Behave like your husband’s mistress

My college buddies started a Messenger chat group and it’s a blast!
Technology has its disadvantages for sure but perks can’t also be denied.
It’s been a while since I talked to them and it’s fun to reminisce the inside jokes, the previous love teams, and the latest happenings of our lives.
College buddies
College buddies

Anne, love your hair 😘.
College buddies

It’s fun to remember our naivety and foolishness and discuss life now as a matured 30-something adult (well, some of us matured and some remained forever 18, they will not be named).
One topic that came up today is how familiarity in a relationship causes cheating.
Nag sawa na sa adobo and nag-try ng sinigang!

To be honest,  longterm relationships can be boring. You’re doing the same thing everyday.
You eat the same menu every week. You wake up the same time.
You do most things on a routine and life (and relationships) can turn up monotonous.
This of course should not be a reason to cheat but I understand that longterm married couples suffer from this.

But there’s a way to avoid being trap in that dull relationship…
Ladies, behave like your husband’s mistress.

Celebrating 12 years of being married ❤️


Let me give you some ideas:

  • Be confident.

Confidence comes from within. You don’t have to be the sexiest, the skinniest, the smartest, and an heiress.
Own your body. Own your mind.
You are your husband’s partner. Not a maid, not his cook, not his child taker.
You are equal. And let him know that.
You can always be submissive, but this is your choice and not what he expects you to do.

Stop saying “I’m fat”, “I look ugly”, “I look old” every freaking time. Your sweet husband might say otherwise and start to compliment you (which you expect him to say anyways) but learn to appreciate yourself first.

Many times I feel  like a whale but I don’t complain to Gibson. Because I know it’s not his fault I’m feeling like a pregnant mommy whale. I know he will love me nonetheless but I want to maintain an ideal weight for my own self-confidence.

  • Stop nagging

Remember: mistresses don’t nag.
I know it’s difficult but remember that your husband is your equal.
Treat him the way you want him to treat you too.
Be an adult and talk things through.

  • Compliment him

Instead of complaining, compliment.
Tell him how good looking he is. How sexy he is whenever he wears that red shirt.
Complement how young he looks with his new haircut.
Admire him often. Compliment when he least expect it.
You want him to say you are the most beautiful woman in his eyes, right? Tell him that too.

Aside from the physical traits, tell him his good characteristics as well.
That you appreciate how he opens the door for you. Or that he is a good provider and father of your children.
A warning though: don’t do this too often that he will feel overly confident.

  • Let him know that he is the love of your life but not your life

I always tell the hubby that I love him so dearly and passionately but he also knows that I can live without him.
Cheat once and he will have a very difficult custody battle with the kids. And I’m not joking.

That’s why I always encourage women to dream big and dream more.
The Wealthy Pinay is an advocacy for me in a sense that I want all ladies to have their own source of income.
You can be a homemaker and a money-maker at the same time. Wives can be whatever they want to be if they just believe they can do it.

  • Spice things up

In every sense. You know what I mean.
Do things unexpectedly. Surprise him all the time.
Being confident means knowing what you want and not be shy about it.
Adding spice into your marriage is a great way to keep the fire burning.
Don’t wait for him to act, start the show from time to time.


All these tips are tried and tested BUT you shouldn’t do this to please him but rather do this for yourself.
We are young until we start to feel old. And only 100 is old.
Can you imagine that Ellen de Generes turned 60 last month? She doesn’t look even like 50!

I’m inspired to live young and act young. Let’s fill this lifetime with LIFE and LOVE 🙂
Have a good day peeps! 🙂


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