Be Inspired Of Others Success, Not Defeated

Be Inspired Of Others Success, Not Defeated.
This is an interesting topic because again we will train our mind to stay positive.

This post is part of The Wealthy Pinay series wherein I will talk about goal-setting, normalizing wealth and using positivity to achieve all our goals.

If you prefer to read, continue below. I have transcribed and English-translated the video.

Why being positive is powerful?


If you can see the positive and good side of all things then you will find peace, inner joy and contentment. And the best thing, it might not be intentional for you, is that these positive energies and vibe you’re producing will actually attract more of it.

And these positive energies can bring in the actual things that make you happy – both intangible and physical things.

You attract more of what you constantly feed your mind.

Remember: Law of Attraction.

If you heard your colleagues or schoolmates announcing some good news about themselves – either they launch a new business, got their dream job, migrated somewhere, married a prince, is now pregnant or lose 10 pounds – HOW DO YOU FEEL?

Do you feel irritated because they are being boastful?
Do you feel sad?
Are you happy for them yet asking “Why it’s now happening for me?”


Are you happy for them?
Were you inspired of what they achieve?
Do you believe that it’s also possible for you?

Can you see the difference of having these two different emotions whenever we know of somebody else’s achievements?

One is full of negativity (hatred, jealousy, sadness) and the other is about positivity (happiness, inspired, excitement)

When we see our former classmates’ status on Facebook sharing their travel posts, do you feel happy for them? I do. I genuinely do. Especially if the place is my dream destination, I would look on their pictures and see the places they’re visiting.

I would look into their photos with joy in my heart and burning desire that I will definitely go this place soon.

If I see friends who lost tons of weight or into super active lifestyle now, I am truly amazed. One of my life goal to be really healthy (and not only thin) until I’m wrinkled and old.

I want to find a physical activity that I would be interested in. The fact that these former classmates are into pole dancing or biking or swimming, and they are maintaining good weight because of it – I am inspired!

Whenever I see former classmates who just sits in the shadow before, the typical boys and girls who weren’t popular nor hip nor considered cute but has blossomed to confident men and women now, I am happy. Because I can see myself in them. CHOZ. Hahahaha 🙂

Seriously, if you’re the type who feel happy for someone’s success then you’re on good track. But if you resent others because of their achievement, then you have to change your mindset.

If you think about it, you and your former school batch mates just came from the same school obviously. Which could probably mean that your families had the same financial status.

It’s not like you’re Juan dela Cruz and they are Jaime Zobel. Whatever they had before would probably the same things you had. Yes, they could have a bigger pocket money but it’s not like they have 1000 pesos a day allowance while you have 20 pesos. For sure the difference of your allowance and their allowance is just a few pesos, right?

But why is it that your former colleagues or batch mates seem so put together? Why do they look so successful?

Listen to me.

First and foremost, never compare your journey or life with others. Their journey is not your journey. You have your own road to build and take.

Second, admit that you are feeling jealous. We’re only human after all. It’s natural. But don’t dwell on it. Once you recognized that you have jealous or insecure thoughts, say this aloud – I am happy for their happiness.

You might say “But I’m not happy for them! Why do they need to announce everything on Facebook? They are just bragging!!!”

Girl – Inhale. Exhale.

Remind yourself that all the negative thoughts and feelings you feed your mind will just attract more negative things.

Say it aloud again – I am happy for their happiness.

It might not sound real the first few times you say it.
You might not probably mean it.
But if you constantly tell these positive affirmations every time you feel that pang of jealousy, soon it will become easier and then start to actually mean it.

One day you will find yourself being truly inspired by successful and happy people around you, not defeated, not insecure.
Fake it till you make it.

If you see people around you achieving things that you want to have yourself, make them as your inspiration.
Don’t be afraid to approach them or talk to them. Ask questions.
Surround yourself with people who wants to achieve more in life.

What you need to cultivate is the feeling of being inspired.

Be inspired by someone else’s success and achievements. Because you know what? You can have whatever they have if not more if that’s what you really want.

Have you heard of crab mentality? Pulling each other down? Avoid people that has this mentality. Usually they only talk about other people, spreading negativity, keeps on complaining. Just bad vibes.
Never surround yourself with these kind of people.

They can never help you. The sad reality though is sometimes these people might be a family member or a dear friend.

I’m not saying cut your ties but ‘lower the volume’ if you’re with them. You get it? Once they start talking about negative things, change the topic. Once they rant about life being unfair, don’t engage into the conversation.

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Train your mind to focus on the good things around you. You can do so by constantly reminding yourself that you are blessed. You deserve it. And your time has come.

Say These aloud – I am blessed. I deserve it. It’s my time now.

Believe it because it’s true.


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  1. Nova says:

    Oh my, this hits me right on the spot LynJoy!
    I love reading blogs and I wanted to start blogging but somehow was not able to do so (due to negative thinking and tons of excuses, haha!). Pero ngayon lang ako nakabasa ng blog na kilala ko personally yung author kaya parang mas namomotivate ako to start. I hope my blog will be as good as yours someday. =)

    • wavatar
      Filipina Expat says:

      Nova!!! Thanks for the kind words. Blogging is my outlet. Dami ko kze naiisip pero wala ako masyadong masabihan. Masyadong complex ang utak ko, haha.
      Go and start blogging and let me know pag published na 🙂

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