My thoughts in 2015 – Revisited

I have been browsing my draft folders to see if there’s a blog post I can continue working on so I can just publish it.
Then I found this:

Five things I’m thinking today

1. When will I stop being employed and start my own business?

2. Need to fill-up our Italian visa application.

3. Waaah! Tita Beth left for good. Who’s in charge now?

4. Can I just shop without thinking of a budget?



This is very amusing for me.

The draft is dated November 28, 2015.
I reckon the reason I didn’t publish this was because I can’t think of a 5th point, and then day ended.
If I continue working on it the next day then I’m not only thinking about these things that day but also the following day.
So it’s not only today. Get it?

It’s interesting to read something that gives us a glimpse of our state of mind back then.
That’s why, I think, having a journal or diary is a good idea.
It’s amusing to know how much we changed from the time we wrote that thought up to present.
Did we improve or became worst? Or have we changed our mindset at all.

Anyways, let me answer my own self point-by-point.

1 . When will I stop being employed and start my own business?

Well I have some news for you Lyn Joy. First, you are still employed.
Now the only difference is that I know you don’t feel depress working in the office anymore.
Either your company is better now OR your mindset about being an employee has changed.
Either way, your new outlook is good for you mental health.

Second, you now have your own nail salon! Congratulations.
Strange that you have no freaking idea that you will have your own business in just over a year from the day you have written this.

2. Need to fill-up our Italian visa application.

You might be referring to your 2nd European tour and this time with Jholen and Milet and their spouses.
That was a very fun trip indeed.


3. Waaah! Tita Beth left for good. Who’s in charge now?

It was truly a worrisome period. Tita Beth, our beloved auntie who took care of my kids since they were an infant, decided to go back home after 8 years of living with us. Her only child passed away in a deadly accident and just can’t find the reason why she needs to work overseas when the only reason she decided to work abroad is now gone.

I was so dependent on her on everything about the household and kids that I thought it will be a disaster when she left.
But my motherly instinct kicked in and although I had some moments of doubt that I was doing the correct thing, the transition was smooth. I became more involved with my kids and now feel that I am really the mother of my children.


4. Can I just shop without thinking of a budget?

Either my attitude towards money and shopping changed or I can really buy whatever I want now.

Nowadays, even though I think I can afford to shop, I don’t shop.
Shopping doesn’t excite me anymore.
I just buy things because I need to and not because I want to.

After opening SLIAN NAILS last February and using most of our money for that, I have this burning desire to aggressively increase our savings so we can open another branch by end of the year.

Maybe that’s why I don’t want to spend for petty things like clothes and gadgets and bags and shoes.
What I have currently is enough and I don’t need more.

My gosh! I am so mature I can’t recognize my new self. LOL.


Maybe I should continue jotting down my notes from time to time and read it after a few years.
You could try it for fun too.

Have a good day!

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