GlamBox Review – Is it Worth it?

GlamBox is a company that delivers full sample size of beauty products in your doorstep. Well, that’s the simplest way I can explain it. You get to try samples from different brands and see if they’re worth to purchase.
GlamBox Review - Is it Worth it?

The concept is not new. There’s GlamourBox in the Philippines which started since longtime back. I’ve heard of GlamBox before and would check them out from time to time but I wasn’t into skincare or makeup then so it doesn’t have any appeal. Then early this month, I saw Zeyna’s post about the September box. It’s dedicated to Korean beauty products. I quickly check what’s inside and made a quick mental calculation if the products are worth the 80 dhs subscription fee each month.
I figured out that the September box is. The SKIN 79 WONDER FIX Brush Eyeliner alone costs 65 dhs already. Not bad. Continue reading →

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Love affair with books

I LOVE READING. Caps lock for intensity…


I have a longtime love affair with books.

My earliest memories of childhood always includes reading and books. I’m not choosy. Week old newspapers, bulky encyclopedias, nursery books (even during my teen years) and everything in between. As long as its printed, I’m happy.

Back then, I don’t have money to buy as much book as I want so I will re-read everything until I almost memorized them.
I read when I’m bored, I read when I’m happy, I read until wee hours of the night. Continue reading →

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Planning for a Hong Kong trip

My siblings and I are planning to go to Hong Kong next year. I’ve booked the hotel (early bird catches the worm), and start researching for activities that we can do. We will be a big group as we’re inviting my in-laws as well. There should be some kind of planning to make sure we won’t end up hating each other at the end of our trip.

Last time my fambam travelled overseas together was December of 2009 in Singapore. That trip was a blur and I can only recall the suicide jump I made in Sentosa, that it was raining when we were in Singapore Zoo and it was lots of walking, eating and shopping.

Only tourists would pose beside a store signagePlanning for a Hong Kong trip

My family minus dad
Planning for a Hong Kong trip

Cole was so tiny then. Cutie!
Planning for a Hong Kong trip

Christmas is always lovely
Planning for a Hong Kong trip

Walking, shopping and eating streetfood. Only things I recall of that trip.Planning for a Hong Kong trip

Of course, you have to do touristy things. Like a souvenir shot with the Merlion.Planning for a Hong Kong trip

And a trip to Singapore is complete without a Sentosa visit. I remember doing this cable car ride and so scared that my flip flops will fall into wilderness.
Planning for a Hong Kong trip

Researching for things to do in Hong Kong aside from a Disney trip is quite challenging as I need to consider the senior citizens, the aging millenials, Gen X’ers and hyper active kids.

I always end up looking at fashion bloggers’ site and just plan my ootd for one full week. As it’s summer, I prefer to wear light colored tops and most probably wear shorts all the time.
Planning for a Hong Kong trip Planning for a Hong Kong trip

And what’s a trip without food right? Suprisingly, their streetfood is similar to ours.

Have you travelled to Hong Kong with family? Any tips and warnings you can share? I would really appreciate!


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If there’s a will, there’s a way – The bento lunch box idea

I think moms in general always feel guilty for a variety of reasons. The feeling that they fail their children one way or the other.
It’s specially true for working moms.
Personally, I always wish I have enough time. Time to help with their studies. Time to attend all school activities. Time to prepare a nutritious lunch box.

Since I started following Cuddles and Crumbs’ Facebook page, Abigail’s lunch box ideas became an inspiration.
It’s so nice that I want to be her child 😂. And I’m amaze how adventurous her children are with food.
Chicken Pilaf – check. Sushi rolls – no problem. Fruits and vegetables- bring it on! Her kids are amaze-balls!

But to be honest, I thought I can’t do it because Abigail is a good homemaker. She has the skills and the time. Might sound unfair but that’s what I thought. SAHMs have more time in their hands to conceptualize, research and prepare their children’s lunchboxes.
A working mom like me doesn’t have a chance to compete with them.

Or so I thought. Continue reading →

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It’s like watching teleserye

It's like watching teleserye

The senate hearings, Duterte’s press conferences, the media bodies’ way of reporting, the Filipinos’ violent and funny reactions – all of them either make you glued on TV and social networking sites and wait for the climax
OR cringe and decide it’s better to watch May Minamahal (that Aiko and Aga movie I’ve probably seen around 12 times – by choice and by force).

Just like my previous post, Filipinos (and even other nationalities) are divided on Duterte’s take on a lot of things. The unfounded extrajudicial killings, our war on drugs, our relationship with US, the naming and shaming strategy. Add to the drama is Cayetano, de Lima, Trillanes and dela Rosa. Either you hate them, love them or your emotions fluctuates depends on what you read or watched.

I am very interested on Duterte’s governance. I like the change he’s trying to implement. The no non-sense talks, a very opinionated leader, he doesn’t give a damn and I LOVE IT! Continue reading →

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Filipina Expat Adventure: 7 Emirates in 2 Days


The plan is simple. Visit all 7 UAE emirates in 2 days.

“Are we the first ones to do it?” asked Cole. I said no. It’s not that we’re doing an exotic expedition.
For sure there are people who have done this before.
They could have driven around the country in 1 day or less. Or they could have stayed in each emirate longer and enjoyed it more.

It sounds simple but planning the itinerary proved to be a challenge. You might say why not just go with the flow and enjoy the ride. YOLO, right?
But no, I don’t want to just drive around. That’s not my idea of fun. I’m quite flexible but I also like structure and a little bit of planning. Continue reading →

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What’s your plan for Eid?

Eid Al Adha is announced to start on 12th September. That’s a 5 day long weekend for us in UAE! Wooohooo!!!

What's your plan for Eid?

Now the big question is what are we going to do?

5 days of staying at home is not an option.
Mall visits are boring. Going to new attractions in Dubai throughout the holiday period is quite expensive.
Should we do a hotel staycation? Yes, why not. But I’m thinking of something different.

It’s about time we push through my plan of visiting all 7 Emirates of UAE in 2 days.
Based on research, you can visit all just by driving non-stop around 4 hours.
Well, we’re not that crazy. Two days is better for a group that consists of kids and 1 senior citizen. We’re also planning to rent a car.

Aside from visiting all 7 Emirates, I intend to go to places/do things we’ve never been before.

Dubai – want to go to Dubai Museum and try the abra. Yup! Never done that in 11 years in UAE. Que horror!
Sharjah – visit Al Qasba and the corniche side. What a shame as we are living in Sharjah for almost 6 years now.
Ajman – I’m still trying to figure out what we can do/visit here.
Umm Al Quwain – eat in this local restaurant that has good reviews. Although I’m not so sure if we can do it with kids. I can eat anywhere but some people in our group might not be too adventurous in dining.
Ras Al Khaimah – visit Al Jazirat Al Hamra, the ghost town of UAE.
Fujairah – stay here for 1 night
Abu Dhabi/Al Ain – the Grand Mosque and probably the Emirates Zoo

I have less than a week to prepare the itinerary, have it approve by the committee (lol) and off we go!

Who wants to join us? 😀


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Last week

I made a pact with myself that I will post every Saturday of what happened on my busy, happy, boring life that week.
You know, just to write something.
I was in front of my laptop the whole day yesterday. Watching makeup tutorials, reading Cosmo online and researching on how to grab business class seats for free.  I was able to watch and read everything that interests me but writing that post, nah!

Even the hot congee didn’t help
Last week

Gibson and I also had a row yesterday. Nothing violent but I cried out of frustration. Since last weekend, he was throwing out papers and junks from our drawer, computer table and documents hidden around our room. I am very much aware of what he was doing and even voiced out my concern that he might throw some important papers by mistake but I let him be. It’s rare that we do spring cleaning and if he’s in the mood, I won’t stop him. Continue reading →

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The Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction

I can be a life coach. Seriously.

I’m glad that my sister, Jholen, allows me to practice my coaching skills on her when she was still here. I will usually call her one fine afternoon, ask her to jot down notes and I will just talk.
Most of the time she’s quiet, would just nod and agree. Who knows what she thinks of our sessions.
I never asked but I would like to think it’s enlightening and at least made her think about life.

I always talk about positivity, about law of attraction, about getting whatever you want because you deserve it.

Sounds voodoo? Not really.

Do you agree that whatever we have right now is because we wanted them.
Our shoes, bag, mobile phone, the job we have right now, the school where our kids are studying, our house.
We have all of them now because we wanted them.
It started with a desire and we believe that we can have these things and, true enough, we have them now.

It’s quite simple.

We attract what we think. Our mind is so powerful beyond our imagination that if you are able to harness your mind to attract all positive things then the result is unbelievable.

It seems too easy that you become doubtful. We have been conditioned all our lives that success is something we should work hard for.
In a way that’s true.
But you know what, it’s working SMART than working HARD. You can work hard all your life but that is not enough.
I believe that working smart AND using the power of your positive mind is the combination that will make you reach your heart’s desires.
Continue reading →

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