20 by 2020

20 by 2020

20 by 2020

I’m a firm believer of Law of Attraction. Basically, it is the philosophy that like attracts like. Whatever you focus on, may it be positive or negative, will happen. If you’re a positive person, positive things happen to you. if you dwell on negative thoughts, then don’t be surprised that everything goes downhill. Instead of thinking “It’s difficult” or “I don’t have money” or “It’s impossible”, focus on phrases such as “I’m grateful”, “I love my life” and “Everything is possible” because it is. 

Being positive will result in positive actions. Once you focus on the positive aspects of a situation, everything seems to be easier. Life becomes easy. I think my mindset has always been geared towards positivity and I’m not into drama and issues. I’ve noticed that my family shares the same attitude. We don’t dwell on negative things. We never make big issues out of nothing. We just love to laugh and talk and eat. We don’t share negative things on social media not because our life is perfect and oh so rosy. No, just like everyone else, we have our own problems, heartaches and disappointments. But would thinking about the issue helps? Should I stress about things that I cannot control? Or should I focus more on things that I want to happen instead of things that I don’t want to happen. I think life is a choice. You are the captain of your own ship. Either you gear your life towards your desired destination or make several detours since you don’t know where you’re going or just give up and abandon ship if you hit an iceberg. Choice is yours to make.

Ok, so going back to the title of this post (I know that I made a long intro and it starts to be too melodramatic), I made a list of 20 things I want to achieve by 2020. I have written this list in October this year when I was so stressed at work and I’m thinking of quitting. That day, I snapped out of my depression and psyched myself that I should concentrate on the things I want in 5 years time and work smart to achieve it. Again, focus on things you would want in life instead of what’s not working well. Also, by writing it down, feeling the excitement while making the list, re-visiting the list from time to time and just enjoying the whole process will alert the Universe that this is really want you want. Before you know it, your actions and decisions will lead you to your goals.

Your goals can be as longterm or short term as you want. It can be extravagant or simple. It can have a few items or long list of things you would to accomplish. The point is just to really think of what you want and believe that it would happen. Don’t think about the how. Just believe.

This is mine and Gibson’s list. Since we are a couple, my dreams are his dreams and vice versa and we, more or less, share the same aspirations. Again, as this is our own personal list, you may find it too shallow, or materialistic or impossible but for us this is reality. Of course this list is something that we can accomplish (with the help of God, believing in ourselves and taking action). There are things that has always been on our daily prayer such as good health, safety, world peace, our kids, etc. which obviously doesn’t count as a goal since you want it everytime. Gets? 🙂

Here it goes:

1. Buy a house and lot (side note: few weeks after writing this list, we actually bought our own residential lot in Paranaque. How fast right? 🙂 )

2. Save X million of pesos (I won’t say how much. It’s too personal)

3. Travel to France

4. Financial independence at the age of 40 (Because I’m turning 40 in 2020. OMG!!!)

5. Japan! Japan!

6. Korea here we come!

7. Sponsor 5 children in World Vision.

8. Blogging to be a source of income

9. Inspirational Filipina entrepreneur in UAE (Ha! I even want to be invited by our Philippine Consulate in Dubai to be a guest speaker. That’s how detailed my dream is!)

10. Have an own place in Dubai

11. Limit beef and pork intake to 3 meals a week. (Health is wealth)

12. See New York, LA and San Francisco

13. Visit Jem and Leo in Sydney.

14. Successful restaurant and salon in Dubai

15. Stay in Burj Al Arab

16. Learn a sport or start a fitness routine

We still don’t have number 17-20. I thought I’ll give that space to Gibson to decide what else he would want to add.

So that’s our list. I promise you that making this list is fun. Let the positive energy flows while doing it. Smile. Imagine how it would be like doing the things on your plan. How fulfilling, grateful, happy and contented you are. When negative thought crawls in your mind saying it’s impossible, just snapped out of that negativity and again go back to your list and think on how good the Lord is for letting you having this things.

Enjoy my friends 🙂 . You may also want to read www.youdeserveit.me for more positivity.

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