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This post is part of The Wealthy Pinay series wherein I’ll talk about goal-setting, normalizing wealth and using positivity to achieve all our goals.

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Money is the root of all evil.

Do you believe on that? We have heard these lines since we were young:

“Money doesn’t grow on trees”

“It doesn’t matter if we are poor as long as we’re not sick”

“Study hard so you can find better job”

And then have you realized during birthday celebrations, as a kid we were told “Ok, make a wish but don’t say it out aloud otherwise it won’t happen”

All these conditions us in the belief that we should be satisfied with what we have, that it’s bad to ask for more. That if we voice out our desires then either it will be jinxed or we will be judged as materialistic.

So all throughout our life, we have a poverty mindset. Our mind were conditioned that money is difficult to earn. And wanting more of it is a sin. It’s a no-no.

Most of us think that if one is rich then he will turn into a bad person. You will start mistreating people around you. You will be greedy.

I feel bad for money. It is being blamed for nothing.

Because you know what?
Money is just a tool. It’s just an object.

It won’t change you. Rather it will only amplify who you are.

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If you are already selfish even before you had money then you will still be selfish even you have more of them. You’ll find more reason not to share. Either you’ll say that you worked hard to get everything you want so why will you be sharing them to those who don’t work hard same as you? You might also say that the money is reserved for your family even though you already have millions of assets.

At the same time, if you are already generous to others even when you don’t have much money to give, then you can expect that you’ll be more generous once you have more to share. If you’re the type of person who loves giving out doles and lend people money even when you’re just also trying to survive day by day, then for sure that once you have lots of cash, you’ll feed more people and will be able to share your blessings to a bigger community.

As you see, money will just amplify who you are already.
It won’t change you. It won’t change your core.

Look at Bill Gates and Melissa Gates, they are using their wealth to help the world. THE WORLD! They are providing free polio vaccine, improve vaccines against Tuberculosis, have access to clean water and so on. Their goodness touches the whole world!

Do you think Bill and Melissa Gates will still be generous if they’re just earning 50,000 pesos a month? I believe, YES! The fact that they’re willing to share all their money to others is testament that they have a heart that is willing to help.

Instead of worrying what others might think at us if we achieved wealth or being afraid we will turn to greedy bitches, what we should focus on is how many people can be touched by our money.

It’s true that there are a lot of rich people who are mean. But there are lots of poor people who are equally greedy as well.
So it doesn’t matter if you are poor or rich. If you are greedy, then you are greedy.
It’s not what’s inside your pocket but what’s inside your heart.

There’s another poor mindset that we need to change. And this is the thinking that all good things have consequence.

Have you heard people around you saying that the reason they don’t want to save or put their money on piggy banks is because every time they have extra money, someone gets sick? As if this money is in preparation of something bad.

So we have this thinking that it doesn’t matter if we don’t have savings as long as we are all healthy.

That’s a very sad idea. And you know why?

Then it’s like we are saying that all the blessings we are receiving from God has consequence.
Is that correct?

You think God will say “Ok, my child, you have 50 thousand extra money now so I’ll give your child a dengue fever” or “Ok, my child, you now have 250 thousand investments, I’ll now give you cancer!”
Is that right?

Our Lord gives us all the blessings in the world without any conditions.
Our God is a giving God.
The blessing he’s giving us doesn’t have consequence.

So next time you start being afraid of your growing savings and the blessings you are receiving, STOP!

If you have a giving heart now that you don’t have money, you can only expect that you’ll share more to people when you’re wealthier.

Don’t feel guilty nor scared that God gives you more because He knows you’ll share it.

I hope we can try removing that poor mindset.

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Another poor mindset

About that phrase “Study hard so you can get high-paying job”, my 2 cents – not everyone who finishes school will be rich. At the same time, not all who didn’t finish college will be poor.

But in a way, poor people has tendency to think that they won’t reach far in life because they are poor. Only rich will become richer.

And I’m sorry to tell you that you’re correct.

You know why? Because once you let your mind dwells on the thought that you won’t get far in life because you’re poor then you really won’t get that far. Either you will find difficulty looking for jobs, or you’ll have low-paying work. Everything is a struggle, because that’s your mindset.

But what if you replace your belief that yes I don’t have money now but I’m smart and hard working so I’ll definitely find a good job. My salary will increase and I can give better life to my family..

And everytime you encounter some struggle, just ire-instate the belief that everything will turn out fine. Just continue believing. Keep the faith.

Usually those with money will always say “It’s just money”. For rich people, earning more money is easy so as a result they attract more of it .

To be frank, it’s not their fault that they’re wealthy. Unless of course if they’re getting it from illegal sources, but you can’t blame them if they’re getting wealthier.

Sometimes, we think that the reason they are rich is because they’re lucky. But NO, they are wealthy because they believe they are rich. For them, earning money is easy.

And can you imagine if all heart-centred and generous people will aspire to have more wealth to share to a greater community – how our world can change, right? How many people can they reach and help?

Let’s try to remove our mindset that money is evil because again money is just a tool.

It’s not good nor evil. What you do with money is the outcome of it. If we used it for good things then money is good. If we used to do bad things then money is evil.

Let’s believe that money is everywhere and it’s just for us to receive them. God is giving it to us. It’s not hidden, it’s not Yamashita treasure.

I hope to expound on this subject on my next videos because I’m really passionate about the subject and I believe if we removed our poor mindset and replaced it with the idea that money is just a tool, then it would be amazing.

Until next time, bye!

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