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This time last week, I was telling hubby how come I don’t feel excited of our upcoming Austria and Italy trip. Something might be wrong with me. Well, it’s a completely different story now as I even set my out-of-office on Outlook last Sunday, considering we’re only flying tomorrow night. Exag!


I am happy to report that my plan to do light packing actually materialized! For a family of four travelling 5 cities in 8 days, we are only carrying a big luggage and a knapsack. That is a total improvement for me. I used to pack a big luggage and a knapsack for 1 night overnight stay in a hotel.


If you haven’t noticed, I slightly changed the theme of my blog. I’m glad moving to a different theme went well as I am stressing over the fact that a lot of things are not going well aesthetically and functionally on the previous theme. I have a degree in Computer Science but it feels like ages ago that I really practiced it. These CSS codes, HTML and plug-ins are giving me some challenge. Well, sorry for them because I’m always up for challenges (if I’m in the mood).


I’m late for work today yet I’m still on bed typing away this post. I think this is what work-life balance is all about.


While eating at Miyabi yesterday, I saw someone I’ve met during a blogger’s event and told him that my office is in the same building and he is like “Ahh, so the Filipina Expat office is here?”. Uhmm, no actually but I would want to have my own office. Dream big baby!


Have you heard about the bombing in Brussels? It’s really scary and I even teared up a little while watching the videos of people running out of the airport. I felt scared. But I remember one book I read saying to focus on the things you would want to happen rather than things that you don’t want to happen. Instead of thinking “I hope it won’t happen to me”, you have to say “I will have a grand time!”. First one is a negative thought and although you are wishing that nothing will happen to you, still the string of thought is negative. Remember: what you think you become.


Few months ago I thought of going on a diet in preparation of our trip. But when I realized I will be wearing mostly thick and bulky clothes because it’s still kinda cold there, I ditch the idea and continue eating as usual. I’m a happy lady.


I downloaded Snapchat long time back but didn’t use it as I can’t figure out the purpose or how it works. But you know what, I realized that it’s very good when you are bored or want to have a laugh. It’s fun!

Random thoughts Random thought Random thoughts

Ok, I have to leave you with a positive quote to start your day. I’m channeling my inner Oprah here.

Chocolate comes from Cocoa, which is a tree. That makes it a plant. Chocolate is Salad.

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