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Law of Attraction – Everything is possible if you believe

This post is part of The Wealthy Pinay series wherein I will talk about goal-setting, normalizing wealth and using positivity to achieve all our goals.

Today we will talk about Law of Attraction.

Sounds voodoo or magical, right? I first came across the term Law of Attraction in 2015, only few years ago. While browsing the internet, while jumping from one blog to another, a writer mentioned the book The Secret so I bought it.

And WOW, the possibility of what our mind can achieve is an eye opener.

That’s the reason why I started my first blog talking  about positivity and Law Attraction.

At that time, in my mind,  “Why are people not using this knowledge? Why are they not harnessing the power of their own mind to achieve everything they want in life?”

Although I’ve only came across the term Law of attraction recently, I realized that I have been practicing it all along.
I am truly, deeply a very positive person. People around me like my husband or my mom would always say I aim so high. And they are not saying it in a negative way. (more…)

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The Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction

I can be a life coach. Seriously.

I’m glad that my sister, Jholen, allows me to practice my coaching skills on her when she was still here. I will usually call her one fine afternoon, ask her to jot down notes and I will just talk.
Most of the time she’s quiet, would just nod and agree. Who knows what she thinks of our sessions.
I never asked but I would like to think it’s enlightening and at least made her think about life.

I always talk about positivity, about law of attraction, about getting whatever you want because you deserve it.

Sounds voodoo? Not really.

Do you agree that whatever we have right now is because we wanted them.
Our shoes, bag, mobile phone, the job we have right now, the school where our kids are studying, our house.
We have all of them now because we wanted them.
It started with a desire and we believe that we can have these things and, true enough, we have them now.

It’s quite simple.

We attract what we think. Our mind is so powerful beyond our imagination that if you are able to harness your mind to attract all positive things then the result is unbelievable.

It seems too easy that you become doubtful. We have been conditioned all our lives that success is something we should work hard for.
In a way that’s true.
But you know what, it’s working SMART than working HARD. You can work hard all your life but that is not enough.
I believe that working smart AND using the power of your positive mind is the combination that will make you reach your heart’s desires.

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