Money Blocks (with a FREE mini-course to release them)

This post is part of The Wealthy Pinay series wherein I will talk about goal-setting, normalizing wealth and using positivity to achieve all our goals.

Today we will talk about Money Blocks, and I know you’re thinking “What’s that???”

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On my last video, we were talking about Law of Attraction, which in essence states that whatever thought you continuously feed into your mind will definitely happen. Whatever you believe in will be your reality. That’s Law of Attraction.

It doesn’t matter how positive your outlook in life is, I am a very positive person too yet from time to time, I will be triggered by a thought telling me that my dream is not possible for me.

I have my own set of money blocks that have to deal with.

Money blocks are those negative beliefs about money ingrained in our subconscious which seems to be the reality talking to us “No, you can’t do it” “You don’t have the ability” “Money is evil”

And we listen to these voices and now believe that our dream is not possible for us at all or money is dirty and having lots of it is evil.

To differentiate from gut instinct, gut instinct is like that very powerful voice telling us not to proceed because it will really put us in great danger.

But money blocks are thoughts telling you not to go ahead although deep inside you are excited and there is a feeling that it is the right thing do it. You just don’t want to do it because you’re subconscious is telling you.

One of my money block is I am afraid to be judged. It took me sometime to actually come up with this video because I’m so afraid to be told that I’m a know it all. That what I’m sharing is not true or correct. Or I’m just talking about money.

My other money block  is I don’t want to be visible. And you might be thinking how can I be afraid when my face is plastered everywhere? I have a blog and now I am making all these videos. Is that what you call afraid to be visible!

Well, I would post all these videos and blogs on my Filipina Expat Facebook page but rarely share it on my personal Facebook account because I’m so embarrased. I can’t imagine my family, friends and former classmates seeing me sharing all my innermost thoughts and feeling. I have recognized that I have these money blocks and I am continuously working on them.

All of us have different money blocks.

“If only I am pretty, I’ll find better job”
“If only I came from a rich family then there would be better opportunities for me”
“I’m poor so I can’t really explore my interest because I need to work work work and don’t have time for passion”

We have so many reasons on why we don’t actually pursue our dreams. And from an outsider’s point of view, all these reasons don’t make sense. If you tell me your worries, I can tell you frankly that they are not true yet for you it is the reality.

That’s the how money blocks work, for the person who has it, all these negative thoughts seems very real.

But I have good news for you – there are so many ways we can deal with money blocks.

And I am here to help

Honestly, whenever I do a video, shoot them then edit them – all my money blocks are being triggered when it’s time to publish it. I am so damn scared to release it for the whole world to see.

But you know what I’ll do? I would hug myself, put my hand onto my heart and say:

Lyn Joy, it’s ok. You’re safe. You’re blessed. You deserve it.

I would then tap myself (like a crazy gal) and tell that everything I’m scared or nervous about is not true. I would just catch myself that it’s just my money block talking and I’m ok. I’m safe. I’m blessed. I deserve it. Then I will hit the publish button.

I was talking about law of attraction earlier and that what you think is possible will definitely happen. Since you did an inspired action, your thoughts become your reality.

For example, you have an online business and you’ re selling some stuff. The fact that you have this business means you wanted it. Congratulations!

When you started, you have so many positive energy and can’t wait for the sunrise so you can start your day bright and early. You are beaming with joy!

But then there are days when you have zero sales, or you’re getting all these bad customers, requests for refunds and lot of complaints.

You thought “Why is this happening?” I only want a good life for myself and my family. I’m working hard for it it. Why is it difficult? Why can’t I just achieve all the things I want?

It’s because of your money blocks.

You have to understand what prevents you from earning your full potential?

Ask yourself, when you wake up in the morning do you say “I want lot of sales today” but said it with negative vibes and doubt?
That you yourself actually don’t believe it?

Or do you wake up in the morning and say “I want lot of sales today” then smiled, thanked God and believe that today is really a blessed day.

See the difference?

Yes, you wanted this business. It was already given to you. But the problem is you have to work out your money blocks.

Soon I will start a full course where I will help you understand, recognize and release your money blocks together on how you can manifest the life you have imagined for yourself.

For now, to help you move forward, I am giving a FREE mini-course on how to recognize your own money blocks and how to get rid of them

Our money blocks manifest in a lot of ways. It all depends on our experiences and poverty mindset.

Some of us spends all our money when we earn it because we think we don’t deserve it.
We don’t earn our full money potential because we feel guilty of having more of it.
Some of us thinks we have to work really hard to earn money.
Money is not easy.

Our tendency then is to get burned out. Work hard, work hard, work hard.

I’ll be honest, money blocks are difficult to get rid off. And some of them won’t really go away.

However, we can “dance” with it and work around on how we can fight it.

But first we should recognize our own money blocks. We can’t get rid of something unless we recognize that we have it.

And because I love you and I want you to achieve your own money potential, I am sharing with you a FREE mini-course on money blocks.

On the mini-course you will learn:

* The common money blocks we have
* Identify your own money blocks that prevents you on living the best life you can imagine
* Practical steps on how to release your negative thoughts
* And finally release your own money blocks to live the first class life

Remember: You are so ready for this and I am so happy that you are taking the first step on claiming your full potential.

You are safe. You are blessed. You deserve it.

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