The Wealthy Pinay Meetup

I have this idea for few months now and I really think it’s time!

I want a meetup!

Since I started the Wealthy Pinay series, my desire to meet like-minded Pinays intensifies. I want to have a chat with fellow Filipinas and just talk about positivity, taking control of our finances, manifesting the lives we would like to have and maybe discuss my free money blocks course.

For practicalities, definitely this will be in Dubai as I don’t want to travel to Manila just for a 2-hour meetup.

There will be 3 conditions though:

-First, this is only for Pinays. You might ask why? It’s because I want our discussion to be in Tagalog-English. I think our session will be more interactive and fruitful if we speak our mother tongue.

And why just females? The discussion we will have might include some personal info and I might be uncomfortable talking to men thinking that that some of my thoughts is something that I actually don’t share with my husband and then sharing it with men I just met makes me uncomfortable. It’s just setting boundaries for me.

– Second condition, no partner, no kids. If you intend to come, I want you to join alone not because I don’t like kids or men but because I want this session to focus on us. This is our time. I don’t want you to be distracted with kids who need to go to the toilet or a husband who is in a hurry to go home.

– Lastly, you are available to meet on a Friday because that’s my free day and I don’t like to go out on a Saturday. We will schedule this on 29th September (Insh allah)

That’s it.

I’m inviting all Pinays based in Dubai (or nearby Emirates as long as you’re willing to come to Dubai). Coffee is on me. I might throw in some pastries too. You just have to bring yourself and it would definitely be a small group.  I’m thinking maybe just 5 of us.

I don’t want to do this with a lot of people because I want this to be beneficial to each and everyone of us. Consider this as a personal coaching session. I’m definitely not a guru or master of anything but I am good on convincing people that they deserve all great things in life.

I think that’s the issue why most of us have limiting beliefs and poor mindsets is because we rarely hear people tell us of what we are capable of doing. We are surrounded by people (sometimes even the closest to us) who are more scared to venture to the unknown. And instead of resisting these negative beliefs, we always tend to listen.

If only everyone understands how our mind is so powerful, the result will be extra ordinary.

I want this meetup to help you kick-start your own money journey. 2-3 hours is a short-time to talk about a lot of things but I want this discussion to be as fruitful as possible.

I want this meetup to trigger your mind so that you’ll be able to kick start your own abundance journey. Sometimes, we only need that one person to push us. And I will be that person.

This meetup is for you if:
  • you aspire to start your own business
  • you intend to pay off all your debts
  • you don’t want to stay in UAE forever as an OFW
  • you are ready to go to your next level of wealth
(Just to be clear, this is not a sales meetup. I won’t sell you anything or any of those networking or pyramiding products or services. This is a plain and simple meetup of like-minded Pinays who aspires to be rich in all aspects of their life.)

Although, to be honest, I plan to start my own life/money mindset coaching sessions in the future and I intend to get paid from it. This is me claiming what I want and taking action on it. So Universe – listen up ok?!


** I want to help you understand why you are not getting the things you want in life may it be that dream lifestyle, dream family, dream business, dream job, dream hobby, etc.

** Let us try to remove your negative thoughts and beliefs about money. These money blocks prevents you from achieving a lot of things like getting that job with higher salary, or that house and lot purchase, or bringing your kids to Dubai.

** You might not be even aware that you have money blocks!

** I will give you the confidence to start that business you have in mind

** I will be that person who will encourage you to do your best. Not because I’m bullshitting you but because YOU ARE TRULY CAPABLE AND READY NOW!

I will be announcing this on Facebook over the weekend and since there is limited slots, I want you (yes, you my lovely readers) to get the chance to have that seat. Please leave a comment or drop me a message at lyn(at) if you are interested.

Hope to see you guys!


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