Hindi kasalanan ang maging tibo at bakla

I’m with you brothers and sisters. love, love!

Ok, I’m triggered! Just had a heated conversation with someone and I had to back down because I think our discussion was going nowhere and it’s just a waste of energy. Buti na lang may blog ako and I can continue my battle 😂

So this person said that she respects LGBTQ community and has nothing against them BUT she doesn’t want her children to be one. If she has a choice, she would ‘guide’ her kids to have their own family and be traditional.

And I f*cking disagree! How hypocrite it is to say that you ‘support’ LGBTQ when in fact at the back of your mind you see them as different. How can you say that you are a feminist or fights for equality when you are freaking sexist! I think those people who fight racism but then dissed others who cannot be categorized directly as either man or woman are plaster saints. I’m not saying that they are bad people, it’s just that they feel righteous when they’re not and I hate it!

I know, I know, religious fanatics say that God created only a man and a woman and I don’t disagree with that. But have you heard about evolution? How the earth and everything in it changed gradually over million of years? I don’t think gays and lesbians chose to be who they are now. It’s just how they are. The same na Pinoy ka, wala kang choice! And as a parent, you can’t say “Anak, paglaki mo gusto ko maging Japanese ka ha? I-guide kita para maging hapon ka. Mas maganda kasi na maging hapon.” Doesn’t make sense right?

Do I prefer my child to be gay?

I don’t think it’s a correct question. If my son is gay, then he is gay. I can’t ‘influence’ him to be one or not. There is no acceptance required. Ano? Kapag straight na babae or lalake automatic accepted and then kapag bading or tibo may acceptance pang kelangan? Anak mo sya diba so bakit may acceptance pang nalalaman?! Hay naku, triggered talaga si aqoh!

This is my blog and this is my opinion. I can say whatever I want and if you have any issue with it then gawa kayo ng sarili nyong post. If you want to comment, let’s agree to disagree but I will delete bastos and mal-educated comments, ok?

Rant over. Love you ❤

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  1. Grace says:

    May love you pa sa dulo hehehe
    I feel you about this topic. There are really societies who think being gay or lesbian is something that has a cure or influenced…while I don’t have a medical degree to back up my belief, I do think that it is innate. That there could be hormonal imbalance (like too much testosterone, etc) thus, the dominance of the gender behavior exists.

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