I want to create a community

Do you feel like talking to someone about money and success and business and wealth without being judged? You know, just share with him/her your thoughts and they would just listen and advise if required. Or you will talk about money and success and how to get lots of them and they won’t judge you as greedy?

A community of like-minded individuals who share the same aspirations and goals, who dreams of the same things and want to just get-together to talk and be inspired. We will share our achievements and everybody will be genuinely happy. Sure, maybe we will feel a little jealous but we will use that jealousy as fire to create own own success.

No crab-mentality, no pulling each other down, no bitching. Just plain brotherhood/sisterhood with one goal in mind – being successful in our own personal definition.

I want to create that community. I know it’s not for everyone as not everybody will want the same things that we do. Being financially aware is a state-of-mind that either you are currently in or not. It would be nice to be with people who dreams (or probably already achieved) financial independence. As I said on my previous post, entrepreneurship is kind of a lonely journey. But I realized it doesn’t have to be. We can actively find a mentor or join a community. It’s our task to find the right people we are comfortable with.

Are you up to it? We don’t need to meet up personally (although that would be a good idea). We can build a private Facebook page and just share our experiences, goals and give advice to each other on how to be freaking wealthy and yet still grounded, fabulous, simple, beautiful, giving – whatever kind of rich you want to be.

Do you know that I bought a domain in 2015? It’s called firstmillionclub.com. I haven’t activated it yet because I don’t want to start something that I won’t be able to maintain. From the website name, it’s obvious what it’s all about, right? I want to build a community of people who aspires their first million in whatever currency.

When I bought that domain, I intend to post articles on how to pay off debts, how to save money, how to invest. Apart from practical things, I want to share some manifestation exercises that I do to maintain my positive and abundant mindset.
And since it’s a community, I want everyone to share their experiences as well. Their saving tips, financials things that they did wrong, financial advise, and so on.

If you’re up to it, drop me a message at lyn(at)filipinaexpat(dot)com or PM me on my Facebook page or leave  a comment below. If you want to ask me detailed info on how I set-up my nail salon, I am more than happy to share it with the community. It could be just you and me in our group but who knows, we can be a tribe someday.

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The Story of SLIAN NAILS (Part 2)

The story of SLIAN NAILS (Part 1)

Here’s PART 1.

It has been almost 2 weeks since our nail salon opened last February 22 and it’s quite a ride. The board of directors – Gibson as Chairman, me as CEO and Jholen as General Manager – are constantly in-touch and discussing the day-to-day operations, staff performance and issues, advertising ideas, financial aspects and everything you can think of. Thanks God to Facebook Messenger. (And if you’re wondering if that’s our official titles, NO. I’m just kidding but isn’t it fun? And who knows, we can be incorporated one day and the dream will again turn into reality) Continue reading →

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Upgrade to Emirates Business Class

A few days before our flight, Gibson and I received a mail from Emirates notifying us that we can check-in. Mentioned on the same mail is an offer to be upgraded for AED 1800 per person for one way. I haven’t seen this kind of offer before. Either because it’s really not offered to us or it’s not in our consciousness hence we haven’t noticed.
You see, it’s our first time to travel without the kids and it could be a factor why we have received this mail.

Anyways, I initially thought that this is a very very good offer. We only paid AED 2040 each for our return tickets and paying additional AED 1800 (3600 for both of us) is not bad. We once paid for my MIL’s EK flight to Dubai for more than 5k dhs. Continue reading →

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I don’t know the English translation of ngarag but it’s roughly translates to haggard. I’m so tired physically I can’t even explain.

A lot of things have  happened since I last posted a month ago.

  1. Gibson and I went back to Philippines for 1 week
  2. We have our first business class flight together
  3. We officially opened our nail salon last Feb 22
  4. I lost my iPhone
  5. I’m experiencing back pains when I woke up this morning
  6. I have bad case of cough and cold
  7. I’m back at work and going through my 200+ unread emails

I really don’t know where to start since I want to share with you everything but I only have few minutes to type this post before I go for another meeting. Continue reading →

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A trip to the hospital

This is a kind of trip that I don’t want to do at all.

I don’t like hospitals and I’m not fond of doctors. Don’t get me wrong, I admire what they do. But seeing them means something is wrong that can’t be cured by Dr. Google.

Anyways, Gibson has this thing in his left knee which he got during some basketball injury when he was a teen. It’s called meniscus tear or something. I told him it sounds like tea (you know, hibiscus?). He has been complaining about it for years and I keep on telling him it could just be arthritis or gout. We always have it checked and x-rayed and doctors haven’t seen anything. Continue reading →

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No eating out this week

I was craving for noodle soup yesterday and thought why not try some Thai noodle soup.

So I went to Little Bangkok, took a quiet nice table, the sweet lady gave me the menu and after a few minutes I showed her what I want.
I didn’t dare say the name of the dish as it’s as complicated as Brangelina’s divorce.

No eating out this week

It’s my first time to try this dish and I have no idea how it tastes.
No eating out this week

And now I know – I won’t order it again.

That’s a big deal for me considering I love soup. Ask everyone dear to me and they can attest that as long as it’s liquid, edible and warm then I can have a casserole of them (I have to insert the word edible because the liquid and warm description might be mistaken for something else, you dirty mind! Or is it me who is malicious?).

Don’t get me wrong, the toppings are all very good – the beef is oh-so-tender, the kangkong and beansprouts are crispy, the beef balls taste good but the soup base, arrgh! The chicken soup based might be a better choice.

Anyways, that was yesterday. Today, my tummy wants carbs again and although I want to resist, my fat devil inside me won.
I went to Miyabi, Sushi and Bento  and this time I want some stir-fry noodles.

You can’t get wrong with Seafood Yaki Udon, right?
No eating out this week
It’s almost 2:30 in the afternoon and I am so hungry. Food arrived after almost 20 minutes which is fine.
No eating out this week

My initial thought after my first bite? It’s salty.
But it’s ok, I would rather have salty food than sweet or bland.
Second forkful? It’s tangy.
It’s still ok, I’m so hungry.

But after the 4th bite, I know I don’t like it.

I’m not the type who complains in the restaurant. I won’t call a manager if there’s a hair or small plastic in my food. Sure I will lose my appetite but I won’t call the Dubai Municipality and insist that the restaurant be closed (believe me, some customers threaten to do that).

Having family and friends working in food service industry, I have seen how difficult there job is and I won’t make a big drama of something unless maybe I get hospitalized because of food poisoning.

Ok, going back to my udon, I ended up just eating the seafood and vegetables and left the noodles on my plate.
I can have the food replaced but that would take again some time and I only have 1 hour lunch break.

Hay! Maybe the food good is not in my favor this week. Gibson will go on some kind of minor knee operation this weekend which will keep him home-bound for at least 2 weeks and that means no eating-out for us. It’s a sign that I should use my cooking skills to test.

Do you usually complain if you don’t like your food?


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The Story of SLIAN NAILS (Part 1)

The story of SLIAN NAILS (Part 1)
The Story of SLIAN NAILS (Part 1)

If you are following me, you know that I am in the process of setting up my own nail salon business in the Philippines. 

And you might also know that one of my mantra in life is ‘Sharing is Caring’. This world will be a better place if all of us can be more generous to one other. Not only sharing material things but our time and knowledge as well.

I want you to know my experience and learn from it. Take those information that apply to you and disregard things that don’t. I will share the difficulties and my mistakes (which I hope I won’t do often) and hope you try to get something from it too.

Note that we haven’t opened yet and I still have lots to experience and learn but if I wait until everything is settled and done, then I might forget some details. I would rather document things while I still remember them.

I am no expert, first and foremost. The things I am doing now for my business is purely based on research, reading other people’s stories (both their successes and failures), and my gut instinct. My mother is a business-minded woman and a serial entrepreneur but she never aimed high. What she (and my father) wanted was just a regular income to survive and let their 6 children graduate college. I don’t really have a mentor. I don’t personally know anyone that I can look up to. Continue reading →

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Yalumba – Le Meridien Dubai

Happy New Year!!!

Before the year ended, I told hubby that we should go out at least once a month and do a proper ‘date’. You know – just us.
Other couple might be doing it regularly and this date thing is usual for them but not us.

We always go out as family. There might be few occasions that Gibson and I will eat together but it was usually after some parent-teacher meeting, or we did some errand and just decided to eat afterwards. Nothing planned. We ate not to date but to fill our hunger.

This year will be different.
We will eat to fill our hearts.

Choz. Continue reading →

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Dear fellow OFWs, just go for it!

Being an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) has its perks. You get to experience other nationalities’ cultures, you get paid more, you get to experience things that seems to be unthinkable before but reachable now. Most important thing is the opportunity to provide better life for our family.

But comes with these benefits is the reality that it can be lonely. Being away with our children, partner, parents and siblings becomes a sad norm. Missing special occasions and important moments has been inevitable.
And the harsh truth of being an OFW in Middle East countries is time will come that we will need to leave our host country no matter how much we love it.  The benefits of a citizen can never be given to us.
We will forever be an expat to our host country. Continue reading →

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