About menopause and writing blocks

Wonder what’s with the title? Read on.

I am very very very keen to write something for this blog. I’ve been very quiet here for weeks now and totally not happy about it. I’m trying not to beat myself for being an absentee blogger because, you know, I have to focus on other things too (like The Wealthy Pinay). But I’m still trying anyways.

Sunday evening – I thought I’ll write about menopause because I have something witty to say about the topic.
But I need to eat first. Then I realized I want to read a book after dinner.
Monday evening – I started writing about menopause and managed to write few sentences. And then watched the semi-finals of Tawag ng Tanghalan.

Today, Tuesday, I added few sentences more. For TWO FREAKING DAYS I only managed to write 2 paragraphs.
And the worst part is I don’t know how to continue writing about the topic.


I have my period today (TMI!) and it made me think if I’m going to miss my period once it’s gone.
I’m far away from getting menopausal although I wonder how I’ll feel once this monthly thing won’t visit me anymore.

When Biel was born, we know that she’ll be our last child. So I googled on ways how not to get pregnant and that’s when I learned that menopausal symptoms only starts from age 50 in average.
“That’s how long I will take contraceptions?”, so I decided we’ll just do the natural way to avoid having another baby.


And that’s it.

I can’t even recall why I want to talk about menopause.
What am I thinking that Sunday evening? Why did I even think this is an interesting topic?
I have no idea.

And now I’m stuck with this 2-paragraph draft. I can delete it for sure but it’s like wasting 2 nights of writing. And every paragraph for me these days are important.

So please, if you want to guest post here, I will be very thankful.

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