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Planning for a Hong Kong trip

My siblings and I are planning to go to Hong Kong next year. I’ve booked the hotel (early bird catches the worm), and start researching for activities that we can do. We will be a big group as we’re inviting my in-laws as well. There should be some kind of planning to make sure we won’t end up hating each other at the end of our trip.

Last time my fambam travelled overseas together was December of 2009 in Singapore. That trip was a blur and I can only recall the suicide jump I made in Sentosa, that it was raining when we were in Singapore Zoo and it was lots of walking, eating and shopping.

Only tourists would pose beside a store signagePlanning for a Hong Kong trip

My family minus dad
Planning for a Hong Kong trip

Cole was so tiny then. Cutie!
Planning for a Hong Kong trip

Christmas is always lovely
Planning for a Hong Kong trip

Walking, shopping and eating streetfood. Only things I recall of that trip.Planning for a Hong Kong trip

Of course, you have to do touristy things. Like a souvenir shot with the Merlion.Planning for a Hong Kong trip

And a trip to Singapore is complete without a Sentosa visit. I remember doing this cable car ride and so scared that my flip flops will fall into wilderness.
Planning for a Hong Kong trip

Researching for things to do in Hong Kong aside from a Disney trip is quite challenging as I need to consider the senior citizens, the aging millenials, Gen X’ers and hyper active kids.

I always end up looking at fashion bloggers’ site and just plan my ootd for one full week. As it’s summer, I prefer to wear light colored tops and most probably wear shorts all the time.
Planning for a Hong Kong trip Planning for a Hong Kong trip

And what’s a trip without food right? Suprisingly, their streetfood is similar to ours.

Have you travelled to Hong Kong with family? Any tips and warnings you can share? I would really appreciate!


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If there’s a will, there’s a way – The bento lunch box idea

I think moms in general always feel guilty for a variety of reasons. The feeling that they fail their children one way or the other.
It’s specially true for working moms.
Personally, I always wish I have enough time. Time to help with their studies. Time to attend all school activities. Time to prepare a nutritious lunch box.

Since I started following Cuddles and Crumbs’ Facebook page, Abigail’s lunch box ideas became an inspiration.
It’s so nice that I want to be her child 😂. And I’m amaze how adventurous her children are with food.
Chicken Pilaf – check. Sushi rolls – no problem. Fruits and vegetables- bring it on! Her kids are amaze-balls!

But to be honest, I thought I can’t do it because Abigail is a good homemaker. She has the skills and the time. Might sound unfair but that’s what I thought. SAHMs have more time in their hands to conceptualize, research and prepare their children’s lunchboxes.
A working mom like me doesn’t have a chance to compete with them.

Or so I thought. (more…)

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One fine Friday

After attending mass at St. Mary’s we went to Burjuman to have lunch at Barrio Fiesta. We’re quite a big group, 6 adults and 4 kids so when we saw the Friday buffet for AED 49, we thought it’s better to go for it than order ala carte.

One Fine Friday

Don’t be deceived by the photo. They don’t serve those dishes shown on the ad. I’m not sure if they change menu every weekend but last Friday we had spicy beef (really good), fried tofu, crispy chicken skin (good but bad for your health), creamy pumpkin soup (good), fried rice, grilled chicken (didn’t taste but Cole said it’s fine), chicken sisig (bleh!), sweet & sour fish fillet (didn’t try), goto (good but I wanted it to be extra hot – like boiling hot), stir-fry Asian noodles, some vegetable dishes, salad and dessert which I did not at all try. (more…)

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Splash ‘n’ Party!

Splash 'n' Party

When I told the kids last week that we were going to Splash ‘n’ Party, their first reaction was ‘Where’s that?’. After experiencing this water park, the place has now been a part of their vocabulary and the only question now is ‘When are we going back?’.

Splash ‘n’ Party is the newest aqua park in Dubai that caters to kids. Unlike other water parks geared towards teenagers and adults with their adrenalin-rush rides and water features, Splash ‘n’ Party is where children can truly enjoy while their parents chill out on the sides. (more…)

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Packing light with kids

If you know me personally, you know that travelling light is something that I’m not very good at. A one-night stay in a hotel means having 1 big luggage, 1 backpack, a laptop bag, kids’ own personal totes that looks more or less like this:

And this is just for a 1-night stay in a hotel. I know right?travel light (more…)

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Finding the right school

In the Philippines, as long as you have the money, you can basically enroll your child in any school of your choice. Ok, maybe not 100% true, but most of the time. You don’t need to worry being put on a waitlist, assessment is just a formality, schools are not very strict with age limit and tuition fees are somehow manageable. You will definitely find something on your budget and can easily find school that provides the quality of education you want for your kid. So I can’t understand why it’s so difficult in Dubai! WHY?!!?! (more…)

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Being a good mother


I know. Writing and reading this post might be too dramatic to start our 2016. But as I said, welcoming the new year brings some kind of sentimentality. We congratulate ourselves for surviving the previous year and at the same time looking forward to a better 12 months ahead. We reflect on things that we will try and hope to achieve.

I think I’ve mentioned this hundred times before that my life-long dream is to be a stay-at-home mom or ideally a working-from-home mom so I can take care of the kids full time.  (more…)

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What to pack in your hospital baby bag?

What to pack in your hospital baby bag?

My cousin, Shayne, is 5 or 6 months pregnant and she herself is not sure how far along she is in her pregnancy. And I don’t judge her for not being 100% accurate as when I was pregnant myself, I always got confused on how I’m going to add up weeks to months. When did we start counting weeks? It was used to be just months during our mother’s time! (more…)

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Modhesh World

Modhesh-World-2015With just few weeks left before school begins, I am thinking of activities that can make the kids’ remaining summer days more enjoyable and memorable. I want to go somewhere we haven’t been before. It’s also a good excuse for me to have something to write about. 🙂

Since hubby has this weekly basketball game at Dubai Sports World in Dubai World Trade Centre every Thursday night, he suggested that we come along and visit Modhesh World. I know it’s quite strange that Modhesh World is already celebrating their 15th edition and yet my kids haven’t been there. Well, better late than never and you know how things become bigger and better every year? I think our timing was just perfect. (more…)

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