And the Wealthy Pinay Bootcamp Registration is finally open!

In late 2014 I started blogging because of depression. Writing became an outlet to release my negative thoughts and self-talk. Although I was thinking then who am I to blog? I’m not a writer, my grammar isn’t perfect, I ain’t witty but I continue writing anyway.

Then in 2015, I had to urge to create another blog that will focused on my life as an OFW. And that is when Filipina Expat came to life. It’s the same time that I start reading about business and dream of living a financial independent life.

Fast forward today, I am launching The Wealthy Pinay Bootcamp. This is totally major for me.

Unlike the nail salon I set up this year, The Wealthy Pinay is more personal. Here I am telling the world my beliefs. I am exposing myself to judgment. The nail salon is a normal business but the bootcamp is a radical thinking project that might not be understood by everyone.

But this is my gut telling me that I need to do this. And I’m listening to my intuition.

If you are a follower of this blog, you know I am a firm advocate of living our ideal life. I want everyone to just go for it.

The Wealthy Pinay Bootcamp is a money mindset online course where I will teach you how you change and improve your life just by re-wiring your mind to dream bigger. If you want to return to the Philippines to be with your kids but thinking it’s impossible as of the moment, if you want to set up a business but don’t know how, if you want to improve your relationships, if you want to get out of debt, if you want to have a free life – then this course is for you.

Just within 2 years of having a different mindset brought so much change in my life. The experiences I gained, the relationships I nourished, the money I generated, the people I have helped are more than the accumulation of what I had been thriving to have for last 14 years.

All our goals can be achieved – I promise you. Some might take longer than what we expect but our dreams can be our reality as long as we maintain the correct belief, mindset and attitude. And this is what you’ll learn from the bootcamp.

Join me in this journey. I am offering the bootcamp for only Php 499 only until Dec 23. Way cheaper than a buffet meal.
Invest in yourself and take control of your journey.

If you are ready, go to this link –> REGISTER

We have a 5-day refund policy, no questions asked. If after starting the bootcamp and you feel that the course is not for you then just drop me a message and you will be refunded your money. That’s how confident I am on the value that this course will bring to your life. Remember: You Deserve To Live The Life You Have Imagined!

Have a good day peeps!

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