Do you want to be wealthy?

This is not a trick question. And I will not ask you to join my networking team (I don’t have any).
I really wonder if your interested to be one. Do you want to be wealthy?

Cause I do.

And that’s the reason I’m quiet nowadays. I’m working on a project that will lead the way to my financial independence (Wow! Big word) .
I’m spending my spare time researching, reading various articles, planning and just figuring out how to succeed. I’m not sharing it yet since it’s still in infancy stage but I promise to let you know when it’s ready.

Anyways, going back to the topic, in our society, voicing out our desire to be wealthy is usually frowned upon.
We were trained that asking for more when you already have good family, good health and roof on your head is GREEDY.
How many times have you heard family and friends said that they just want a simple life.
All the time, right?
And have you met someone who actually said they want to be extremely rich?
NEVER. Except maybe from me 🙂 Except from usual rant “Kelan kaya ako yayaman?” (When am I going to get rich?).

Honestly, except for my immediate family, I also don’t tell anyone on my plans to grow a multi-million empire. Either they think I’m losing it, or bragging or I’m just a greedy bitch.
Just like everyone else I’m scared of being labeled as mukhang pera (greedy) by people who don’t know me personally.

And that leads me to question on why having the desire of being wealthy is wrong?

Do you want to be wealthy?

I think from childhood, we were conditioned that we should never aim for more money. We should strive to be a God-fearing, law-abiding, useful citizen of our society and that’s it. We should work hard, earn a living and as long as there’s food on the table, we have a safe home, and we’re healthy then asking for more is a no-no. It’s too much. We should be contented with our blessings. There are people in the world who is far worst than us so just be thankful on what we have.

And I agree on most of the above statements. We should always be God-fearing servants, law abiding citizens and strive to be better human beings in this world. We should be thankful for all our blessings – our work, seeing the sun every morning, our family’s good health, not getting stuck in traffic, that heartbreak that lead you to your ‘forever’ – just be thankful for everything!
But I don’t think it should end there. I believe that God created us and gave us talents and brains to make use of it.

Having more money won’t change who you are. It can change your personality but it won’t radically change your core.

Rich people who are greedy with money is already greedy even when they were still poor.
Wealthy people who treat others badly are already mean even before they strike gold.
If someone is cruel then they will be cruel – with or without money.

At the same time, if you are already sharing your money to others even when you only had enough to survive, then having more moolah might actually make you more generous not only to your family but to others as well. And you don’t need act different just because you have more cash. You can be wealthy and just be you.
You can be rich and hippy.
Rich and happy.
Rich and single.
Rich and love cats.
Rich and still enjoy midnight sales.
Rich and generous.
Rich and lazy.
Rich and chill.

When I came to Dubai in 2005, I have no money. Gibson and I shared one Al Marai chocolate custard to celebrate our first monthsary.
After 11 years of working here, I can say that my husband and I are fortunate and disciplined enough that we’re able to invest and save. And I don’t think having extra money changed our values and beliefs. Yes, we could have been spending more but what we believe in and what we stand for are still the same stuff we believe in and stand for eleven years ago.

I still shop on the same clothes store and still wary of going inside luxury stores even for window shopping.
I still prefer to buy grocery items from West Zone and get excited with 1.99 dhs/kilo sale price of onions.
When I was younger, I used to avoid taking pedicab in our area in Obando because it’s like I’m in sagala but then now that I’m older, I frickin’ don’t care.
I still love to buy isaw and betamax from the street vendor wearing the pajamas I’m sporting the whole day (sometimes butas pa).

So you see, having extra cash didn’t change me. After college graduation, I always wonder how it feels like to drive my own car and when I finally had one, I was giddy at first but I don’t think about it now. It’s like everyone has a car anyways.
Money just became a tool to do things that I always wanted to do. It inspires me to work smarter and spend it without guilt.
I am able to share it not only with family but to others as well.

And by accumulating wealth, there’s a chance I can reach more people’s lives. I know this is very Oprah-esque but I want to inspire fellow Filipinos to achieve their dreams. I would like to give seminars and coaching sessions with fellow Filipinos on how they can get the level of success they want to achieve. And to be credible, I need to achieve more.

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So, do you want to be wealthy?



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  1. Katie says:

    Being wealthy is not a bad thing. I’m in the workforce for only 6 years and I always strive to find ways to earn and make money work for me. So yeah continue to have that mindset. You’re not alone. 🙂

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