Novena to St. Expeditus

I saw Chuvaness’ post about this novena and I thought let me try. I want one thing to happen immediately and I was so worried it will never materialize (I’m losing hope actually).
After a few hours, I received a message that my wish was granted. And just want Chuvaness did, I’m sharing this post as a promise.

St. Expeditus is the saint to pray to

For a financial crisis
For house and home problems
For quick help
When you are in urgent need
For quick action
To end procrastination
For desperate causes
For intercession and protection

“Just call out to Saint Expedite, to get his attention, and ask for what you need. Be sure to offer something in return for his efforts. Most importantly make sure you live up to your end of the bargain, with no regrets or complaints (there is nothing worse than a sore winner). If things did not go as anticipated than either you did not make yourself clear or you did not think your needs through. You can’t expect Saint Expedite to tailor everything to wishes he had no knowledge of. Always offer him a reward for helping you.” – from this website

My Saint Expeditus, saint of fair and urgent causes,
Help me in this time of affliction and despair.
Intercede for me with Our Lord Jesus Christ!
You who are a warrior saint
You who are the saint of the afflicted
You who are the saint of the desperate
You who are the saint of urgent causes,
Protect me, help me, give me strength, courage and serenity.
Hear my plea … (say your plea here)
Help me through these difficult hours
Protect me from all those who want to hurt me
Protect my family
Respond to my plea with haste
Bring me peace and tranquility.
I will be grateful to you for the rest of my life
and speak your name to all those who have faith.
Many thanks, my Saint Exeditus.

Say one Our Father, one Hail Mary, and make the sign of the cross.
This prayer was approved by the Church.
Pray especially on the feast of St. Expeditus on April 19.

Wishing everyone a blessed day!


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  1. Vic says:

    Thank Uou St Expeditus for interceding on my behalf. My prayer was answered in less than 4 weeks fron when I finished the Novena to St. Expeditus. I greatly encourage devotion to this Saint & Novena for desperate and urgent cases. VIC.

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