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We just had our breakfast at Tom & Serg. It’s my second time visiting this restaurant but I wasn’t blogging then. It’s quite obvious we had a good experience then to consider repeating the experience.

We sent our car for tinting in Al Quoz and we had around 2 hours to waste and since Tom and Serg is just around the area we decided to have our breakfast there.

It was around quarter past 10 when we arrived and the place is still not packed. I remember how it was during early months after Tom & Serg’s opening. Waiting time for a table is more than 30 minutes and can reach to an hour. Crazy! I find it amazing considering the restaurant is sitting in an industrial area. I let the hype die down before I visited the place. Although note it doesn’t mean that the restaurant was deserted when we came. Before we leave around 11, the place was already buzzing with people. We just came at the right time. I can imagine how it is during Fridays and holidays.

Tom & Serg has this artisan, rustic, homey feel to it. It’s not intimidating and staff are just wearing their casual clothes under an apron.

This is the facade. Low-key and you can easily get lost if you are expecting a flashy signage outside.Tom&Serg

This is the lower levelTom&Serg

This the second floor.Tom&Serg

View from topTom&Serg

There are lots of books and magazines to read if in case you plan to linger longer after eating.Tom&Serg

We settled upstairs as there’s a small kiddie area for children. My kids are obviously enjoying the place which is good. No need for an iPad to entertain them.Tom&Serg


We checked the two-page menu



I ordered their Warm Salmon Miso Soba which has salmon, miso soba noodle, edamame, fried tofu, seaweed and bokchoy.Tom&Serg

I love all the ingredients of this salad except that the dressing is too lemony for me. Our Asian tastebuds are used to garlicky, slightly salty and warm noodles and this one has maybe 2 or 3 lemons (or lime) more than what I can enjoy. Nonetheless, I ate everthing in my plate except the noodles and I am happy and full.

Gibson had the Smoked Salmon on Toast. It has poached egg, beetroot hummus, rocket leaves, avocado and smoked salmon.Tom&Serg

I took a bite of his food and it’s actually good. I think he enjoyed it too as he finished it in no time. The beetroot hummus is interesting and tastes wonderful.

For the kids, I ordered French Toast, scrambled egg and sweet potato crisps.

French Toast
“This is delicious mom” and he almost finished it by himself. Very good.Tom&Serg

Scrambled egg on toast
This is under kid’s meal. Just plain scrambled egg.Tom&Serg

Sweet potato crisps
They are really crispy and I could finish 5 orders of this by myself. For me, better eaten without the dip.Tom&Serg

My son, Cole, said he liked his food too. Although he thought it was only his appetizer. I am assuming his scrambled egg came on smaller portion than what he is used to.

If I can add that the service is fast and the staff are friendly. There’s free wifi too!

Here’s our total billTom&Serg

Tom & Serg is located in Sheikh Zayed Road, just a few stores away from Ace Hardware. I don’t think they accept reservations so go there early.

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