Upgrade to Emirates Business Class

A few days before our flight, Gibson and I received a mail from Emirates notifying us that we can check-in. Mentioned on the same mail is an offer to be upgraded for AED 1800 per person for one way. I haven’t seen this kind of offer before. Either because it’s really not offered to us or it’s not in our consciousness hence we haven’t noticed.
You see, it’s our first time to travel without the kids and it could be a factor why we have received this mail.

Anyways, I initially thought that this is a very very good offer. We only paid AED 2040 each for our return tickets and paying additional AED 1800 (3600 for both of us) is not bad. We once paid for my MIL’s EK flight to Dubai for more than 5k dhs.

Before the flight, I had organized a 2-day conference and had very little sleep and just the thought of being able to lay down and nap seems very appealing. I don’t sleep on planes because I can never sleep while seating.
Lucky are those who can doze-off anywhere, anytime.

Before purchasing the upgrade, I check how much it will cost if we buy the regular upgrade and the amount makes my head spin. We will need to shell out AED 21k! Granted that this upgrade is for return but still the amount is something I’m not willing and can’t afford (yet) to pay.
Upgrade to Emirates Business Class

There were some conditions on this upgrade though.
– You can’t use the privileges offered to other business class passengers like airport chaffeur and business class lounge access.
– This offer is only valid to be purchased online and can’t be availed during check-in.

Knowing these conditions, we purchased our first business class seats together the night before our flight.
Upgrade to Emirates Business Class

This is an experience that will be nice to be shared together. I’m not a frequent traveller and we always travel together as family so nabbing that free upgrade is next to impossible. I was once upgrade to business class on the way to HongKong (I was travelling alone) and I just spent most of the time sleeping.

You remember that we plan to have a couple’s night every month and we haven’t had one in February due to many reasons. First, Gibson had a knee surgery. Followed by my event at work and lastly our super duper hectic schedule in the Philippines.
This flight experience is our February date.

As much as I want to share with you our experience through photos so you would have an idea what to expect, my phone was stolen while in the Philippines. All the pictures, contacts, notes are gone! I got these pictures from G’s phone.

Moet and Chandon was overflowing. A glass of it in economy costs USD 25.
Emirates Business class

It was really nice having this experience with hubby and I hope this won’t be the last. Hoping we can try this with kids too.
Emirates Business class

The flight is empty, even the economy class.
Emirates Business class

This is Gibson’s appetizer during dinner. I had some Arabic appetizer.
Emirates Business class

We can’t recall what we had for mains but I remember for breakfast, I had laksa and Gibson had nasi goreng.

On our return to Dubai, we didn’t get the chance to avail this online but we tried to be upgraded at the airport. The check-in counter initially said it’s possible and took Gibson’s credit card but after more than 1 hour she came back saying that it’s only applicable for certain fare category. We will need to first pay for a higher fare category before we can avail the upgrade.

Honestly, it’s quite irritating as it took them forever to come back to us just to say it’s not possible. Moral lesson of the story is make sure you purchase them online especially if you bought your tickets very cheap.

I’ll tell you something. I kind of manifest these business class seats. In November, Cole told me he wants to fly business class. Very Dubai kid, right? So I am trying to think of ways of getting these seats without paying the full-price. I started collecting points (Airmiles and SPG), I contemplated of getting credit cards with affiliation with major airlines, and just basically researched. I am not researching on how to get it free. What I want is how to get it cheap. The latter is more probable.

I even wrote in my 2017 wishlist that we will fly in business class as family. Of course when I wrote my goals for 2017 I have no idea how all these things will happen but you know how dreams do come true right? It might be too trivial for some or even non-sense for many but this is what I want.

I am a great in manifestation because I have complete trust that God will provide. And as I said, I don’t associate money with bad things. Money is just a tool so it’s neutral. What we do with it is what will define us. You can use it on things that makes you happy both emotionally and spiritually. Having a lot of it won’t turn someone into a bad person nor should you expect something bad will happen because you are wealthy. I don’t think God works like that. God is giving and always wants the best for His children.

Ok, enough with coaching part. Hope you guys enjoy the weekend.

Remember: You Deserve It!


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