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I always say that Dubai residents are quite spoiled for dining choices.It never runs out of options in terms of cuisine and price range. Most famous restaurants and cafes all around the world come here and open a branch. Before you know it, these international restaurants that we’re just hearing from social media or other bloggers suddenly offers their famous dishes in our Emirate. Lucky Dubai residents!

When Rappler and ABS CBN news online posted that Din Tai Fung has opened in Manila, I was curious. What is this restaurant that everyone was talking about and no less than the President of the Philippines unveiled its opening? Then my sister-in-law said that there’s Din Tai Fung in Singapore followed by my dear friend Sheila who checked-in yesterday at Din Tai Fung in Mall of Emirates. Now, that triggered my curiosity.

Manila is buzzing about this new dining hang-out.
Din Tai Fung

Based on my research (yes, I do research my restaurants most of the time), Din Tai Fung originated in Taiwan and first opened in 1958 and they specialize in xiaolongbao or soup dumplings. Aside from Taiwan, it has branches in 12 other countries and two of their branches in Hong Kong both earned one Michelin star each. Well, that’s something!

It’s been sometime ago since we’ve been in MOE. The renovation is finally over and the restaurant is located in the new top floor (second floor) of the mall. It is two floors above Carrefour.

It took us a while to find the place. We were told it’s next to Vox cinema but apparently, Vox cinema is now on the new ‘wing’ of the mall and not near Ski Dubai anymore.Din Tai Fung

Each XiaoLongBao is prepared fresh and handmade by these covered-face cooks.Din Tai Fung

I’ve heard that waiting time sometimes take up to 1 hour. That’s quite long. Good thing we came there on a weekday afternoon but you can see that the place was still buzzing.

When we were seated, I noticed this little bassinet under the table. I have no idea of its purpose so I rummaged through my bag and searched for my bag hook. Then the waitress came and politely offered if I want my bag to be placed inside. Ooohhh, my bag felt so special, like a baby! 😂
Din Tai Fung

Now the menu. One thing Gibson and I both noticed is the price range. Most Asian restaurants boasting of authenticity usually draw a higher price tag.
Din Tai Fung

The famous XiaoLongBao!Din Tai Fung Din Tai Fung Din Tai Fung Din Tai Fung Din Tai Fung Din Tai Fung Din Tai Fung Din Tai Fung Din Tai Fung Din Tai Fung

You order by ticking the lines next to the dishes. I like it. Chances of getting your dishes wrong is reduced.
Din Tai Fung

While waiting for our order, we read the instruction on how to properly eat the XiaoLongBao.
Din Tai FungThe nice waitress prepared the sauce for us. Thank goodness as I don’t want to figure out the ratio of 1 (soy sauce) : 3 (rice vinegar).
Din Tai Fung

And what did Gibson and I order? Of course we can’t miss the reason why this restaurant is so famous, the xiaolongbao! We had the crab and chicken version and also ordered the plain chicken variety.

The chicken xiaolongbao
Din Tai Fung

And this is the crab and chicken version. How did I know the difference? See that tiny looking crab on top of this photo. Looks like a crab, right? I’m so bright!!!
Din Tai Fung

 How to eat the XiaoLongBao the Gibson way?

1. Pick one piece using your chopstick, dip into the sauce and transfer to your spoon.
Din Tai FungDin Tai Fung

2. The soup inside can be very hot so be very careful to make sure your tongue won’t burn.Din Tai Fung

3. If you forgot step 3, simply check the instruction again without anyone noticing. Act like a pro!
Din Tai Fung

4. Open your mouth wide. This is not the time to be shy.
Din Tai Fung

5. And try to chew…
Din Tai Fung

I’m so dead….

Before I get killed by my dear husband, let me finish this post first. Here are the other dishes we had.

Chicken egg fried rice. Good.
Din Tai Fung

Schezuan Vegetable and Chicken Wanton. Very good. You might think it’s spicy and salty because it’s swimming in dark red sauce but actually, I was slurping the sauce using my spoon. It’s that good.Din Tai Fung

The wanton is soft and just perfect.
Din Tai Fung
Din Tai Fung

Chili Pepper Chicken. This is an appetizer but is goes perfectly with the rice. Crispy chicken skin, soft chicken meat in a very tasty sauce. Yum!
Din Tai Fung

The only bad thing is how we wish we have a bigger tummy. I want to order more dishes but we know our capacity. Next time for sure!
Din Tai Fung

And the good thing, we only paid AED 158. Not bad baby.
Din Tai Fung

Go and check it out. It should be open during mall hours and I suggest be there during off peak timings.

You can visit their Facebook page here: www.facebook.com/DinTaiFungae. Ciao!

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