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If are a regular reader of my blog, you know how I love being a life coach and talk about self-improvement, positivity, personal finance and anything Oprah-esque. I really want to tell people how my life has changed by my positive outlook in life and how I see things.

What I reach now is not something out of luck.

Disclaimer:  This is the first and last time that I will say this. If you read or hear me anywhere on my posts or videos referencing about my own wealth and money, I am saying this just as an example without the intention of bragging or being a pompous bitch. I will stop apologizing to people on why I have money. If you get what I mean, well, thank you. If you don’t, then this blog is not for you. Sorry but not sorry.

I work hard on my mindset. I am still am working on my mindset until now.
Every morning as soon as I wake up and even before my feet touches the floor, I say thank you to God for giving me another day. I will close my eyes and feel the gratitude flowing in my veins and just thinking I’m blessed in so many ways.

  • I always reach the office safely
  • I have a job
  • My view on my desk is fantastic
  • My boss is nice
  • I have nice lunch today
  • There’s free coffee in the pantry
  • I reached home safely
  • My family is healthy

And thousand things to be grateful for is endless.

I want to share with everyone how positive outlook can drastically change our life.
That things we constantly feed our mind will be our reality.

What really triggered me to start this video series is the affirmation from people that I got the chance to have a chat with.
They shared with me their financial woes and personal problems and as I listened, I realized that their issues stems from having a negative mindset.
Useless boyfriend, philandering husband, being chased by banks due to loans. They basically can’t figure out how to get out of that dark hole.

These people are open to listen. So that’s when I shared what I know about debt management, goal-setting, power of positivity and basically just achieving what you want.

After few months, they told me that our ‘sessions’ sparked something inside of them.
These ladies followed my practical tips and used the action plan I shared.
In just a few months, they were able to closed their credit cards, settle their loans, bring their children here in Dubai, set-up their own business in the Philippines, get rid of that bad boyfriend and day-by-day inching toward their goals.

It’s an amazing feeling.

If these people around me acknowledges that what I say is beneficial to them, so why am I afraid to share it with others?

It all boils down to my fear of being visible and being labelled as a brag. Who wants to have haters, right?
But then, whenever I am alone and thinking what I really want in my life, as in what I really really really want to achieve in life – there is only one answer.

And that is to inspire.

Very Oprah right? But that’s really what will bring joy to me. If I die one day and people gather on my funeral, I want to hear that I inspire them to be a better person.

Please watch out of the videos and I hope it will inspire you to aspire more in life. Believe that everything is possible for you because God is with you.

If these videos touch a cord, I would appreciate if you can share them and tag people who can benefit from them. Let’s share the positivity.

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Together, let’s all be a Wealthy Pinays!

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