A trip to the hospital

This is a kind of trip that I don’t want to do at all.

I don’t like hospitals and I’m not fond of doctors. Don’t get me wrong, I admire what they do. But seeing them means something is wrong that can’t be cured by Dr. Google.

Anyways, Gibson has this thing in his left knee which he got during some basketball injury when he was a teen. It’s called meniscus tear or something. I told him it sounds like tea (you know, hibiscus?). He has been complaining about it for years and I keep on telling him it could just be arthritis or gout. We always have it checked and x-rayed and doctors haven’t seen anything. Continue reading →

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No eating out this week

I was craving for noodle soup yesterday and thought why not try some Thai noodle soup.

So I went to Little Bangkok, took a quiet nice table, the sweet lady gave me the menu and after a few minutes I showed her what I want.
I didn’t dare say the name of the dish as it’s as complicated as Brangelina’s divorce.

No eating out this week

It’s my first time to try this dish and I have no idea how it tastes.
No eating out this week

And now I know – I won’t order it again.

That’s a big deal for me considering I love soup. Ask everyone dear to me and they can attest that as long as it’s liquid, edible and warm then I can have a casserole of them (I have to insert the word edible because the liquid and warm description might be mistaken for something else, you dirty mind! Or is it me who is malicious?).

Don’t get me wrong, the toppings are all very good – the beef is oh-so-tender, the kangkong and beansprouts are crispy, the beef balls taste good but the soup base, arrgh! The chicken soup based might be a better choice.

Anyways, that was yesterday. Today, my tummy wants carbs again and although I want to resist, my fat devil inside me won.
I went to Miyabi, Sushi and Bento  and this time I want some stir-fry noodles.

You can’t get wrong with Seafood Yaki Udon, right?
No eating out this week
It’s almost 2:30 in the afternoon and I am so hungry. Food arrived after almost 20 minutes which is fine.
No eating out this week

My initial thought after my first bite? It’s salty.
But it’s ok, I would rather have salty food than sweet or bland.
Second forkful? It’s tangy.
It’s still ok, I’m so hungry.

But after the 4th bite, I know I don’t like it.

I’m not the type who complains in the restaurant. I won’t call a manager if there’s a hair or small plastic in my food. Sure I will lose my appetite but I won’t call the Dubai Municipality and insist that the restaurant be closed (believe me, some customers threaten to do that).

Having family and friends working in food service industry, I have seen how difficult there job is and I won’t make a big drama of something unless maybe I get hospitalized because of food poisoning.

Ok, going back to my udon, I ended up just eating the seafood and vegetables and left the noodles on my plate.
I can have the food replaced but that would take again some time and I only have 1 hour lunch break.

Hay! Maybe the food good is not in my favor this week. Gibson will go on some kind of minor knee operation this weekend which will keep him home-bound for at least 2 weeks and that means no eating-out for us. It’s a sign that I should use my cooking skills to test.

Do you usually complain if you don’t like your food?


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The Story of SLIAN NAILS (Part 1)

The story of SLIAN NAILS (Part 1)
The Story of SLIAN NAILS (Part 1)

If you are following me, you know that I am in the process of setting up my own nail salon business in the Philippines. 

And you might also know that one of my mantra in life is ‘Sharing is Caring’. This world will be a better place if all of us can be more generous to one other. Not only sharing material things but our time and knowledge as well.

I want you to know my experience and learn from it. Take those information that apply to you and disregard things that don’t. I will share the difficulties and my mistakes (which I hope I won’t do often) and hope you try to get something from it too.

Note that we haven’t opened yet and I still have lots to experience and learn but if I wait until everything is settled and done, then I might forget some details. I would rather document things while I still remember them.

I am no expert, first and foremost. The things I am doing now for my business is purely based on research, reading other people’s stories (both their successes and failures), and my gut instinct. My mother is a business-minded woman and a serial entrepreneur but she never aimed high. What she (and my father) wanted was just a regular income to survive and let their 6 children graduate college. I don’t really have a mentor. I don’t personally know anyone that I can look up to. Continue reading →

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Yalumba – Le Meridien Dubai

Happy New Year!!!

Before the year ended, I told hubby that we should go out at least once a month and do a proper ‘date’. You know – just us.
Other couple might be doing it regularly and this date thing is usual for them but not us.

We always go out as family. There might be few occasions that Gibson and I will eat together but it was usually after some parent-teacher meeting, or we did some errand and just decided to eat afterwards. Nothing planned. We ate not to date but to fill our hunger.

This year will be different.
We will eat to fill our hearts.

Choz. Continue reading →

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Dear fellow OFWs, just go for it!

Being an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) has its perks. You get to experience other nationalities’ cultures, you get paid more, you get to experience things that seems to be unthinkable before but reachable now. Most important thing is the opportunity to provide better life for our family.

But comes with these benefits is the reality that it can be lonely. Being away with our children, partner, parents and siblings becomes a sad norm. Missing special occasions and important moments has been inevitable.
And the harsh truth of being an OFW in Middle East countries is time will come that we will need to leave our host country no matter how much we love it.  The benefits of a citizen can never be given to us.
We will forever be an expat to our host country. Continue reading →

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2016 Reflection ala Mulan

15 days to go and we will say our last hoorah for 2016. Where did the fricking days go?

Not so long ago, my heart and mind were filled with worries.
I’m scared that I am not living my life well. That I’m not giving my kids enough attention. Or I need to spend more time with my mom and parents-in-law. That I am wasting life doing something that doesn’t really matter in the end.
Am I working too hard or working too little (though I read that no dying person regret that they work less). Continue reading →

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Gabriela Silang on the loose!

This post of Monsoon Breeze about her horror story of school admission and assessment for her son triggered my frustration on how some schools here just want ‘easy’ kids and will label children who doesn’t fall into this category as ‘special’, ‘difficult’ and ‘slow’.

I have shared my own experience on finding the right school for my daughter.  Our first choice was her brother’s school obviously. I can’t imagine going to two different schools for two different parent-teacher’s meeting, two sports day and two of everything but things happened and we are forced to put her on a different school which is more expensive and farther than our place.

After a few weeks I thought my daughter’s school is not that bad. Yes, she’s the only Asian in her class (the rest are Arab kids) and KHDA doesn’t highly rank them but the facilities are good and I like that the school is small and that the teachers can focus more on the children individually. Continue reading →

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Advance Merry Christmas to you Aileen!

There were only a handful who joined my thank you giveaway and I am glad. I don’t need to deal with  people who just joined because of the freebies. This giveaway is not for them.

For past two weeks, I felt like we have a secret group and I’m checking from time to time if our secret was exposed.
I’m happy it didn’t.
That’s the reason why I run this competition for 2 weeks only. It’s long enough for my regular readers to see the blog post but not too long that it will attract the ‘wrong’ people.

I would like to thank everyone who participated and I promise to do this often. I love the feeling of exclusivity that this little giveaway brings. It’s like we are in our own little world.

And for this giveaway, a big congratulations to Aileen of Ajman! I’ll send you a private message dear 🙂

Filipina Expat

Have a good weekend guys!

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As my way to say Thank you!

UPDATE: We have our winner – Congratulations AILEEN of Ajman! 🙂


This blog was a result of depression (depression might be a strong word to use and people who has been medically diagnosed of it might hit back but I know you get it).
I was sad and depressed because of work.
I was working for a very good company but I wasn’t happy. It’s not that I don’t like my colleagues because they are honestly fab and I miss our camaraderie actually, but the depression stems from the fact that I’m bored on what I’m doing.
You know how it feels  just going through the routine – wake up, commute, work, eat, sleep and the next day is no different. I felt like I don’t have a purpose. I’m am totally bored of life. Continue reading →

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