HYU Korean Restaurant – Dubai

HYU Korean Restaurant – Dubai

I asked my son where he wanted to have lunch on his birthday and he was confused between Chili’s and Hyu Korean restaurant. Chili’s because he loves their kid’s mac n’ cheese and the kid’s pizza. In Hyu, it is their deep fried chicken with sweet sauce.

Finally, he decided to have his birthday lunch at Hyu so we went there yesterday to celebrate. Hyu is a Korean restaurant tucked away somewhere in Oud Metha. It’s not fine dining for sure but I would say that dishes are authentic. Not that I’ve been to Korea before but judging from lots of Korean eating whenever we visit, it is a good sign.

Hyu is located in Oud Metha,Ā they are in the same building as Cafe Aroma near Oud Metha metro station. The best way to find the location is to use Google map. I know right? šŸ˜ƒHYU Korean

HYU Korean

A casual dining place
HYU Korean

And we were seated inside their Korean room. This is how it looks usually.
HYU Korean

But since I’ve reserved it for a group of 15 people, they arranged one long table for us. The senior citizens were complaining about the seating. Haha! Their joints didn’t like it.HYU Korean

Here’s the menu:HYU KoreanHYU KoreanHYU KoreanHYU KoreanHYU KoreanHYU KoreanHYU KoreanHYU Korean

While waiting for our order, we were givenĀ several complimentaryĀ banchan (side dishes). They always serve different itemsĀ every time we were there and the only staple dish is the kimchi. Ā Banchan are either hot or cold side dishes and I’m excited to come here because of these delicious little appetizers (for me they are appetizers!)
HYU Korean

We always order the pan-fried dumplings. You have an option of vegetable or beef (which is mixed with pork). Yes! They have pork items. But you have to ask as they are written in Korean.
HYU Korean

Another appetizer dish that we really like is the seafood and spring onion pancake. Just be careful that you don’t bite those red chilis. They are very hot!HYU Korean

Stirfry glass noodle with vegetables. They are good and a heavy dish.Ā HYU Korean

And this fried chicken with sweet sauce is the reason why we celebrated Cole’s birthday in this restaurant. This is his favorite dish in the world (as he said). I didn’t know that this will be a hit for adults as well so we had to re-order more.HYU Korean

This one is a pork dish which of course is written in Korean so I don’t know the name nor recall what it’s called. The pork is sliced as thin as a bacon and cooked in what seems to be in kimchi and spring onions. I like it but I don’t think it’s for everyone.HYU Korean

They told us that pork items cannot be grilled anymore inside the room because of the smell (huh?) but they can give it to us already cooked. Fine!

Remember to dip this in the accompanying oil, salt and pepper sauce. Yum!
HYU Korean

I don’t have a proper photo of bibimbap so I got this from their Facebook page. Bibimbap is basically rice with vegetables, chili pepper paste, with a choice of meat (we had chicken and beef) mixed together in a very hot bowl. This is a complete meal in itself.Ā HYU Korean

Since we cannot grill the pork, I just asked for my second favorite barbeque dish which so happens to be their best seller – the marinated short ribs. Korean meal is not complete if you don’t do barbeque, yah know! It’s fun and interactive.

You can ask the staff to do the cutting and grilling for you but what’s the fun in that! It’s good to cut, grill and do your own thing. Just watch out that you won’t over grill them.HYU Korean

HYU Korean

You can just eat these delicious slices of meat on its own or partner them with steamy rice. However, traditionally, you can wrap a slice in lettuce and put all the condiments you like. I told you, it’s fun!
HYU Korean

We Ā regularly visit during lunch on a Friday after Cole’s cathecism in St. Mary’s church so we never had to book a reservation but I know it can get crowded sometimes. Go and visit their Facebook page if you want more info :Ā https://www.facebook.com/HYU-Korean-Restaurant

Have a lovely day my sassy friends!

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  1. Woo Young Kim says:

    We moved our location from oud metha to Cluster O, JLT on June 9, 2017. Quite big change of interiors – No room available any more. This is for your information. Thanks.

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