So many things to do, so little time

So many things to do, so little time – is this the story of your life?

I’m in the stage right now where I want to do a lot of things all at the same time and fast!

These are just some of the things I am planning/trying to work on:
– Finish the modules for my Wealthy Pinay bootcamp
– Trying to figure out if I really want to proceed with the Wealthy Pinay bootcamp
– Planning for our Georgia trip this December
– Thinking if we should really go to Georgia this December
– Monetize this blog (and resisting it)
– Focus on Slian Nails and update the business plan and marketing strategies
– Plan the kids’ lunchbox menu for the full month so I don’t have to think everyday
– Do their reviewers at least once a week
– Organize my closet and throw/give away stuff that I don’t need
– Enroll the kids to swimming lessons, guitar lessons, ballet, karate…

I could go on and on but you get the drift. I want to do all these and more yet just thinking about it makes me tired.

And since I’m tired, I end up procrastinating.
Instead of tackling at least one of my to-do list, I end up binge watching on Youtube or scrolling Facebook all weekends.
No wonder I end up finishing nothing.

I know I have to snap out of this rut, so yesterday I started watching my videos (I know right?) while going to work.
Just to psyche myself and condition my mind to be on that ‘action’ mode.

Our mind is the most powerful part of our being (heart is a close second).
And as I keep on telling people ‘to pursue their passion’, ‘just do it’, ‘go for the gold’ – I have to remind myself to follow my  own advices.

Most of the time, we are so impatient and want to see results right away.

We started a business and we want to have thousand of sales in 1 month.
We start investing but already want our money to grow tenfolds.
We started eating healthy and want to immediately lose 10 pounds after 1 week.

We are the cause of our own stress. Most of the time, we set so many goals that we can’t focus in any of them.
We are very impatient.
And when the result won’t come fast enough then we lose interest.
We will end up not pursuing that goal since ‘it’s not working out’.

And this is what I’m trying to tell myself.
Be patient. Be consistent. Don’t give up.
Prioritize. Take Action.
Nothing comes easy but it shouldn’t be too hard either.

I have to work on my own money blocks and resist those negative thoughts that clouds my better judgement.

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And I always remind myself of my ultimate goal – To Be FREE!

Freedom to do the things I want to do
Freedom to donate to any cause that resonates with me
Freedom to live anywhere I feel safe and build a home
Freedom to spend my time however I want it

And to achieve that freedom I have to take action.

Nasa Diyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa

So if you are feeling down, sad and depress nowadays and thinking that nothing goes as planned – I GET YOU and you are not alone. Even the most positive person in the world feels doubt on themselves. It’s normal. You are normal.

* Replace your doubts with determination.

What do you really want to do? Write it down. Visualize it.
What your mind can perceive, you can achieve.

* Take action

Now that you know your goal (or goals), plan on how you can achieve them. On this exercise, use your brain more often than your emotions. Be logical. Be practical. How soon can you achieve it? What are the steps you need to do to reach it? What are the things that needs to change to manifest it?

Do you need to save? Do you need to invest? Will you need additional income to fund your goal? How can you get that additional income?

* Stay positive

It’s easy to set up goals. But in reality, it is difficult to maintain being positive. As reality kicks-in that it will require hard work, determination and heaps and heaps of discipline, we start doubting if our goal is really possible for us. Negativity creeps in. Money blocks kick in. And then you will eventually let go of your dream.

STOP. Once you start procrastinating, once you doubt that it’s impossible, once you find yourself scrolling social media everytime you’re idle, stop!
Go back to your list and remember your ultimate goal – Freedom!
Unless you take action and stay positive, you will get stuck on whatever cycle you are currently in. And you don’t want that.

* Be grateful

God and the Universe work in wonderful and subtle ways to give you what your heart desires.
If you consider some setbacks as a blessing in disguise, then you are on the correct mindset.
Recognize all the good things happening in your life.

You prayed for at least 5 sales today but only got 1? Be grateful.
You prayed for your headache to go away but you still have it for 3 days in a row? Be glad that you are still alive.
You prayed extra cash for your daughter’s baptismal yet nothing comes? Be thankful you have a child.
You prayed for that ideal job but you were not selected? Be grateful you are physically and mentally able to look for another job.

Bottom line – Always be grateful no matter what.


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Ok now, I need to go to work. I’m running late again.
Until next time! Ciao 🙂

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