Hard Rock Cafe

As I said a few days ago, I went through a phase when I don’t want to blog about places and restaurants that I’ve already visited several times. It’s like I’ve been into these places many times before that I don’t find it ‘bloggable’ anymore. Although I realized that it might be usual for me and the people around me, but it might be the first time for others. Same that there are hundreds if not thousands of restaurants I still haven’t tried.

So now, I will write about our Hard Rock Cafe lunch a few weeks ago. Again, Hard Rock is available in The Entertainer so that’s why we went there. If you are not a frequent reader of my blog, just to inform you that I am consciously visiting cafes and restaurants since October that accepts The Entertainer vouchers. Not that I haven’t got the value of the book yet, it’s more of getting the most out of it before it expires by end of this year.

After picking up the boys from their Friday catechism class, we went straight to Hard Rock Cafe. I was concerned that they might still be closed so I am glad that they opened the doors widely and welcome us warmly, choz! 😆

Of course, no matter how many times we visited the place, we need to have the obligatory red carpet picture taking.
Hard Rock

Anyways, kids are allowed to dine here until 10pm and off-limits to them after that. Even with that rule, I consider this restaurant family friendly. Coloring pens and papers are provided. Each kid gets a balloon and there are face painting and balloon shaping activities during Fridays.
Hard Rock Cafe
Hard RockHard Rock

But of course, as you can expect from any Hard Rock Cafe, it can get crowded during nights and if you love live music and bands, go there for dinner and enjoy few drinks as well. 

Typical Hard Rock vibe and ambiance. Sorry, I don’t know the Beastie Boys but I thought they were famous before and deserve this spot so I took a photo.
Hard Rock

One corner of the restaurantHard Rock

I didn’t take photos of the menu list. It’s a long list especially the drinks menu but you can find the online menu here: www.hardrock.com/cafes/dubai/menu.aspx

I ordered the Virgin Mojito. It was too bland for my taste so I requested for extra syrup.Hard Rock Cafe

The hubby chose a drink that matches his shirt, heheHard Rock CafeCole had his all-time fave Mac and Cheese. He finished the full serving together with the toasted bread in no-time. He’s really a grown up boy.Hard Rock

Lance ordered their chicken strips and fries.Hard Rock

Gibson had fish and chips. It might look simple but both of us loved it. I am not sure what fish they have used here but definitely it’s not cream dory.
Hard Rock

Having a bigger appetite than Gibson, I ordered the Trio Combo Fajita. I love that they asked me how I wanted my beef. I am not a fan of well-done steaks so I appreciate that simple question.

The trio combo fajita has shrimp, chicken and beef on bed of vegetables.
Hard Rock

It comes with warm tortillas, cheddar cheese, fresh guacamole, and sour cream. Yum!Hard Rock

You will love this place if you want nice dinner, wide variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and some rock and roll vibe!

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