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Today is my husband’s birthday and since I have no gift, I instead posted a message of love on his private Facebook account which I rarely do because I hate PDA (public display of affection) even if it’s online.
I would like to think he really like my gift 🙂

We had dinner at Kimchee by Shogun and I invited few friends to join as well.

It’s been a while since I wrote something because I am super duper busy working on a major project! Super major because I know this is life-changing for me and for all the people who will be touched by it.


Here’s a snippet

Now, creating the framework and content modules of the project is something easy for me since it’s already in my core and the words just flow. I know how I want to structure it and I have clear purpose of why I am doing it.

What’s keeping me on my toes are the technical and IT side of things. I have to learn about funnels, lead pages, opt-in pages that was totally alien to me just a few months ago and here I am now trying to make sense of them all.

I have an IT background and although I keep on saying that I am the dumbest IT person out there, maybe, just maybe that those 4 years in university taught me something. I just freaking hope so.

Wonder what’s all these about?

You know how I love sharing my thoughts and have been vocal lately of my belief that we can have money, love, health, job and really everything and anything we want  just by having faith and using the power of our mind.

But at the same time, just having strong positive traits are not enough if you won’t take things into action.

For me, this is the magic formula:
Decide what you want + Believe that it’s possible for you + Action  = Goal achieved

Looks easy right? But why does a lot of people struggle?
Why is there a big number of Filipino families who are in debt?
Why are we still forced to live far from each other?
Why can’t we save?
Why is it difficult to start investing?

I know that this is a big statement but since 2015, my life had been extraordinarily amazing.
And to use the words ‘extraordinarily amazing’ is also a change of mindset for me.
My old self would freak out to even think, lest voice out, that my life is amazing.
I might jinx myself right? And how bitch of me to say that my life is good.

But that was my old self. 

Since I found out the “magic formula”, I used it on my own advantage.

And the formula is not only being positive, or prayerful or scrimping – it’s way more than that.
It’s a combination of different mindset, tremendous amount of faith and most importantly positive and inspired actions.

I am trying to tell you through various blog posts and videos of this magic formula. Formula that is being taught by hundreds of successful people. People who are not only extremely rich but also living their life and their purpose. Philanthropic, adventurous, spiritual. I consider them my mentors even though they don’t know me.

Since I found out the formula in 2015, I experienced quantum leap of success.
I can say, without bragging, that Gibson and I are now multi-millionaires.
We can buy properties and other material things in cash.
We can gift our parents that things that they have dreamt all their lives.
We can give jobs to others by building businesses back home.
We can sponsor children until they finish college.
We are not (yet) extremely wealthy but we are living comfortably.

And no, we didn’t join any networking, sold our kidney, or offered our souls to devil.

The only difference is that in 2015, I realized that I am actually capable of achieving anything – as in anything – that my mind can perceive.

You know I don’t have any mentor. The people I am following don’t know me.
And there is no one in my immediate circle that has shared their success stories or tell publicly how they did it.
Maybe, just like others, not because they don’t want to share but they are afraid to be judged as brags.

That’s when I realized I have to speak.
And more than speak, I will tell you the magic formula.
All the actions, all the mantras (sounds voodoo but it works), all the things I learned along the way.

And the fact that it worked for me, I am highly positive it will worked for you too.
As long as you are willing and you are ready for it.
I am so excited about this because, as I said earlier, I know this will be life changing for you.

Imagine a life that you don’t have to think about money.
Imagine finally being with your kids and your loved ones.
Imagine travelling the world.
Imagine managing your own business.
Imagine sharing your time and money to charities that you love.

Just imagine the possibilities.

I will tell you the answers and more soon. Very very soon…

Lyn Joy


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