Buhay pa po

Buhay pa po (English translation: Still Alive)

It has been 2 months since I posted something for this blog and I rarely shared anything on any of my social media accounts. You may want to read this post I wrote for The Wealthy Pinay.

Anyhoo, I have a long list of posts I would like to share like my Belgrade trip, our Australian trip, the continuation of our Hong Kong trip last year (grabe noh?) and reviews of many restaurants we tried.

My phone has so many draft posts of things I want to share with you and I wonder when I’ll have the energy to finish them. You think blogging is easy? Yes, I thought too. Well maybe it’s easy if I won’t care about how others will feel about the post. But I just don’t want to dump photos and not share some useful info.

Like how to get a visa, or how much it costs, or is it worth it? I’m not really a travel or food blogger and I don’t think you also expect that I’ll give you answers to everything but if I’m a reader of my blog then I want to read something with sense or I can relate to.

Let’s take 1 step at a time because I don’t want to pressure myself.

Today is my daughter’s birthday. And as a tradition we let our kids have their choice of venue to celebrate it. Biel wants to go to Chuck e Cheese so Chuck e Cheese we go! So let’s make this a quick update detailing why I was MIA.

Early February – daughter was hospitalized because of Pneumonia

Following week – I got very very sick
Last week of February – travelled to Belgrade for business trip. And experience my first snow

March 1-21 – I felt so overwhelmed with work and personal ganaps
March 22 – holiday in Sydney for 2 weeks. Totally fabulous and totally expensive!!!

Just one of the wineries we visited while in Sydney.

This is not a trick shot. Buwis buhay talaga!

“How did I gain 3 kilos in 1 week?” moment…

And now I’m back to the daily grind. We have started the process of building our home in Paranaque which is sooo exciting! This is part of going home for good next year plan

Well, I will try my best (again!) to write. And PLEASE drop me an email if you want to guest post. I would truly appreciate!

Have a good day peeps! Love Love Love 🙂

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