Last week

I made a pact with myself that I will post every Saturday of what happened on my busy, happy, boring life that week.
You know, just to write something.
I was in front of my laptop the whole day yesterday. Watching makeup tutorials, reading Cosmo online and researching on how to grab business class seats for free.  I was able to watch and read everything that interests me but writing that post, nah!

Even the hot congee didn’t help
Last week

Gibson and I also had a row yesterday. Nothing violent but I cried out of frustration. Since last weekend, he was throwing out papers and junks from our drawer, computer table and documents hidden around our room. I am very much aware of what he was doing and even voiced out my concern that he might throw some important papers by mistake but I let him be. It’s rare that we do spring cleaning and if he’s in the mood, I won’t stop him.

In the afternoon, when we’re supposed to throw the bin, my BIL noticed some ‘nice’ magazines he thought would still be useful. *AGHAST!!!*
It’s my Ikea catalogue collection that I have been collecting since 2012 (don’t laugh!). I also found out that some personal receipts and papers that I’ve been holding on for years is in that bin. I mean, sure, for him it looks like thrash but I am keeping these papers for some reason. I thought he was just clearing his papers. HE SHOULD NOT TOUCH MY FILES!!!!

To cut the story short, he angrily returned the plastic bag and kept it inside our cabinet because I was so emotional to even look at them and sort out the papers I want to keep. Hay!!! I’m still irritated with him (slight) and for sure he still finds me irrational  but knowing us we will be fine in a day or two.

It was not the nicest end of the week. So let me replace that melodramatic moment with happy thoughts and memories of how my week went.

If there’s one major major (ala Venus Raj) event that happened last week, it’s the start of Biel in big school! Woot! Woot!
The excited parents dropped her in school and she only cried a little bit when we were leaving.
Last week

However, today in the morning, she is crying buckets and begging not to go to school. It’s heartbreaking to see her like that.
I have this thought that she’s really too young to go to school (She’s not btw. As per UK curriculum, her age is just right for FS2).
Her bus picks her up at 5:45. Can you believe that? FIVE FORTY FIVE!!!
I will never be forced to wake up before 5am everyday and here I am doing it to my daughter.

I am hoping that we will get used to this new routine soon. She was like this when she started nursery early this year but had an enjoyable time after two weeks or so. I’m praying that this is just a phase. Amen.

Change topic and on a positive note, I am quite obsessed with make-up and skin care lately. I bought several items during my vacation in the Philippines. All from SM department store and nothing costs above 500 pesos. I am just a newbie in makeup and don’t want to spend on expensive items if I’m just practicing. I bought an eyebrow kit, highlighter, shimmer, contour powder and several brushes.

And you know what’s the result of these new makeup obsession? Selfie! A LOT of Selfie shots.

In the comfort room, in my car, while walking, everywhere! LOL. Don’t worry. I am not posting them all (yet! haha). I don’t want to be called narcissist.
Last week
Last week

I don’t know about you but I really think my self- confidence increased over time. I rarely enjoy taking pictures of myself when I was younger because I always think I’m too thin, have flat nose, big lips, etc. etc. But comes with age is acceptance. I learned that beauty comes and goes but what’s inside your brain and your heart is much more more important and will never fade. That’s all, thank you! Choz

Hubby also visited me last Wednesday and we had lunch at Miyabi.
Last week

Last Thursday, I took a day-off and picked up Biel in school. As soon as she saw me, she ran and gave me a tight hug. Priceless!
Last week

We went to his dad’s place in DAFZA and had lunch in food court. That’s when I saw this cafe called JOGA. It’s a gay slang for breast. I thought it’s funny that I even posted it on my personal Facebook page
Last week

Over all, apart from what happened yesterday afternoon, last week was good. Some major milestones for Biel, I’m enjoying make-up for the first time, Cole is thrilled having a Filipino teacher at last, and bits and pieces of good stuff.

Let me call hubby now and try to conciliate. Because a regal woman only aspires for World Peace.

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