Food trip plan while on holidays

The family will fly this Thursday for 2-weeks holiday and I’m looking forward to just take a break.

I’m quite stressed this past few days and taking some time off would be good for my mental health. Aside from my brother’s wedding and our trip to Hong Kong, I have no other plans on this trip. Oh actually, the only plan is to eat, eat and eat.

That’s why I’m trying to lose weight drastically (I know that’s bad) so I can afford to gain a lot and not end up looking like an elephant after.

I already have an idea of what and where I want to eat.


Funnside Ningnangan in Pulilan Bulacan

My mom and sisters dined here and raved about the food so I want to try it.
It’s like Dampa in Manila but cheaper I guess.
You buy your ingredients from their ‘wet’ market, have it cooked to your preference (their specialty is grill) and enjoy the food.

Byaheng Busog sa God Knows in Obando Bulacan

How can I not visit this place. I’m following them on Facebook and my mouth just drools whenever they post something.
If by chance you visited this area, I highly recommend that you dine here.

Leslie’s in Tagaytay

My BIL said we drive to Pink Sisters in Tagaytay and eat bulalo. And when you say bulalo, the first restaurant that comes to mind is Leslie’s. It’s already a tourist attraction in Tagaytay with it’s view of the Taal volcano and the lake.

Getting used to Dubai prices, I find meals in the Philippines very cheap. I once ate sizzling T-bone steak in foodcourt for less than 200 pesos which is like around 18 dhs. What a value!

Obviously, I am looking forward on eating Filipino food while back home. Yes, there are various Italian, Japanese, American restaurants in Metro Manila but Dubai has far more authentic options so I might just stick satisfying my Filipino food cravings.

Hong Kong

I am more excited to eat in Hong Kong than to shop or visit tourist places. That’s how much I love food.
I have spent more time researching on delicacies to eat and restaurants to try than planning an actual itinerary for my entire clan.

Knowing my family, they won’t mind just food tripping in Hong Kong.

Now you know why I need to lose a LOT of weight…


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