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Hello guys. Just checking in. It’s been a while but unlike before when I feel guilty of not being consistent on writing, I forgive myself and realize that there’s only 24 hours in a day and some things need to be prioritized first.


My current mood: GRATEFUL.

I don’t know, I am always in this state of gratefulness since I came back from the Philippines in February. Nowadays, my first word when I pray is ‘Thanks”. I’m not saying that everything is rosy but I just feel grateful for life.


Anyways, I received an invite to attend the launch of Cuccio in the Middle East. I got excited when I received this.
Note that I don’t attend fashion invites as I don’t consider myself as fashion blogger. It’s not my interest.
But if it’s about nails, I am in!

And there is chance to meet THE Tony Cuccio
Tony Cuccio

What a bummer, though. I thought it’s today and even asked my boss that I’m taking half-day in the office. When I re-read the invite it actually says 28th of March. Well, sorry Mr. Cuccio, you didn’t get the chance to meet THE Filipina Expat. Next time though.


I super love my Kate Spade Caution to the Wind crossbody bag. It’s a gift from the hubby last Valentine’s day. I shopped for it and he paid (That’s love!)
He said it’s difficult to buy me a gift not because I’m brand or price conscious but he can’t figure out my taste.

He never thought I will like this bag. What? It’s a monkey! How can I not fall in love with this? All those born in year of the monkey, please stand up!

During our March date night at Toshi
Toshi in Grand Millennium Dubai


It’s spring break and the kids are in 2-weeks school holiday. My husband has imposed a no-gadget rule in the household and you can’t imagine how worried I am. I am definitely sure the kids will kill each other because of boredom.

The first few days was difficult. Lots of arguing, tears and threatening. I think the children is going through some withdrawal stage.
But they quickly find ways to entertain themselves like going through their books, lots of colouring and drawing involved and they unearthed their old toys. They will watch cartoon most of the time but after a few hours they will get bored and start being creative again.

I really love how my husband can be so consistent on disciplining kids. He doesn’t bulge and give-in which I hate sometimes but I let him be. It works for kids.


It’s 8:30am and I need to be in the office at 9:00. How can it happen when the commute time is more than 1 hour? No, it will not happen. I will be 200% late for sure. Don’t be like me. Don’t be like Lyn Joy. Ciao!

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