The struggle is super duper real!

So I told you last time that I am replacing my meals with shakes and soups and I lost a lot of belly fat in 8 days. I was able to wear a proper swimsuit and didn’t end up wearing short and t-shirt in the pool. It’s common in the Philippines for ladies to wear shorts and sando while swimming. That’s definitely my swimming attire when I was much younger because how can you stand in front of people semi-naked, right? But living in Dubai where there are hundreds of nationalities co-existing, being exposed to their culture, tradition and their way of life is inevitable. And I’ve noticed that western nationals, no matter what their size or age, wear bikinis when swimming. And I thought why not?! Are Filipinos really a conservative bunch of people? Maybe.

Anyways, going back to my first point, since our staycation is over and there is still a long time from now until we go on vacation by end of June, I’m struggling to convince myself to stick on my diet plan. Although I have strong will power, I am struggling to convince my mind first to go along.

Like last night, I had 2 spoons of rice and small portion of sinigang na bangus and I said that’s it! I had enough. BUT there was this big bowl of sopas in front of me and my husband was quite upset that if it won’t get finished by that day, no choice but to throw it out since it has been reheated several times already. It took 2-second for me to decide. I will eat the macaroni soup than wasting it. I justified that by eating that delicious, hot and very tasty sopas I am doing the world some good. 😇

I felt guilty afterwards.

To compensate, I did a 10-minute exercise (jumping, stretching, some planking) this morning and my body now hurts. I am the laziest person in the planet and I would rather not eat than move my body but since I feel guilty from last night, I had to wiggle some butt. I promised myself this morning I will really stick to my diet plan. Like promise!

We had a birthday celebration this afternoon in the office and I am in charge of ordering the sweets this month.

Aren’t they enticing? 
The struggle is super duper real The struggle is super duper real
The struggle is super duper real The struggle is super duper real

Of course I need to taste them all. Why? Because how would I know if they taste good and do repeat order if I don’t try. Reasons. Reasons. Reasons. Then I had half croissant sandwich for lunch. I was super duper hungry and that vegetable sticks don’t look very appealing when your tummy is grumbling because of hunger. Haist!

Remember when I told you that I always loose up during weekends and give myself some privilege to eat whatever I want every Friday and Saturday. The problem with that rule I set for myself is I’m like a kid inside a toy store being told to buy whatever she wants. I just take everything! Cakes, check. Chapati, check. McDo Sundae, check. French fries, check. I’m an uncontrollable, hungry, and deprived adult!!!

And then I feel guilty come Saturday evening.

Why is it a struggle? Why can’t I be the girl who finds joy in push ups and thread mill, or the lady who will eat small portions of healthy stuff and be contented, or the girl who just doesn’t care however big she gets? WHY???

Can you relate? Please give me some word of wisdom. For sure you’re wiser than me.

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