Ano ang nasa dako pa roon?

Aloha! I just renewed my Filipina Expat domain with no further plans on what to do with it. You probably know that I have and you’ll see regular blog posts there.

Now that I’m back in the Philippines, the brand The Wealthy Pinay will be a source of income for me – workshops, books, speaking engagements – so giving it more time is a must.

However, bilang isa syang wealth/money mindset/business blog, I can’t really post this random, useless, entertaining, witty thoughts that I want to share to the world just to unload. So until I figure out what to do with Filipina Expat domain, you’ll probably read more from me. By the way, wala ng FB page ang Filipina Expat dahil ang mga messages na nare-receive ko doon ay puro lalake, “Looking for a Filipina girlfriend/wife”, “How are you?”, “Can we be friends?”. Nakakaloka!

It has been more than 4 months that we’re here in PH and so far so good. Let me put this in section para mas madali basahin.

The Kids

They still say they miss Dubai, their school and their friends. But if I ask them if we should go back and live in UAE again sasabihin nila na ayaw nila. They’re glad not having Arabic lessons. They hate flies, mosquitoes and ants (which is aplenty here). They experienced their first flying ipis and I thought they’ll have a heart attack.

Cole is quite surprised that the Christmas season starts very early. Ayaw nya ikabit ang Christmas tree until after Halloween. For him, it’s strange that there are more Christmas than halloween decors samantalang October pa lang. He was also very surprised na kaya tinawag na BER season is because lahat ng months ending with BER. Kala daw nya kasi malamig, you know ‘BRRRRR’ 😂


Meron kaming exit strategy bago kami umuwi. It’s not that we decided to pack our bags and then left. We saved and planned assuming we won’t earn for more than a year or two.

Let me be frank here, until now, we’re not generating income yet. Lahat ng pera palabas. Well, there’s little money coming in (from my training, books, dividends from stocks) but not enough to pay even for our groceries.

Am I worried? I would say that there would be a 3-second nega thought that creeps in (“My gosh, baka maubos na ipon namin!”) but I would replace this negative energy into a positive one agad-agad (“I’m grateful for the life I have now. Thank you Lord for giving me the courage to follow my dreams.”) and then I take actions.

I’ll give you another update after 1 year maybe, you like?

Mental well-being

Just today, I wrote in my journal how grateful I am for experiencing this life I have now. This was just a dream before.
Waking up, taking care of the kids, sending them off to school.
Writing in my journal peacefully, doing work that I’m really interested in and passionate about.

I just used to daydream and run this scene inside my head. Pero ngayon, this is my reality.

I’m more challenged to succeed nowadays dahil wala na kong financial safety cushion aka regular work. However, I’m happier and feel immense gratitude for the life I have right now.

Mas madami ng time mag selfie with filter 🙂

Until next time amigos and amigas, please say Hi and let me know if you want more of Filipina Expat musings 🙂

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