I’ll tell you a secret

Ok, not really a secret because I’ve told few people of the plan. This is not set in stone and I don’t have fixed date yet but I’m determined to make it happen soon.

We will go back home!
As in Philippines home.
As in for good.
I’m planning now for a 12-month exit strategy.
That’s how serious I am.

Although I have one very big concern.

Not about our finances. It’s not our source of income. It’s not about if my kids’ could settle well in their new environment. I’m not concerned on how we will all adjust in the hustle and bustle of the Philippines when we are so familiar with Dubai.

I’m not much concerned in any of that. I only have one worry.
And that is – I am not a Filipina Expat anymore.
I’m just a Filipina, period. Maybe Filipina Speaker. Filipina Entrepreneur. Filipina Beauty Queen. Filipina Mom.
But not a Filipina Expat anymore.


It didn’t ever cross my mind that I’ll be leaving this country until the kids are all in college. I thought by that time I will be a Filipina Expat for another good 10 years or so. I may not be blogging anymore so no big deal. I am not expecting that I would entertain this idea now so soon.

And you may ask me why? Why are we deciding to leave?

First and foremost, if my husband reads this, he would say that this is my idea alone. And I agree with him.
I’m not sure if he is willing to go back home. Maybe he will decide to work for a few more years in Dubai and then move back.
Maybe. I’m not sure and I don’t want to ask him yet. But I know he can’t live without me (he actually said “I can’t live without the kids” but I can believe what I want to believe, right?)

I’m only sure of my plan. And that is going home with my kids this year or early next year.
Of course if I’m going back to Philippines then I need to bring the kids with me. No brainer both for financial reason and my sanity.

This is a big realization for me this 2018. Only a few days ago that I believe this can really happen.
Of course, leaving is an idea that has been there since we became an OFW but you never really thought of going back home because

A) What will I do in the Philippines?
B) I’m too old/qualified to find another job.
C) Even if I find a job, salary would be so meager it’s not worth it.
D) Why would I venture in business when I can have fixed guaranteed income?
E) Our lifestyle will definitely downgrade
D) I love UAE.

And I could list maybe another 10 more reasons. And I’m deadset that Dubai and UAE is my home until I’m old and wrinkled.
I even mentioned it here – Until when do you want to stay in Dubai?

So what does change? What made me decide that I’m ready to go home?

As I keep on saying on my other blog – The Wealthy Pinay – we should live the life we really imagined for ourselves.
It took me sometime to really understand this (Correction, I know what it means but I’m so scared just to imagine what steps I need to do to achieve it).
Because living my life the way I imagined it means not being an employed worker. And that means giving up my fat salary, good company and huge benefits. Am I ready for that?

For so many years, the answer is no. I’m not ready and I don’t think I’ll ever be ready.
Well, that was my belief a few years ago.
That our family won’t survive without being employed.
That UAE is haven for us.
That living my ideal life is possible when I’m a pensioner already (I’m not even enrolled in any pension scheme!)

But as they say, the only thing constant in life is CHANGE. And I had a change of heart and most importantly mindset.
Working on my mindset (and this is more than being a positive thinker) made us achieve things that were just dreams years ago. And if I can make it work in Dubai then why not when I’m home.

I now have a better understanding on how I can generate income in the Philippines. I know my skills. I am aware of my capabilities. I understand now what I need to do to make it happen.

So how should I answer my earlier concerns?

A) What will I do in the Philippines? Answer: Do whatever makes you happy. It’s time to live your life.
B) I’m too old/qualified to find another job. Answer: Yes, so don’t be an employee.
C) Even if I find a job, salary would be so meager it’s not worth it. Answer: You’re correct. Be your own boss and make your own income.
D) Why would I venture in business when I can have fixed guaranteed income? Answer: this is a money block that I’m able to overcome thank goodness! Money is available everywhere. If you think setting up a business in the Philippines is hard then it will be hard. If you think there’s a big opportunity and market in the Philippines then that’s what will greet you. 
E) Our lifestyle will definitely downgrade. Answer: Why does it have to change? Is working from home a downgrade compared to working for someone else? I don’t think so. 
D) I love UAE. Answer: I love Philippines more.

It’s exhilarating to think that I’m not scared anymore. And I have done so many scary things these past few months. Inspired actions that I never thought I can ever do. Inspired actions that slowly but surely builds my confidence, my knowledge and my Faith.

One word of warning though: If you get inspired reading this post and decide that you’ll resign soon… like tomorrow, STOP!
The process of going back home requires a lot of planning and determination. And guts.
Are you willing to talk to successful people and ask for their advice?
Do you have hunger for knowledge?
Are you not embarrassed to sell?
Are you not shy to promote yourself?
Do you have the determination to make it work no matter how inconvenient?

If you answer Yes to all of the questions then you have what it takes. If not, build on your mindset first. Or join The Wealthy Pinay Bootcamp (No shame promotion here. Join other ladies and build the correct mindset to be truly RICH in all aspects of your life).

If you notice I didn’t mention anything about having a capital. Because it doesn’t matter if you only have 10,ooo pesos or 1 million saved. You can set-up your business from any capital point, you can start with no capital at all (think of having investors instead). If you believe you can make it work then you will make it work. Period.

Money should never ever be an issue to live your life. And that is one of my biggest realization.
I want money to work for me. I don’t want to work for money.
I will work because I want to do what I am doing and as a result lots of money will come in.

Lyn Joy

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