking, have I met a guy that I can consider to be my TOTGA?

So I went down memory lane last night while driving home from work. I recounted my earliest crush in high school and my not-so-many boyfriends along the way.

And honestly, I don’t think I met anyone that I regret not ending up with.
Not that the boys I met are all bad, it’s just that they are only boys that time.
Probably immature and haven’t reached their whole manly potential.

I might have met all of them on their ‘bad and immature’ self before.
And since I will never know if they changed, I’m just glad now that I didn’t end up with them.

On the other side of fence, have I been TOTGA to anyone?

I mean, look at me now – beautiful, successful, fun, a totally great catch! LOL!

Lea is lucky that Aga has been honest and mature enough to admit it and share it with the world.
Ang haba ng hair nya!
Not everyone will openly admit that they let someone got away.

I’m not sure how Charlene feels now. Reading your husband announcing to the whole world that Lea is the one that got away from his life might probably painful.
If I’m in her shoe, that pronouncement will sting.

But who knows, maybe Charlene is very much aware of this. The fact that this was written only 4 years ago means that Charlene is definitely in Aga’s life then. She could have helped Aga wrote it.

Do you have any TOTGA in your life or have anyone told you that you are their TOTGA? Share please. I want to be kilig 🙂

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2nd Year of Blogging

I still yet to share our Hong Kong trip but I’m still on Day 1 and we were there for 5 days so it might take some time before I can really publish it.

Today I realized that July is Filipina Expat’s anniversary month. I think I posted my first post in Jul4 24, 2015.
I have to go through my posts to check.

And I wonder, should I write a meaningful article? Any touching anecdotes? Should I do a giveaway?
Just something to commemorate my 2nd year of blogging.
But I can’t think of anything. And I really don’t want to do anything.

We landed in Dubai last Sunday and with just 3 hours of sleep, I went straight to work.
Had to dive on hundred of emails and issues in the office.
On my spare time, the only thing I want to do is sleep.

But when I realized this morning that it’s my anniversary month, I thought I have to at least write something.
I can maybe write about my personal events from  July 2016 up to date.
What happened to me? What changed?

Professionally, nothing changed. I’m still doing the same job but with the change of office management my role becomes more challenging in a good way. I have more freedom to do the things my way, and my boss just basically let me manage the office how I want it. That’s good.

Personally, of course you are aware that I set-up my own nail salon in the Philippines in February 2016. My sister is managing it. So far so good. We’re still on learning phase, figuring out how to manage our staff, expenses and sales.
Being an Overseas Filipino for more than a decade, having a business feels like something good came out of all those years.

I’m not  guru for sure but you can read how I started here.

On my blogging life, I’ve been more quiet in social media this year.
Not that I lose interest, I’m still as passionate in blogging as when I started.
But sharing what I write is not something that I am keen to do.

Most of my posts nowadays are personal. I write mostly for myself  because I want to and not because I need to.
You can read it on the blog but I don’t want to share it on social media.

I don’t even want to share what I have eaten, places I’ve visited or things that I purchased on Facebook or Instagram
Nothing bad to say to those who share. I actually enjoy reading other’s escapades but I don’t feel sharing my own life out there.

How ironic considering I’m sharing a lot of personal thoughts on this blog now.
But I don’t think my family nor friends read my blog. They just see what I want to share on social media.
Which is fine by me.
Because writing becomes an outlet to share my thoughts without needing to explain anything to anyone.
Yes, I might get judged but these people who will judge me are people whom I don’t know.
I don’t really care.

But if I share it on Facebook, chances are high that my post will be read my relatives and then I might need to explain.
Which I don’t want to do. So majority of my posts lately are just published on the blog.

I also stopped attending media events. Unless it’s a personal invite, I rarely go.
I think I only attended 3 events this past year, all were in support of fellow Filipino bloggers and business.

Now that I’m into my 2nd year of blogging, what am I looking forward to?
Hmmmnn… nothing much.
I would like to focus more on getting rich, both materially and all aspects in my life.
And I would like to share the journey with you.

I’d like to increase our investment, have another SLIAN NAILS branch, maybe buy another property.
I would like to focus on being healthy and watch what I eat.
It would be nice to travel more countries this year.
I want to inspire more women of not getting afraid being wealthy.

As I keep on saying, money won’t changed you. It would just amplify who you are already.

So I would like to share my life with you. Maybe you can learn a thing or two from my journey.
Both from my achievements and mistakes.
And together we can rule the world. Choz!


Have a good weekend!



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