Baby Shower Game Ideas

Baby Shower Game Ideas

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I asked my cousin, Shayne, if she wants to have a baby shower and I volunteered to organize it for her. Short story, she just asked me to take care of the activities part and assigned me to host the event as well. Now, I don’t do hosting really. No one asked me before so I’ve never tried. Surprisingly, I enjoyed it. Maybe it helped that Ian and Shayne’s guests were very receptive. A lot of them are family and friends so there was no pressure. And the fact that I used to teach before helped me overcome my public speaking jitters.

Anyways, when I was thinking of games that we can have for Shayne’s party, I have certain criteria in mind. First, I don’t want them to be ‘corny’. There are some games that actually make you cringe but out of courtesy to the host, you just bear the dancing and balloon popping antiques. Second, I know how difficult it is to ask for participants. Not everyone is game to go in front and participate. So I thought that I prefer group games were everyone can join and take part in. I printed numbers on a piece of paper and put them on each table which represent their group number. So one table is considered as one group. Lastly, of course it has to be fun. What’s the essence of games if we will not hear laughters and hooting, right?

I haven’t played any of the games I’ve shortlisted for this baby shower but I can imagine that all fits my criteria so we had to give it a go.

The price is right


This is an easy-to-plan game that will keep the guests entertained and practice their pricing skills.

How to play: 
1. I first shopped for several baby items on their regular price. We had Pampers for newborn, cotton balls, cotton buds and baby lotion. Of course, you can have others items like booties, pacifier, feeding bottle and so on. Remember to note down their prices. I have the copy of the receipt to be sure.
2. Show the baby items to guests and let each team discuss among themselves and guess what they think the item costs. Better to give the brand, size, weight and some descriptions of the item.
3. Starting with table number 1, they have to tell the item’s price and the game facilitator can say if it’s higher or lower in case the first team didn’t guess it correctly. Table number 2 will then give their guess and again the facilitator can give an indicative if the price quoted was higher or lower. The game will stop once a group guessed the exact price.
4. The winning team will then have the opportunity to guess the second item first. If they don’t give the correct price, the game facilitator will then again say if the price given was higher or lower and the next group will have the opportunity to give their guess.

Guess mommy’s tummy size

How to play:
1. I handed each group a long piece of string were they’ll give their best estimate on the size of the mother’s belly. I purchased this cute tummy tape in Party Centre and it costs 22 dhs. Of course, any string or yarn will do the trick.
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2. Have each team survey the expecting mommy’s belly. Let them guess using the string provided and once they feel the size is right, cut off the extra piece of string using scissors.DSC02416_Fotor

3. Each team’s representative should come in front and measure their string against the mommy’s belly.

4. The team closest to the actual size is the winner.

Baby word scramble

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This is a very easy game to prepare and loads of fun. I just looked for printable games on the internet, printed several copies and pass out a copy face down to  each team. When all sheets are passed out, have everyone turn their paper over and they should start unscrambling the words. Either you decide on letting the first team who were able to unscramble all the words wins or set a timer to 3-5 minutes and whoever has the most number of correct unscrambled words wins. We opted for second option and we let the daddy-to-be as our official time keeper.


Here is a copy of the word scramble game and its answer key. Baby Word Scramble free printable

Since this game requires you to check each team’s answers one by one, this is perfect to wrap up the activities and ask the guests to proceed with snack/lunch/dinner. You may announce the winner once everyone is almost done with eating.

For prices, we had some cookies wrapped on pretty laces.

I had fun hosting the event and organizing the games. My sister Jholen had to be commended for helping me out researching and executing the ideas.

To Ian and Shayne, your life will undoubtedly change upon the arrival of your pretty little baby, but just know that you have the support of family and friends behind you every step of the way. I know you will both be great parents and I look forward to seeing your raise your child. I am always here for you if you ever need anything. Congratulations!
Do you have any other baby shower games in mind? Share it with other mommies-to-be by commenting below. 🙂

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