Relaxing Friday

I was supposed to do some shopping for the salon yesterday.
But the almost 50 C temperature is turning me into an old asparagus lately.
Around 2pm, I knew that there’s no chance we will venture out so I decided to just go to our neighborhood salon.

The idea is to have pedicure and facial.
I try to do my toenails done every 2 weeks and have facial once a month.
And it’s been months since I visited a salon.
It’s about high time!

While browsing the menu, Simply Beauty has some combo offers.
Moroccan bath and Facial for AED 250 and 30-minute Foot massage and Pedicure for AED 100.
Hmmm… not bad.
And the most important question I always ask – how long are these treatments?

Moroccan and facial will be 2 hours, foot massage and pedicure is another hour.
Should be fine. Gibson and kids were having a nap and they would only missed me for 1 hour or less.
So let the pampering begin!

“The Moroccan Bath known by some, as “Hamam Maghrabi” is a bathing tradition that in the past, and in some places today, is performed in public baths. It was popular in the past, and still is today due to its anti-aging and skin-healing properties.

Your skin naturally undergoes a process of continual shedding and renewal, however, as you age this process slows down and dead skin cells accumulate on your face and body, clogging your pores, building up toxins in the skin, and resulting in a rough, aged look. Removing the dead skin cells stimulates cell regeneration and improves blood circulation to help you achieve younger looking skin and prevent early aging.”

Not everyone can have Moroccan bath.
If you have high blood pressure, then you can’t do it. I reckon it’s because of the steaming process.
Then if you have qualms being naked in front of a stranger, this treatment is not for you.
Lastly, the lady who will do the treatment will touch you everywhere – as in everywhere!
Not for the conservative ladies for sure.

It was my 3rd time having Moroccan bath and I’m getting used to it.
I was so conscious the first time I did it in 2008 that I wonder how other ladies can do it regularly.
Second time was again out of curiosity and the amount of dead skin cells that the lady removed from me was embarrassing that I promised myself I will exfoliate more often.

Yesterday was more of the idea that this treatment is the most pampering of them all.
What can be more pampering than being a bathed like a baby?
You will be shampooed, scrubbed and rinsed like a 2-year old girl.
The only time I touched myself (no malice involved) was when I need to wash my private area down there.

But I actually didn’t think myself like a baby when I was doing the treatment yesterday.
Babies are defenseless and weak, and you don’t have control.
Instead I think of myself as a queen. And this is how queens are being treated in the old times.
Just like Cleopatra.

The treatment started when they took my blood pressure and checked if it’s normal.
I then undressed and just wore a disposable panty.
I was then ushered to their Moroccan bath room which was already steaming when I arrived.

The therapist first shampooed my hair, rinsed it and then applied hair conditioner.
She then applied Moroccan bath soap all over my body, followed by steam for 15 minutes.
She rinsed me and then the exfoliation began.
Using a loofah, she scrubbed away all the dead skin cells on my body, from the neck down to my toes.

After the exfoliation, I was again rinsed and then the lady applied another gel-type mixture.
She said it’s to moisturize and close the pores.
I was then left for 15 minutes followed by more rinsing.

Simply Beauty offers towels, body lotion and deodorant spray that you can use after.
My skin feels so soft after the treatment, and the only thing I want to do is sleep.
Relaxing Friday

After my Moroccan bath, I went upstairs to their facial room.
I just went for their regular facial as I only want to remove the black heads and white heads resting on my face.
I really don’t want those anti-aging or whitening facials they offer.

Relaxing Friday

No matter how often I do facial, the black head removal process is still always painful.
The only part that I look forward to is the facial massage and mask.
Relaxing Friday

With still my nose being so red like Rudolph after the facial, I went next to their mani and pedi room.

The lady who did my foot massage knows reflexology and boy it was painful!
She pressed various points of my foot that I almost kicked her.
And she said she’s only doing a massage.
I’m not complaining though. No pain no gain.
Relaxing Friday

After 30 minutes of torture foot massage, the last treatment is the pedicure.
As much as I want to try the chrome gel mani and pedi, I am pressed for time.
I’m now inside the salon for more than 3 hours. I’m surprised that Gibson hasn’t called me yet.
And gel mani and pedi will take another good 2 hours. I can’t.

So simple pedi will be enough this time.
Relaxing Friday

It was 4 hours of uninterrupted pampering which was so so so glorious.
As usual, Gibson asked why it took so long. And as usual, I replied that it was actually not enough.
I wanted to have manicure done and 90-minute body massage and some hot oil treatments.
My response would always shut him up.
Being lady is never easy honey.

Have a good day people!

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