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GlamBox Review – Is it Worth it?

UPDATE: As promised, I’m showing you what’s inside the October box. You can scroll down below.

Another UPDATE: I’m sharing my thoughts on November box.


GlamBox is a company that delivers full sample size of beauty products in your doorstep. Well, that’s the simplest way I can explain it. You get to try samples from different brands and see if they’re worth to purchase.
GlamBox Review - Is it Worth it?

The concept is not new. There’s GlamourBox in the Philippines which started since longtime back. I’ve heard of GlamBox before and would check them out from time to time but I wasn’t into skincare or makeup then so it doesn’t have any appeal. Then early this month, I saw Zeyna’s post about the September box. It’s dedicated to Korean beauty products. I quickly check what’s inside and made a quick mental calculation if the products are worth the 80 dhs subscription fee each month.
I figured out that the September box is. The SKIN 79 WONDER FIX Brush Eyeliner alone costs 65 dhs already. Not bad. (more…)

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The result of my boredom…

Update: I actually wrote this post a year ago but had doubts if I should post it or not. It’s really just a hobby and although I’m receiving several requests for personalization, I can’t do it yet. I’m not active with this anymore but surprisingly, I’m still receiving orders and inquiries and all of them are overseas. There are so many things on my plate right now and can’t really give my full attention as of the moment.



I can clearly remember the day. It was Easter Sunday of 2014.

I was lying on my son’s bed, prowling the internet mindlessly, jumping from one blog to another and I am sad.
Not sure if you can relate but have you experienced being depress because life is boring? (more…)

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Trick-or-Treating at Dubai’s favourite aqua park for little ones

Take your kids ‘Trick-or-Treating’ at Dubai’s favourite aqua park for little ones


Featuring spooky fire shows and thriller dance moves, Head over to Splash ‘n’ Party for a truly ‘spooktacular’ Halloween party 

Splash ‘n’ Party, Dubai’s newest, coolest and most exciting Aqua Park for little ones, is celebrating Halloween with an exclusive kids party. Set to take place on 31st October from 3.30 to 6.30 pm, your little one is all set to experience an extravagant costume party, pumpkin patches and Halloween’s most famous tradition- ‘trick-or-treat’.

From Splash slides, splash pads, and a Bunjee Trampoline, the Splash n Party Halloween Party is a must-go-to destination for adults and kids alike. Starting off the festivities with a spooky fire show, scary magic show, and bungee trampoline, the park is designed to cater to the needs of the entire family.

From ghouls to ghosts to crazy cats and bats, the best ‘Halloween Swimming Costume gets a grand prize of one year membership to Splash n Party worth 1, 999. Put your dance shoes on and groove with your kids to some ‘thrilling dance moves’ and later tuck into a tantalising kids meal filled with Halloween-themed treats. 

What’s more? Spend your afternoon swimming with Ursula, an underwater resident mermaid at Splash n Party. Priced at AED 100 per child and celebrations begin at 3.30 pm and is set to continue until 6.30 pm. 1 Adult is Free for every 1 Child paying – Any Additional Adult will be charged AED 50. 

Splash ‘n’ Party is located in: Villa no. 1, Street 8A, Al Safa 2, Jumeirah, Dubai.

Opening times are: 9am to 8pm every day of the week. For more information visit – .For birthday bookings or further enquiries please call +971 4388 3008 or email

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Love affair with books

I LOVE READING. Caps lock for intensity…


I have a longtime love affair with books.

My earliest memories of childhood always includes reading and books. I’m not choosy. Week old newspapers, bulky encyclopedias, nursery books (even during my teen years) and everything in between. As long as its printed, I’m happy.

Back then, I don’t have money to buy as much book as I want so I will re-read everything until I almost memorized them.
I read when I’m bored, I read when I’m happy, I read until wee hours of the night. (more…)

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Hair care tips for the hot summer months

With temperatures in Dubai reaching above 40 C, I always ensure that I smother my face and body with high SPF sun screen. I am conscious now of skin ageing and fine lines yah know! But after a recent visit to a salon, the stylist told me that my hair is so damaged most probably because of hot water, I realized I have to take care of my tresses as well. The hair, after all, is our crowning glory.

Hair care tips for the hot summer months 

Dubai’s summer is here bringing it with the high humidity and intense heat. This coupled with dust and pollution can wreak havoc with our hair. Dr. Manoj Kumar, Medical Director at Bloom Aesthetic and Laser Clinic shares the following tips to ensure healthy hair during the hot summer months.

  1. Time for a shower – Every night before going to bed, most people would wash away the grime and dirt on their faces. However, not many realize your hair is also exposed to the same pollution and will be just as dirty. Washing your everyday will cause it to dry out so make sure to do it every other day to avoid dirt buildup.
  2. Deep conditioning – The humidity and heat dries up your hair and this can lead to frizz and knots. Shea butter is a great natural conditioner after a wash – just take a small pea sized amount and use your palms to warm it and then apply it to the ends. Oil your hair two to three hours before a shower for a destressing deep conditioning treatment. If you are heading to the beach or pool, make sure to use a leave in conditioner. It will help in protecting your strands from the sunlight, sea water and chlorine in the pool.
  3. Fake It – Who doesn’t love beautiful beach waves? They are always on trend and suits almost all face shapes. However, a day at the beach under the 40+ temperatures can be quite detrimental to your hair. Make a homemade sea salt spray – mix 1 tsp of salt, 1 tbsp of coconut oil with 1.5 cups of water in a spray bottle. Spritz it on and then scrunch your hair to achieve the beach waves look. The coconut oil will also help moisturize your hair.
  4. Get stylish with a scarf – Scarves and turbans are very trendy in this part of the world with a plethora of beautifully designed ones available at every nook and corner of the city. Jazz up your outfit with a stylish scarf or turban that not only wins you fashion points but also protects your hair from the heat. It will also act as a shield from pollution and the wind.
  5. It’s all in the nutrients – We’ve all heard the phrase, ‘you are what you eat’ and that is the truth. Ensure you drink at least 1.5 liters of water daily as this will prevent dehydration and ultimately the drying of hair. Eat plenty of green leafy vegetables and fruits to maintain the condition of your hair. Vitamin E helps in the production of hair and is found in abundance in nuts, beans and spinach so ensure these foods are a part of your daily diet.

About Bloom Aesthetic and Laser Clinic

At Bloom Aesthetic and Laser Clinic, individual treatments and services are elevated to become an all-encompassing, life altering experience by ensuring patients receive the most personalized treatments from experts using some of the industry’s premier equipment for safe and effective results. The Clinic has 13 treatment rooms and the range of services at Bloom include non- surgical skin enhancing treatments, hair loss solutions, luxurious facials, skin- toning, tightening and weight loss programs, body slimming, skin rejuvenation treatments, laser procedures and more.

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The struggle is real!

You might have seen on my social media posts that I am trying to lose some weight because A.) we are going on vacation by end of June and I want to lose a LOT of weight so I can eat anything I want back home. That way, I won’t return to Dubai looking like a pregnant whale (no offense to all the whales) and B.) fambam had ‘staycation’ in two hotels in Dubai and I want to wear a proper swimsuit (bikini and all) without being so conscious of my bulging tummy.

Ok, to start, I am genetically thin (thanks to my parents) and my only problem area are my tummy and chin, I don’t have that protruding chin. Ok, I can’t do anything about my chin unless I go into some kind of procedure so I won’t bother but my bulging belly is something that I can control. (more…)

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What’s up peeps?

How’s everyone doing? Are you enjoying the weather? No? Me too. The water coming out of the shower is very warm already and the sad part is it will only get worse. Expect first-degree burn every morning! And I have to invest in a very reliable deodorant if I want my armpits to stay dry and odor-free.  (more…)

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Softouch Spa – Kempinski Mall of the Emirates

I was gifted a voucher at Softouch Spa in Kempinski Mall of the Emirates by my company after organizing a successful conference. And it didn’t take long until I find the time to use it. My body was aching all over because of stress, long driving, carrying my luggage bag, and lack of sleep. And the voucher just came on a perfect time. (more…)

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My Dubai Beauty Haul

My Dubai Beauty Haul

I made a goal of publishing 2 blog posts a week on each of my blogs and that’s really quite a challenge. With a full-time job, driving/travel time, quality time with the kids, some adult conversation with the husband, a side hobby, and everything else in between, I don’t actually have a concrete plan on how I can squeeze in my writing into my already hectic schedule. But that’s the plan and I will stick to it as long as I can.

So while thinking of topic to discuss, I prowled my favorite lifestyle blogs to have some ideas. Well, I can be like Divasoria and take inspiration from her Glossy posts. I can share the current beauty products I’m using. But, but, but… would I look so superficial? And who cares what shampoo I’m using, right?!? I’m not a celebrity or anything. But then, I realized it’s my blog and I can just write anything that I can think of. And I need something to write for goodness sake! (more…)

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Eczema relief for babies

Eczema relief for babies

When my daughter was born, we noticed these red rashes appearing on various parts of her body. We assumed that she gets affected by whatever I am eating as I was breast feeding that time. I then avoided food that I think will cause some allergic reaction to her.

Even after changing my diet, her rashes continue to pop-out from time to time. You can find it on her face, elbows, legs, tummy and back area. Some days are worse than others. I feel so bad since I can imagine how she might be feeling but can’t react or do anything but cry. (more…)

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