Dreamworks Spa Dubai

“Eat lightly at least an hour before you step in for any type of massage. An exaggeratedly full stomach will be painful to lie on”

I know this is one of the basic rules before a full body massage so why the hell we ate first at Noodle Bowl before our treatment?!? Only the food god knows.

Well to be fair to myself I only booked a few hours before our treatment and we have a few hours to kill before our session and the ‘light’ meal turned out to be a full-blown Asian fest. No regret though.

I’ve been researching for a massage place where I can use The Entertainer and stumbled upon Dreamworks Spa. Their rates are reasonable and it has decent reputation.
We know that having a massage here in Dubai is either dubious (think of those massage parlour cards sticked into parked vehicles) or headache-inducing expensive.

And I know I won’t be able to convince Gibson to have his first ever massage experience if I tell him that he will need to cough up a thousand dirhams for some nice masseuse to release his stress.

Since it was a public holiday (Al Isra’a Wal Mi’raj), I am not sure if they will accept the Entertainer vouchers but as it turned out, they have Lazy Sunday promotion where you get 1 hour Balinese massage for AED 149 instead of AED 275. Very nice offer!

Dreamworks Spa has several branches across Dubai and they are usually located inside 3-star/4-star hotels. The one we went to is inside Ibis Styles Hotel in Al Mina Road in Jumeirah 1.

It took a few rounds before we found a parking in front of the hotel. I’m not sure if Ibis offers valet.
The hotel reception was buzzing with guests (we were there around 1pm) and there were several men in the Dreamworks reception area which made me uneasy at first. I’m used to going inside ladies-only spa and salons. Although they left immediately (some finished paying and others were just inquiring).

My initial impression: Clean, smells good, properly lit. Sure it’s not that fancy compared to other spas I’ve been to but the place is decent.
Dreamworks Spa Dubai
Dreamworks Spa Dubai
Dreamworks Spa Dubai

We were immediately whisked away to their couple’s room as soon as we arrived. Good, no waiting.
Dreamworks Spa Dubai
Dreamworks Spa Dubai

Both our masseuse are nice Thai ladies. They asked us to undress. Gibson was given a disposable short.

It’s garterized.
Dreamworks Spa Dubai

Since we were alone, we grab this opportunity and did something we rarely do in public.

We took a selfie.
Dreamworks Spa Dubai

What do you think we did? Dirty mind…

Gibson and I think that 1 hour is short and we should have done the 90-minute version.
Well, next time.
For 149 dhs, we will surely come back, and if we can’t go back on Sundays, then the Entertainer vouchers will come handy.

Dreamworks Spa Dubai

By the way, this is the April edition of our monthly couple’s date. Instead of just eating out, I thought why not do an activity together. This is my kind of date.


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