Advance Merry Christmas to you Aileen!

There were only a handful who joined my thank you giveaway and I am glad. I don’t need to deal with  people who just joined because of the freebies. This giveaway is not for them.

For past two weeks, I felt like we have a secret group and I’m checking from time to time if our secret was exposed.
I’m happy it didn’t.
That’s the reason why I run this competition for 2 weeks only. It’s long enough for my regular readers to see the blog post but not too long that it will attract the ‘wrong’ people.

I would like to thank everyone who participated and I promise to do this often. I love the feeling of exclusivity that this little giveaway brings. It’s like we are in our own little world.

And for this giveaway, a big congratulations to Aileen of Ajman! I’ll send you a private message dear 🙂

Filipina Expat

Have a good weekend guys!

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As my way to say Thank you!

UPDATE: We have our winner – Congratulations AILEEN of Ajman! 🙂


This blog was a result of depression (depression might be a strong word to use and people who has been medically diagnosed of it might hit back but I know you get it).
I was sad and depressed because of work.
I was working for a very good company but I wasn’t happy. It’s not that I don’t like my colleagues because they are honestly fab and I miss our camaraderie actually, but the depression stems from the fact that I’m bored on what I’m doing.
You know how it feels  just going through the routine – wake up, commute, work, eat, sleep and the next day is no different. I felt like I don’t have a purpose. I’m am totally bored of life. Continue reading →

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Simplified Yema Cake

I’m not the type who complicates life. If there’s a simplified version of things then I’ll sure do it.
There’s a term called “labor of love” where you put your heart, time and energy in doing something that you can really call the “fruits of your labor” but some overdo things that it’s borderline slavery.

And if there’s one mantra I try to live by is that to “work smart”

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Global Village is now open!

Actually, it opened yesterday but I forgot to post it 😊

Last time we went there was December of last year and I recall being pleasantly surprised that it was bigger and better compared to 2 years ago when I last visited.
For me, Global Village is all about food trip. I always make sure that I’m hungry when I visit so I can try all the quirky and delicious food items offered by almost all the pavilions. Shopping is just secondary (my husband will be so happy). Continue reading →

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The result of my boredom…

Update: I actually wrote this post a year ago but had doubts if I should post it or not. It’s really just a hobby and although I’m receiving several requests for personalization, I can’t do it yet. I’m not active with this anymore but surprisingly, I’m still receiving orders and inquiries and all of them are overseas. There are so many things on my plate right now and can’t really give my full attention as of the moment.



I can clearly remember the day. It was Easter Sunday of 2014.

I was lying on my son’s bed, prowling the internet mindlessly, jumping from one blog to another and I am sad.
Not sure if you can relate but have you experienced being depress because life is boring? Continue reading →

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One fine Friday 2

It’s another Friday in Dubai, another weekend and a good opportunity to finally enjoy the weather. Tita Tess is flying back to the Philippines that night after almost 6 months of being a tourist. What better way to celebrate but to spend her last day in a place she’s never visited before – the Souq Madinat Jumeirah! Continue reading →

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Dear Younger Self

Dear Younger Self,

Yes, it’s me, your older and wiser self. There’s lot of things going on with your life right now and I thought I can enlighten you a bit.
I know you’re having fun which is great. Clean fun is good.
I also know that you cry sometimes because of heartaches, that will pass.
Most of the time you’re not taking care of yourself  because who takes care of oneself when you feel like indestructible. But dear, you’re not.

Let me tell you some things… Continue reading →

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Trick-or-Treating at Dubai’s favourite aqua park for little ones

Take your kids ‘Trick-or-Treating’ at Dubai’s favourite aqua park for little ones


Featuring spooky fire shows and thriller dance moves, Head over to Splash ‘n’ Party for a truly ‘spooktacular’ Halloween party 

Splash ‘n’ Party, Dubai’s newest, coolest and most exciting Aqua Park for little ones, is celebrating Halloween with an exclusive kids party. Set to take place on 31st October from 3.30 to 6.30 pm, your little one is all set to experience an extravagant costume party, pumpkin patches and Halloween’s most famous tradition- ‘trick-or-treat’.

From Splash slides, splash pads, and a Bunjee Trampoline, the Splash n Party Halloween Party is a must-go-to destination for adults and kids alike. Starting off the festivities with a spooky fire show, scary magic show, and bungee trampoline, the park is designed to cater to the needs of the entire family.

From ghouls to ghosts to crazy cats and bats, the best ‘Halloween Swimming Costume gets a grand prize of one year membership to Splash n Party worth 1, 999. Put your dance shoes on and groove with your kids to some ‘thrilling dance moves’ and later tuck into a tantalising kids meal filled with Halloween-themed treats. 

What’s more? Spend your afternoon swimming with Ursula, an underwater resident mermaid at Splash n Party. Priced at AED 100 per child and celebrations begin at 3.30 pm and is set to continue until 6.30 pm. 1 Adult is Free for every 1 Child paying – Any Additional Adult will be charged AED 50. 

Splash ‘n’ Party is located in: Villa no. 1, Street 8A, Al Safa 2, Jumeirah, Dubai.

Opening times are: 9am to 8pm every day of the week. For more information visit – .For birthday bookings or further enquiries please call +971 4388 3008 or email

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How’s life?

How’s life my friends? I hope your having a fab weekend.

I usually go through my phone’s photos during weekend to delete 3/4th of nonsense shots I took that week. You know, that 14 food shots of one dish or the 28 selfies wearing the new lipstick.

To be frank with you, I’m very conscious of what I’m posting on social media specially the frequency. I can survive not posting anything for 1 full month but if you have a blog and want to be somehow recognize then I have no choice but be visible.
But still I don’t want to bombard my followers of what I ate or what I’m doing every minute of the day. That’s why Snapchat is not for me.

Although taking those pictures are good reminders of how your week went. You can look at them and somehow remember how you felt that day. So now instead of deleting them I thought why not just post some of the pictures here. Those who want to see them can see them and at the same time my social media followers won’t think I’m a narcissist. Continue reading →

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