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Food trip plan while on holidays

The family will fly this Thursday for 2-weeks holiday and I’m looking forward to just take a break.

I’m quite stressed this past few days and taking some time off would be good for my mental health. Aside from my brother’s wedding and our trip to Hong Kong, I have no other plans on this trip. Oh actually, the only plan is to eat, eat and eat.

That’s why I’m trying to lose weight drastically (I know that’s bad) so I can afford to gain a lot and not end up looking like an elephant after.

I already have an idea of what and where I want to eat. (more…)

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Chuvaness said that one shouldn’t share negative things online but I can’t help. 

You know how my motto is ‘Sharing is Caring’ and I’m totally an advocate for that. Share what you have and the Universe will return it ten-fold.
I lend money to family and friends and I don’t expect that they will pay me back.
And truth be told – no one paid me back.

But you know, that’s ok. No friendship or family relationship was broken because of that.
I understand why people can’t pay.
I hold no grudge.

But you know what pains me?
When I feel abused.  (more…)

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All good things must come to an end

Ahhh… it’s Sunday – start of the week in this part of the world. I need to prepare and rush to office but let me post some pictures of our Atlantis staycation first.
“How I wish we can stay here for 10 days”. I said loudly while waiting for our car to go home.
I know Gibson and the kids feel the same way.

As I mentioned on my Facebook live broadcast (please go to my Facebook page), I saw this deal from Atlantis website which offers 1 night stay, breakfast and halfboard (lunch or dinner) for AED 1,595 for family of 4 (2 adults and 2 kids) to all Mastercard holders.
As a guest of Atlantis you get unlimited access to Aquaventure waterpark and The Lost Chambers.

That’s a good value considering that waterpark tickets cost AED 260 for adults and AED 215 for kids. For our family that would costs us AED 950 already. Plus the buffet lunch we had then it’s really a good deal.

As I mentioned, it has been kind of family tradition to try hotels in UAE and this year it coincides with our wedding anniversary. Let me share some snippets of this celebration 🙂

We’re given a slice of cake and a wedding anniversary greeting card.
All good things must come to an end (more…)

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Florence Adventure

Message from Lyn: I always nag the hubby why he never helps me with the IT part of blogging. Although I’m an IT grad, I thought it was a mistake and he is the one who loves this techy stuff. But I realized something. Despite the fact that he doesn’t really help with the technical stuff, he is my grammar nazi. As I always say, I am not a writer and doesn’t pretend to be and I’m so lazy to proof read most of the stuff I’m writing so having him to point out some unacceptable grammar mistakes is always helpful (although I don’t care most of the time. I know you’re reading my blog not because of my writing prowess but just because I’m witty. Choz lang!)

During times that I’m not in the mood to write or so busy at work, I wonder if I can let others guest post. And I always ask Gibson to try.

Finally it happened. So without further ado, here is our Florence adventure in the eyes (and words) of Gibson.


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Fraiche Cafe & Bistro


We purchased The Entertainer book early this year and with only a few weeks left before we say adios to 2015, I told my husband that we will only dine in restaurants and cafes that accepts the vouchers. We have to get the most out of this book.

I’ve been seeing Fraiche (pronounced as fresh) Cafe & Bistro’s ads on my Facebook feed and I’ve always been intrigued. They always have favourable reviews and when I checked my Entertainer book, I’m so glad that Fraiche is there. (more…)

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