Chopsticks is one good restaurant that we frequently visit in Sahara mall. They always serve good food and service is always nice. My mom always dine here whenever she visits us. It’s like a tradition of sort. We will usually order 4-5 starters since we want to try as many dishes as possible without leaving comatose after the binge eating.

Last Thursday, I asked Jholen if she wants to go to Sahara and eat out. Sahara Centre is around 5-8 minutes walk from our place and our go-to mall whenever we’re bored. And since I have Entertainer voucher for Chopsticks, this is really my preferred restaurant for that night.

Once seated, they gave us a complimentary bowl of fish crackers.

We then browsed the menu. I want to order something we haven’t tried before. And since our Entertainer voucher is only valid for main dishes, I didn’t even bother looking at starters. Besides, it’s just the two of us. Finishing 2 main dishes is enough for us.

ChopsticksChopsticks Chopsticks

If in case you plan to use your Entertainer vouchers, please note that it can’t be use for lobster and crab dishes.

It was a very difficult choice to choose only two dishes out of everything on the menu so it took sometime to decide. Finally, we decided on having the Chili Shrimp in Hot Pot which has shrimp (obviously), coriander and special chili crab sauce. The best!!!!

It’s like the Singaporean’s chili crab but less messy. I truly enjoyed it. I feel like asking them if they have the Chinese buns that I can imagine will go perfectly well with the sauce. Yummy! I will definitely order this again.IMG_2986_Fotor

Our second dish is the Sizzling Seafood. It has shrimp, fish, squid, red chili, ginger & onion in black bean sauce served in a sizzling plate. I enjoyed this too. Perfect with rice!

And then we ordered the garlic rice to accompany our meal. I know, garlic rice is so easy to do but we have all ordered a mediocre garlic rice. I’m glad when you’re just expecting something ordinary but turn out good. Happy!Chopsticks

We are again going this Thursday and this time with the hubby. I want to try different dishes but I want him to taste the Chili Shrimp in hot pot. Let’s see.

What I don’t like is they don’t have regular mineral water. We don’t have any choice but to order the fancy one which is kinda expensive. But no complain with the food. Happy tummy.IMG_2991_Fotor

Chopsticks has branches in Al Ain Mall and Sahara Centre. I know that they have another branch in Dubai Mall but it’s not mentioned on their Facebook page, as well as their menu so maybe it was closed? In any case, here’s their Facebook page:

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