My birthday 2017

First time to spend my birthday away from family and I was down for a few days just thinking about it. I needed to attend a company meeting for 3 days and stay in the hotel for 2 nights.

Last time I had to attend similar event, I asked Gibson and kids to stay with me but since it’s school day now so it’s not an option.

I know I’m getting so dramatic because I’m still in Dubai and I will just be away for 2 nights but still…

Anyways, I was welcomed by a nice room with a great view, some flowers and cakes. I stayed in Le Royal Meridien several times and this is one of the hotels I love.

My Birthday 2017
My Birthday 2017
My Birthday 2017

But being overly dramatic worked with Gibson. Few days before my birthday, I told him that I’m so sad celebrating my birthday without him and the kids and then he asked me what I want as a gift.

(Bubble thoughts): This is my chance…

Me: Well, maybe a watch, Macbook case, some stationaries and new bedsheets.
Gibson: Let’s buy your watch now.
Me: You don’t know the brand I want my love. You might have a heart attack.
Gibson: No, we will buy it. Tell me.
Me: Tag Heuer…
Gibson: ……… ok, let’s buy the stationaries.


On the day of my birthday, as I dropped my luggage inside the car, I saw these post-its
My Birthday 2017
My Birthday 2017
My Birthday 2017

“Oh! so sweet of my husband” I thought. I was expecting the Macbook case (if you think about it nowhow can a Macbook case fit inside a glove box?).

My heart started pounding when I saw the black box
My Birthday 2017

OH MY GOSH!!! I have a new watch!
My Birthday 2017

Nowadays, I wanted to invest on good quality pieces, may it be bag or jewelry or watches. I want to buy stuff that won’t depreciate fast and I can sell (not that I’m planning to) with still a higher price tag.

Gibson always say it’s difficult to buy me a present because I have a different taste.
I don’t want following a trend to be honest.
If everyone buys a Stan Smith shoes because it’s the ‘in’ thing then I will consciously not buy it.
I’m a rebel like that.

He’s happy that he was able to surprise me and happier that I like it.
I don’t like it.

My Birthday 2017


Although he said that this is my birthday gift, Christmas gift and Valentine’s gift all-in-one.

Well, he should know that I am very good in manifesting 🙂

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