Breakfast at The Sum of Us

We went to The Sum of Us last weekend to try their breakfast. It’s our first time to visit the restaurant and have no idea what to expect. I didn’t read any reviews which I usually do before venturing out to new dining place. I just accepted my brother-in-law’s invite who happens to be the Chef de Partie of TSOU (Hi Richard!) and my sister’s friend, Cris, who is the Head Chef of the place.

The Sum of Us is another brainchild of partners who owns Tom & Serg restaurant. I noticed that both restaurants have the same vibe. Parking was easy since we came early but they also have valet parking service in case you can’t find available space in the area.
The Sum of UsThe weather was perfect and outside seating was preferable but since we were with my mom, I don’t want her to freeze so we sat somewhere in the middle. Note that when we were there, they opened the wall that separates the outside and inside seating which I thought was a good idea. You can sit inside but still enjoy the cool breeze from outside.

The Sum of Us
The Sum of Us


We scanned the menu and focused on the breakfast items.The Sum of UsThe Sum of UsIMG_3411_FotorThe Sum of Us


Lunch items are available from 12 noon ’til 5pm. If I’m not mistaken, they don’t serve dinner.The Sum of Us
Some items for takeaway
The Sum of UsThe Sum of Us

While waiting for our food, coffee in 190 ml cup were served.
The Sum of UsI wanted to try something different. I thought that smoked chorizo seems to be interesting so I settled for that.

This is the Patatas Bravas with fried egg. Don’t be fooled, this is a heavy dish thanks to the crispy potatoes. The chorizo, kale and tomato sauce go very well together. I drizzled some Sriracha sauce and it was perfect!
The Sum of Us

Gibson ordered Tsou Benedict which is an english muffin topped with braised veal belly, poached eggs, black garlic and hollandaise. I didn’t get the chance to taste but hubby finished it and has no negative comment so I would assume it tastes fine.The Sum of Us

I’m the one who ordered for my mom and I chose Poached eggs with Manchego potato hash for her. I tasted the hash potato and they were really good. Although she gave me the veal bacon as her teeth can’t take it 🙂
The Sum of Us

We also ordered the Salt Caramel French Toast which has fresh banana, mascarpone and macadamia nuts. I’m not a fan of sweet dishes (I prefer savory stuff) but Gibson and my mom devoured it with gusto.The Sum of Us

And the pretty pancake is for my pretty princess Biel. It has blueberries, young coconut pulp and yoghurt sorbet. Again, it is on the sweet side so I had to pass.The Sum of Us

The waiter recommended the Baked Pear Tart and who are we we to say no 😃. We were able to finish at least half of this slice. We were really full.The Sum of Us

Am I coming back? Definitely yes and will for sure try their lunch dishes.

You can visit The Sum of Us website here: or visit their Facebook page:

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