How to be you po?

I always like Anne Curtis. She’s confident, pretty and seems down to earth.
She saves a big chunk of her income that even Kris Aquino was inspired.

And the hairstyle she’s sporting now is to die for!

* * *

Edgar “Injap” Sia II is one of my business idol. He made me believe that I can be a billionaire too.

Imagine, he only started Mang Inasal in 2003 and within 7 years he was able to grow the business that he got the interest of Jollibee to buy 70% of his company for 3 billion in 2010 and the remaining 30% for another 2 billion in early 2016.

Being a Bulakena, I am so inspired by his statement.

“I am a very proud provinciano. What will be a difficult endeavor for a non-promdi is I think three or five times difficult for a provinciano. I want to inspire. I want to tell people not to be afraid to go out of their comfort zone. Most of their fears are just totally unfounded. It’s not difficult,”

* * *

I’ve been reading her blog since forever. Cecile Van Straten aka Chuvaness is witty, funny and totally entertaining.
I’m fan-girling whenever she replies to my tweets. And she earns a lot as a blogger – one of the top earners in Philippines blogosphere. Not bad eh!

* * *

I love Oprah. Who doesn’t, right? She always encourages people to be positive and live life to the fullest. Even though she’s extremely rich, she uses her money to inspire others.

* * *

She calls herself as Money Mindset Advisor. I just chance upon her blog probably more than a year ago but I’m totally hooked.
I bought some of her products, downloaded her books and been devouring every blog posts weekly. I’d like to think I am part of her ‘bee’ community.

Denise Duffield-Thomas of is very transparent. She likes to share what she knows (like me), very practical (like me) and a Virgo (like me!).

Go to her blog and thank me later, ok?

Let me add more to this list later… Good evening!

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