Bentoya Dubai

Bentoya Dubai

Bentoya has been in Dubai for at least a decade now so you must have visited this place before but for those who haven’t this is for you.
I’ve dined several times in their Jebel Ali branch (inside JAFZA) when I was still working there and have been recently visiting their Garhoud branch nowadays.
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Thoughts About Blogging

I started blogging in 2005 just to get things out of my mind.
I’m quite depressed that time and I need to divert my attention to something.

Blogging become some kind of therapy.

After a few months, I started receiving invites to attend events.
To be honest, it’s exciting.
But 9 out of 10 times I will need to decline as these events don’t interest me or the timings are in conflict with my schedule.
I also don’t attend events during weekdays.

From time to time, I feel pangs of jealousy on other bloggers who receive payment for their collaboration.
I don’t get anything from blogging. In fact I actually spend yearly for my domain. Continue reading →

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Eating Habits to Follow During Ramadan

I don’t fast during Ramadan but this article I received from Burjeel Hospital in Abu Dhabi is really useful so I’m sharing it with you.

Suhoor and Iftar food: To Eat or Not to Eat Eating Habits to Follow During Ramadan

Eating Habits to Follow During Ramadan

Ramadan is just a few days away and while the holy month is filled with goodness, Ramadan falls at the peak of summer this year.
It is important we maintain our energy levels and avoid the unhealthy food temptations that come with the month.

“In Ramadan our diets are radically altered, as we eat only during Suhoor (pre-dawn) and Iftar (at sunset). As such both these meals form an essential part of fasting.
While it’s a good idea to consume low Glycaemic Index (GI) items, both Suhoor and Iftar should be well-balanced and contain items from each food group, such as vegetables, cereals, meat, dairy products and fruits,” said Ms. Rahma Ali , Clinical Dietician at Burjeel Hospital Abu Dhabi.

“Suhoor needs to be wholesome to provide enough energy to last during the long hours of fasting.
It is important that the food you consume keeps you hydrated, so pay careful attention to the selection of food-items during Suhoor,” added Ms. Ali.

Foods to Eat During Suhoor

Protein Rich Food: Eggs are high in proteins and most nutritious. They not only help you to stay fuller, but can be made in several ways to suit your taste buds.

Fibre Rich Food: Oat meal is rich in fibre and a perfect meal your body needs during Suhoor. Soluble fibre turns to gel in the stomach and slows digestion, which helps lower cholesterol and blood glucose, perfect to keep you energised throughout your fast.

Calcium and Vitamin Rich Food: Dairy products are a great source of nutrition. Opt for a yoghurt smoothie or choose a vanilla and honey milk shake to stay full and hydrated throughout the day.

Foods Not to Eat During Suhoor

Simple or refined carbohydrates: these are food that last only 3 to 4 hours and they are low in essential nutrients Such as: sugars, white flour, pastries, donuts, croissants

Salty food: imbalance of sodium levels in your body makes you very thirsty while fasting so try to avoid salted nuts, pickles, chips and food that contain soya sauce

Caffeinated Drinks: Coffee has caffeine which leads to insomnia and restlessness. In addition, it doesn’t hydrate and keeps you longing for water the whole day.

“While Suhoor is important, eating habits during Iftar cannot be ignored. Hence, it is important during Ramadan to break the fast with a balanced diet ensuring that the essential nutritional needs of your body are met.
These include sodium and potassium which are lost due to sweating, especially during summer,” said Ms. Ali

Foods to Eat During Iftar

Potassium Rich Fruits: Dates are nutrient powerhouses and excellent food-item to break your fast. It not only helps you hydrate quickly, but gives you instant energy to make you feel rejuvenated after the long-hours of fasting.

Sufficient fluids: Drink as much water or fruit juices as possible between Iftar and bedtime to avoid dehydration

Raw Nuts:  Almonds contain good fats which are essential, particularly when your body has been craving for fats after the long-hours of fasting. It is a perfect Iftar item which helps you feel full and in control, without the need to binge.

Hydrating Vegetables: Cucumbers, lettuce, and other vegetables are high in fibre and laden with the goodness of hydrating properties. It not only helps your body feel cool, but is also a great choice to keep you skin healthy and avoid constipation during Ramadan.

Foods Not to Eat During Iftar

Carbonated Drinks: Avoid drinking processed beverages and carbonated drinks. Stick to regular water and or coconut water to soothe your thirst.

High-sugar Foods: High-sugar food items as sweets, chocolates should be avoided. They are instant source of weight gain and can lead to complexities if consumed every day.

Fried-foods: Greasy and fried food like fried dumplings and samosas should be avoided. Also avoid oily curries and greasy pastries to reap healthy benefits for your body during Ramadan.

“Fasting during Ramadan can improve one’s health, but only if done in proper manner, if not, it can cause more harm than good. It is important to have self-control when you see a good spread of appetizing meal. The key is to remember that Ramadan is a month to reap rewards and benefits, and increase your spiritual connection,” concluded Ms. Ali

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Doc Gelo’s 10th year blogging anniversary

I was invited by Doc Gelo on his 10th blogging anniversary dinner sponsored by Lemongrass. If you don’t know Doctor Angelo Santos, do yourself a favor and follow his adventures on Instagram here.
The first media event I attended was the launch of his travel book – People. Places. Memories. (which is still available at Amazon) and the Filipino bloggers I met were all very warm and fun.

Doc Gelo’s intimate dinner consists of small group of Filipino bloggers and Instagrammers who have thousands of followers each. I don’t know why I was invited to that bunch of talented people considering I only have less than 300 friends on my Filipina Expat IG account.
For sure Doc Gelo sees something in me. Choz. Continue reading →

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From an Overseas Filipino: 10 Lessons I Learned From Becoming A Self-Made Millionaire

This is not a brag post. I am not here to enumerate the things I acquire or tell you how much money I have. I am writing this post to let others know my way of thinking that helped me achieved my first million (in Philippine Pesos for now) in my early thirties.

As someone who aspires to be rich (in all aspects of life), I devour reading positive and enlightening articles, how to get rich posts, success stories and anything about getting out of debt and poverty.

I would have loved to read something similar to my post now when I was younger.
Someone who I can relate to. Be inspired to achieve more in life.
If all of us will be scared to tell people how we achieved our success for fear of being labelled as brag, then we’re not helping each other. Continue reading →

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All-inclusive Summer Deal For A Steal At Acacia By Bin Majid

I really am in this zone right now where I just want to take a break. I’ve been browsing sites for deals and this just came right into my inbox. As if the Universe heard my thoughts…

This summer deal is really a steal! I think it’s good to take this offer before or after Ramadan.

All through the hot summer months, Bin Majid Hotels & Resorts has launched an unbeatable promotion to beat the heat at Acacia By Bin Majid, the contemporary resort in Ras Al Khaimah, the northern most emirate of the UAE.

The unbeatable summer package allows guests to take advantage of an exclusive promotion at Acacia By Bin  Majid  at AED 399 per night,   inclusive of  three buffetmeals,   free   beach   access,   free   kayaking   for   two   adults   and   unlimited   adult beverages.

Acacia By Bin Majid
Acacia By Bin Majid
Acacia By Bin Majid

Guests are welcome to check in as early as 11am and enjoy the myriad of   adrenaline -filled   activities   and   entertainment   including   water   slides,   beach volleyball,   Jet   Ski   rentals,   free   kayaking   and   much   more.   The   hotel   offers   a complimentary bus shuttle to Bin Majid Beach Resort for beach access, just a few minutes away from the hotel.

Acacia by Bin Majid is best known for spacious facilities, friendly staff, a wide choice of recreational activities and delicious food. A short drive away from Dubai, this chic resort is located alongside the Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone, and is an ideal weekend getaway for individuals and families alike.

Acacia By Bin Majid

To book, call 800-7500 and mention ‘RAK-Roadtrip’

Summer in UAE means staycation, beach and fun without breaking a bank! I almost love summer just because of this reason.

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Holiday plans

I am bored this past few days at work and although I am totally fine with it (means I am not stressed out), my mind wanders a lot.

Planning activities for our Hong Kong trip in July seems to be too tasking that I don’t know how to start.

Imagine doing an itinerary for 19 people that consists of 5 seniors, 4 kids, few millennials and a number of Gen X and Y – it’s complicated.

I need to plan the following:
– How to go from one place to another
– Activities
– Cost
– Where to dine
– How not to lose each other

Good thing that I already booked the hotel and flights. One less headache.

Since thinking of Hong Kong doesn’t excite me yet, I am checking hotel rates in UAE for some good staycation.

Fujairah Rotana Resort and Spa has good Ramadan offer and I almost booked until I remember how far it is.

Don’t get me wrong. I like Fujairah and I love staying in hotels but staying just for 1 night is tiring. And right now, I only have weekends to spare.

Then I thought why not check Anantara in Abu Dhabi and do some desert and nature activities, I excitedly went to the website, enter my preferred dates and the price for 1 villa is AED 6k++!!
I had a migraine.
Immediately closed the tab.

Ok, let me go somewhere near. Let’s try Ajman Saray. Beautiful hotel, good reviews, close proximity from Dubai and Sharjah.
But strange that there’s no availability on all weekends from Ramadan until August.

Is it just a system glitch? Are they full? Under renovation? Or they don’t like me?
Whatever it is, I am not very keen to call and make some personal interaction. I prefer the anonymity of online browsing. It’s their loss not mine. Choz.

Then, I really want to go to Georgia this December or January to experience snow! But I want our family to travel with group of friends. When playing in snow, the more the merrier. Do you want to go?

As if that’s not enough, my siblings and I are planning to go to Paris next spring break. This is totally an upgrade to our usual travel plans. Although we’ve been travelling together to several cities and countries, this is the first time that we will go to a place where visa is required.
Hope all of us can get a visa otherwise it won’t be that fun.
All the best to us.


I have such a big problem, right? Right! 🙂

Enjoy the day friends 🙂


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Random thoughts 2

I’m into some kind of a diet and this is how it goes

  • Drink 1 glass of water early morning, just before you take anything
  • Have coffee or juice for breakfast
  • Drinks lots of water (think 2-3 liters per day)
  • For lunch, either don’t eat, have soup or something filling but low calorie like watermelon
  • Take a handful of assorted nuts and that’s your snack. Coffee and tea again or another glass of juice
  • 1 cup of brown rice for dinner plus whatever dish prepared by the nanny
  • Another cup of green tea to end the day

That’s how my meal plan every weekdays.
For weekends, I’m like a bear preparing for hibernation. I eat everything and anything served to me. Continue reading →

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Dreamworks Spa Dubai

“Eat lightly at least an hour before you step in for any type of massage. An exaggeratedly full stomach will be painful to lie on”

I know this is one of the basic rules before a full body massage so why the hell we ate first at Noodle Bowl before our treatment?!? Only the food god knows.

Well to be fair to myself I only booked a few hours before our treatment and we have a few hours to kill before our session and the ‘light’ meal turned out to be a full-blown Asian fest. No regret though.

I’ve been researching for a massage place where I can use The Entertainer and stumbled upon Dreamworks Spa. Their rates are reasonable and it has decent reputation.
We know that having a massage here in Dubai is either dubious (think of those massage parlour cards sticked into parked vehicles) or headache-inducing expensive. Continue reading →

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Noodle Bowl Dubai

For our April couple’s date, we decided to have a massage at Dreamworks Spa in Jumeirah 1 and dine somewhere near.

Noodle Bowl is an Asian restaurant located in 2nd December street (previously Al Diyafa) and has been there for a 10 years, TEN YEARS!
Strange that we never tried this place when we were stay in Satwa for half a decade.

To be honest, I don’t even know their cuisine.
I thought it’s Chinese or Indonesian.
But a quick Google search shows that they’re specializing in Malaysian dishes.

We’re lucky to find parking space just in front of the restaurant.
And since it’s only 11am, we were the only customers inside.
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