GlamBox Review – Is it Worth it?

UPDATE: As promised, I’m showing you what’s inside the October box. You can scroll down below.

Another UPDATE: I’m sharing my thoughts on November box.


GlamBox is a company that delivers full sample size of beauty products in your doorstep. Well, that’s the simplest way I can explain it. You get to try samples from different brands and see if they’re worth to purchase.
GlamBox Review - Is it Worth it?

The concept is not new. There’s GlamourBox in the Philippines which started since longtime back. I’ve heard of GlamBox before and would check them out from time to time but I wasn’t into skincare or makeup then so it doesn’t have any appeal. Then early this month, I saw Zeyna’s post about the September box. It’s dedicated to Korean beauty products. I quickly check what’s inside and made a quick mental calculation if the products are worth the 80 dhs subscription fee each month.
I figured out that the September box is. The SKIN 79 WONDER FIX Brush Eyeliner alone costs 65 dhs already. Not bad.

You have to subscribe before 15th of every month to receive the month’s box and they deliver it at the end of the month (so much month in one sentence).
I’m so excited to open the package when it arrived Sunday but I really don’t want my officemates to see what I’m ordering online so I muster all the self control I have and waited.

My patience only lasts ’til I reached my car in the evening. Using the overhead light, I quickly checked what’s inside.
GlamBox Review - Is it Worth it?

As soon as I reach home and the kids were fast asleep, I took my sweet time checking each and every item. I love how luxe the box is. Packaging is everything baby!

GlamBox Review - Is it Worth it?

So what’s inside the box?

  • It comes with several discount vouchers which frankly I don’t think I will use.
    GlamBox Review - Is it Worth it?


  • Cherry Lips Modeling Gel Patch by THEFACESHOP
    From Glambox: Cuteness overload with the amazing and oh-so-Korean Modeling Patch Cherry Cherry Lips from The Face Shop! This soft hydrogel jelly patch is made with cranberry and cherry extracts to nourish, moisturize and keep your lips hydrated and plumped to perfection!
    Price: AED 15.

GlamBox Review - Is it Worth it?

I know face mask and eye mask, but have you ever tried a lip mask? I haven’t. So I followed the direction and did a face yoga for lips first (I know right?). The item is gel type and I was expecting it to stick onto my lips but didn’t. I was in front of my laptop when I tried and it keeps on slipping. I guess you have to be lying down to better enjoy the mask.

  • Melting Colour Lip Creamer by THEFACESHOP
    From GlamBox: Get the colorful and playful Korean vibe with the Melting Color Lip Creamer from The Face Shop! This very new concept combines both lipstick and cream to deliver long lasting nourishment and vivid color. Your lips will be vibrant and moisturized for the most glamorous and sophisticated look!
    Price: AED 60
    GlamBox Review - Is it Worth it? GlamBox Review - Is it Worth it?

Too glossy and too bright red for my liking but it’s just my matte and nude lippie-self talking.

  • Charcoal Plant Cleansing Puff by THEFACESHOP
    From GlamBox: Discover the benefits of the Charcoal & Konjac Cleansing Puff from The Face Shop. Used for generations for clear and beautiful complexion, these sponges can be used as part of a healthy cleansing routine. With a very unique texture, this gorgeous cleansing puff will leave your skin glowing, extremely soft, and refreshed!
    Price: AED 25
    GlamBox Review - Is it Worth it?

Tried this puff this morning and didn’t notice any changes. Obviously, this is just a sponge not a magic potion. I will use this everyday with my fave facial cleanser and hopefully get clear and beautiful complexion just like those Korean babes.

  • MISSHA Super Aqua Ice Tear Kit – Toner & Emulsion
    From GlamBox: Experience Korean skin care and indulge your skin with the highly beneficial glacier water from the virgin clean area of Chilean Patagonia contained in The MISSHA Super Aqua Ice Tear Toner & Emulsion. The blend of clear and clean glacier water and rich minerals contained in the toner and emulsion will provide you with an immediate and durable hydration while clearing and refreshing your skin!
    Price: AED 64

GlamBox Review - Is it Worth it?

Sample size toner and emulsion. What’s emulsion? I have no idea. Googling it now…

  • SKIN79 BROW CLASS Colouring Mascara
    From GlamBox: Get the ultimate Korean finish with the SKIN79 Brow Class Coloring Mascara. This mascara will keep your eyebrow layer neat and give it a natural yet intense color for the best effect and an irresistible look!
    Price: AED 60
    GlamBox Review - Is it Worth it?

I was hesitant to try this as it’s dark brown in color and my hair and eyebrows are black. You know that you should match your eyebrow and hair color, right? So I used it very lightly and added some black eyebrow pencil to balance the brown shade. I felt so fierce I’m ready for the catwalk!

  • SKIN79 WONDER FIX Brush Eyeliner
    From GlamBox: Create your very own Korean look with the SKIN79 Wonder Fix Brush Eyeliner. This long lasting eyeliner will achieve a very precise and defined result. Its brush is super pointy yet soft and flexible enough to create a modulable thickness while getting in the inner corner of the eye really well. The color goes on so smoothly and doesn’t skip at all. You won’t go without it anymore!
    Price: AED 65
    GlamBox Review - Is it Worth it?GlamBox Review - Is it Worth it?

Never tried using a brush eyeliner before because I’m afraid to ruin whatever make-up I put on my face. But since it comes with my subscription, of course I have to try. Glad that I have steady hands and suprisingly application is easy. My fear is unfounded.

Overall, I am happy with my September box. It’s useless to tell you now since I don’t think you can purchase this specific edition but if this is the type of beauty products I will receive monthly, then I think it’s worth to subscribe even just for a few months. Can’t wait to see what’s in October!

I’ll try to update this post in coming months to make it more useful for you guys who is thinking of getting one. Ciao!



My October Glambox has arrived and it’s not only one but two Glamboxes! It’s their #SharingIsCaring month and I cannot agree more!

GlamBox Review - Is it Worth it?

The most exciting part – the unboxing! Let’s open the first box.
GlamBox Review - Is it Worth it?

My initial impression – I don’t know any of the brands except the Enchanteur.

Orlane eye cream
GlamBox Review - Is it Worth it?

Sample perfume
GlamBox Review - Is it Worth it?

Edge Eyelash
GlamBox Review - Is it Worth it?

Elixir; not sure what this is
GlamBox Review - Is it Worth it?

Enchanteur – body lotion
GlamBox Review - Is it Worth it?

GlamBox Review - Is it Worth it?

GlamBox Review - Is it Worth it?

And the second box
GlamBox Review - Is it Worth it?

GlamBox Review - Is it Worth it?

Vottega Verde hand cream
GlamBox Review - Is it Worth it?

Vottega Verde lotions and serum
GlamBox Review - Is it Worth it?

Inglot lipstick
GlamBox Review - Is it Worth it?

Inglot Pro blending blush
GlamBox Review - Is it Worth it?

I’m not too excited with the products but I am very much sure that the value of these 2 boxes exceed the 80 dhs I paid for this month. Again, not bad.

The vouchers included this month seems to be interesting to me compared to last month. Vouchers that I can actually use.



Since I only subscribed for 3 months, the November box is the last delivery for me unless I will extend my subscription.

And did I extend? NO. And the biggest factor was because the November box was a big disappointment, at least for me. Sure, these hair products are expensive and most probably top notch in whatever they do but I’m not interested.

The Alterna Haircare’s Caviar collection is a five-step system ideal for a hair spa day at home to revamp your current haircare routine.

The collection includes a pre-shampoo treatment, which moisturises and can be used weekly; an instant-recovery shampoo that is sulphate-free and improves strength and controls frizz; an instant-recovery conditioner that is said to provide up to 95 per cent less breakage after just one use; a treatment masque to nourish, strengthen and leave hair soft and shiny; and a leave-in CC cream to leave hair polished, manageable and heat protected.

I found this unboxing on Youtube. Although the love lady swears that she loves it, unfortunately I don’t.

Since I’m subscribed to Glambox’s newsletter, I frequently receives discounted offers to subscribe to future beauty boxes. I’m always tempted. Let’s see if I’l have a change of heart this coming months. Maybe if they will offer something that my heart will flutter. Let’s see.

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