I hate FAKES!!!

Both people and things. But let’s talk about the latter for now.

So this morning, Gibson and I had a small argument, It started when I told him that my dear friend received a Louis Vuitton bag from her husband as a gift and for sure it’s not fake. My husband knows me so well that I hate fake things.

“What’s wrong with fakes?” Gibson asked. “If a person can only afford an imitation, let them be. And it’s not like they are doing anything wrong”. He then mentioned that since I am an advocate of equality and fairness and basically letting people do what makes them happy, it is quite surprising to hear it from me. But what triggers this post is when he said not to let others know about our discussion because I sound like a braggart and snob. WHAT!?!

Wearing and using fake items is my ultimate pet peeve. I just don’t get it. If you have 100 dhs to buy a bag and the choice is between a chic, stylish and elegant Secosana handbag (it’s a local Philippine brand)  and a class A Burberry imitation, why the hell will you even choose the fake one? Why?! For me, that’s being show-off.

I don’t own many branded items but if I can afford it why not. Who doesn’t like nice things? But my other mantra in life, if you cannot afford it, don’t purchase it. And never ever buy a fake just to pretend you own one. I don’t mind buying 10 dhs shirt from a local shop because at the end of the day, it is how you wear a piece. If I am interested with a brand but their items are out of my budget, then I would look into their sale items or even their small trinkets. I think you will feel more luxurious owning a 200 dhs keychain you just nabbed for 80 dhs on sale, than strutting in the office wearing a Gucci scarf knock-off. Worst is pretending that what they’re wearing is real.

I might forgive people who don’t know what a Goyard bag looks like and they bought a knock-off in tiangge purely because they like the design and they are not aware of the brand. And I actually admire fashionistas who buys collaboration pieces like the Balmain x H&M which looks chic if you are into fashion. And my heart bleeds for you if you’ve been duped on buying a fake item thinking that it’s the real thing.

I read this UAE article few months back when they interviewed residents on why some of them purchased imitations. Some of the answers are:

  • They don’t see any moral or legal implication on purchasing fake items
  • They want to be fashionable but they cannot afford the designer labels so they’ll just buy imitations
  • They can afford buying the luxury brands but don’t want to use the item day-in and day-out so they would buy fakes and only use the original during special occasions

Let’s not forget that selling fakes is illegal. And buying these items, whether you like or not, in one way or another, means promoting and encouraging the illegal trade business.

Gibson and I ended our discussion amicably. I respect his view but I don’t agree that I’m a brag or an elitist because of my stand.

Am I alone on this thinking?

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